Silex Cleaning, Cooking and Care Instructions

Silex Cleaning, Cooking and Care Instructions
Before using your SILEX for the first time
1. Screw feet into the threaded holes at the base of your SILEX.
2. Burn in the plates as follows:
a) Remove sandwich frame, middle frame and baking dish (where supplied):
b) Close lid and set thermostat to the highest temperature.
c) After the light has gone out leave switched on for at least 30 minutes (the light will go
on and off several times during this period indicating when power is consumed).
d) After 30 minutes, switch off and allow plates to cool until warm to touch.
3. Grease plates with Silex Oil Spray, margarine or butter by rubbing it into the surface of
the plates with paper towel. When finished the plates should have only a sheen of oil on
them. Never allow excess oil, fat etc to build up.
4. Do NOT use the metal scraper for the first 20 hours of cooking time to allow plates to
harden. Thereafter frequent use of the metal scraper is recommended for removing
excess fat and carbon particles. Your SILEX is now ready for use. Burning in does not
have to be repeated.
It is essential to rub both plates thoroughly clean between cooking different types of food. A high
quality paper towel should be used. We strongly recommend the use of Silex special catering
equipment cleaning gel for cleaning the plates and the grill generally. DO NOT USE
conventional oven cleaners as these may damage the special plate treatment.
Do not allow carbon to build up on the plates
Carbon is caused by allowing meat juices and food deposits to become crusted onto the plates.
If this is not removed at the time with a paper towel or the metal scraper it will harden and
become carbon which will cause food to stick to the plates. At the first sign of any build up,
CARBON MUST BE REMOVED. This can be done by using Silex special cleaning gel. Use
your metal scraper to carefully scrape the deposits away. Remember that metal implements can
only be used after the first 20 hours.
In severe cases of carbon build-up the plates may appear to be cracking. However, it is the
carbon dirt layer (not the plate) which is cracking and it must be removed by scraping.
Don't be alarmed if you scrape away the original black coating on the plates. This is only put on
to initially protect the plates and will eventually wear away. Providing you always maintain an oil
patina by keeping the plates very lightly greased, the non-stick properties will not be affected.
Always ensure that the plates are left open between cooking. No extra power will be used and
this will decrease the risk of carboning. However, ensure the top plates are in the safe position
to prevent them falling.
Once all the carbon has been removed, the plates should be carefully regreased. In any event
we recommend the grill be cleaned in the above manner at least twice weekly.
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To commence cooking
Switch the machine to required temperature
• Unfrozen foods: approx.
210 degrees
• Frozen foods: approx.
200 degrees
The times given are only a guide as food quality; thickness and personal preference will affect
actual times. When the red light goes out for the first time the machine has reached your
selected temperature and cooking can commence. Always LIGHTLY grease the food with the
cooking medium of your choice. Ensure the plates do not look dry but do not over grease as this
will cause fumes. When cooking items that are impossible to grease (griddled eggs, omelettes,
etc.) put extra grease onto the plate but always remember to remove this excess with a paper
towel immediately after cooking. Insert the middle frame if the lid will squash the food when
cooking delicate items, eg pizza, eggs, trout, stuffed mushrooms or tomatoes.
Cooking Times
Hamburgers (deep frozen)
Chicken Fillet
Pork Chops
Beef Goulash
Chilli Con Carne
Fish Fillet
Toasted Sandwiches
Griddled Eggs
2 minutes
35 seconds
1 minute
2 minutes
2 Minutes
3 Minutes
40 minutes
25 minutes
2 minutes
5 minutes
2 minutes
12 seconds
40 seconds
35 seconds
90 seconds
30 seconds
Your new SILEX high speed grill/system is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and
workmanship under normal use for one year from date of purchase, If found to be defective your
grill/system will be repaired during the warranty period, free of all charges. This warranty does
not apply to carbonising, poor cleaning or to damage caused by accidents, misuse or
alterations. Statutory rights are not affected by the warranty.
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