User Manual
Know your phone
Front camera
Volume key
Power key
SIM/SD card installation
1. Power off mobile
2. Refer to the following picture for
SIM / SD card installation.
Charging the phone
You can charge your device using a
charger or by connecting it to the
computer using a USB cable (comes
with the phone).
1. Please remind the front and back of
the plug
2. Use only TECNO charger and cables.
Other chargers or cables may damage
the device or your device. This will
invalidate your phone warranty.
3. Do not expose your phone to
extreme temperatures lower than 0°C
and higher than 45°C.
4. The physicochemical processes
created by chargers impose temperature limits when charging the battery.
Your phone automatically protects the
batteries in extreme temperatures.
The highest SAR value for this mobile
phone is < 1.6 W/Kg, in accordance
with the requirements of the ICNIRP,
which recommended the limit for
exposure to radio waves to be 1.6
watts/kilogram (W/kg) averaged over
1 gram of human tissue.
Safety precautions:
a) Use a wireless hands-free system
(headphone, headset) with a low
power Bluetooth emitter.
b) Make sure the cell phone has a low
c) Keep your calls short or send a text
message (SMS) instead. This advice
applies especially to children, adolescents and pregnant women.
d) Use cell phone when the signal
quality is good.
e) People having active medical
implants should preferably keep the
cell phone at least 15 cm away from
the implant.
We at tecno take our social responsibility seriously and are committed to the
cause of saving our environment, it is in
keeping with these commitments that
we are proud to state that tecno
phones are RoHS compliant.
E-Waste, recycle your phone
The WEEE logo (shown at
the left) appears on the
product (battery,
handset, and charger) to
indicate that this product
must not be disposed off
or dumped with your
other household wastes. You are liable
to dispose of all your electronic or
electrical waste equipment by
relocating over to the specified
collection point for recycling of such
hazardous waste.
Collection and proper recovery of your
electronic waste equipment at the
time of disposal will allow us to help
preserve the environment. Recycling of
the electronic waste equipment will
ensure safety of human health and
For disposal of e-waste, please call our
helpline number or visit our website.
E-waste Helpline number: 18004190525
1.Do’s for disposal of product
a)Always drop your used electronic
products, batteries, and packaging
materials after the end of their life in
the nearest collection point or collection center
b)Separate the packaging material
according to responsible waste
disposal options and sorting for
c)The battery can easily be removed
from the product for recycling.
2.Don’t of disposal of equipment
a)Never dump E-waste in garbage bins
or municipal solid waste stream.
b)Do not dispose of your product as
unsorted municipal waste.
c)Do not throw used batteries into
household waste.
d)Do not dispose damaged or leaking
Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery with normal
household waste.
3.Information on the consequences of
improper handling, accidental
breakage damage and improper
recycling of the end of life product.
a)If batteries are not properly disposed
of, it can cause harm to human health
or the environment.
b)Placing of batteries or devices on or
in heating devices, such as microwave
ovens, stoves, or radiators and
improper disposal of batteries may
lead to explosion.
c)If the battery terminals are in contact
with metal objects, it may cause a fire.
Battery recommendations
1. Please put the battery in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
Charge the battery at room temperature range.
2. If the time span of the battery after
charging becomes much shorter than
usual, the battery life is at an end.
Replace the battery with a new
battery of the same make and
3. Do not discard the battery with
household trash. Please ensure you
dispose of used battery according to
your local environmental laws and
4. Use manufacturer approved
batteries, chargers, accessories and
supplies. We will not be responsible for
user’s safety when using unapproved
batteries or accessories.
1. The colors and specifications
shown/mentioned in the user manual
may differ from the actual product.
Images shown are for representation
purpose only. Other product logos and
company names mentioned herein
may be trademarks or trade names of
their respective owners.
2. The content of this manual may vary
from the actual content displayed in
the mobile phone. In such a case, the
later shall govern.
3. We keep the right to make modifications to any of the content in this user
guide without public announcement or
prior notification.
4. For devices with external power
supplies, plug socket should be placed
in short distance and easily accessible.
5. Using the wrong type of battery
replacement may cause a danger of
explosion, be sure to follow the
instructions disposal of used batteries.
All rights reserved. Reproduction,
transfer, distribution or storage of part
or all of the contents in this document
in any form without the prior written
permission is strictly prohibited.
To prevent possible hearing damage,
do not listen at high volume levels of
long periods.
Use the device only with the
earphones included, never change
the earphones included for another
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