Recognized International Organizations:
The following is a list of Recognized International Organizations (est. December 1, 2011). Please note that
these organizations are subject to change without notice.
 African Development Bank
 Asian Development Bank
 Border Environmental Cooperation
 Commission for Environmental
 Commission for the Study of Alternatives
to the Panama Canal
 European Bank for Reconstruction and
 Food and Agriculture Organization
 Great Lakes Fishery Commission
 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices
 Inter-American Development Bank
 Inter-American Investment Corporation
 Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
 International Bank for Reconstruction and
Development (World Bank)
 International Centre for Settlement of
Investment Disputes
 International Coffee Organization
 International Cotton Advisory Committee
 International Criminal Police Organization
 International Development Law Institute
 International Finance Corporation
 International Fund for Agricultural
 International Joint Commission - the
United States and Canada
 International Maritime Organization
(formerly the Intergovernmental Maritime
Consultative Organization)
 International Monetary Fund
 International Pacific Halibut Commission
 International Telecommunications Satellite
Organization (INTELSAT)
 International Union for Conservation of
Nature and Natural Resources
 Interparliamentary Union
 ITER International Fusion Energy
 African Development Fund
 African Union
 Caribbean Organization
 Commission for Labor Cooperation
 Customs Cooperation Council
 European Space Agency
 Global Fund
 GRECO (Council of Europe in Respect of the
Group of States Against Corruption)
 Inter-American Defense Board
 Inter-American Institute for Cooperation
for Agriculture
 Inter-American Statistical Institute
 International Atomic Energy Agency
 International Boundary and Water
Commission - the United States and Mexico
 International Civil Aviation Organization
 International Committee of the Red Cross
 International Cotton Institute
 International Development Association
 International Fertilizer Development
 International Food Policy Research
 International Hydrographic Bureau
 International Labor Organization
 International Maritime Satellite
 International Organization for Migration
 International Secretariat for Volunteer
 International Telecommunication Union
 International Wheat Advisory Committee
(International Wheat Council)
 Israel-United States Binational Industrial
Research and Development Foundation
 Korean Peninsula Energy Development
 Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
 North American Development Bank
 North Pacific Marine Science Organization
 Organization for American States
(including Pan American Union)
 Organization for Economic Cooperation
and Development
 Pacific Salmon Commission
 South Pacific Commission
 United Nations
 United Nations Industrial Development
 World Health Organization
 World Meteorological Organization
 World Trade Organization
 Multinational Force and Observers
 North Pacific Anadromous Fish
 Office of the High Representative in Bosnia
and Herzegovina and the International
Civilian Office in Kosovo
 Organization for Eastern Caribbean States
 Organization for the Prohibition of
Chemical Weapons
 Pan American Health Organization
(including Pan American Sanitary Bureau)
 United International Bureau for the
Protection of Intellectual Property (BIPRI)
 United Nations Educational, Scientific, and
Cultural Organization
 Universal Postal Union
 World Intellectual Property Organization
 World Tourism Organization
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