1. Sediment Filter 2. Carbon Block Cartridge 3. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis System
Protect equipment from hard water AND deliver
great tasting beverages with the RevitaLife Pro
Reverse Osmosis System.
Hard water is a costly enemy in beverage service. Excessive hardness minerals result in poor beverage quality and cause limescale
deposits that ruin equipment. Reverse osmosis filtration is a great solution for hard water problems, but typical RO systems have
unfortunate side effects. RO water can be aggressive and corrode equipment, plus it lacks the minerals required for great tasting water,
coffee, espresso and tea.
The Solution: RevitaLife Pro Reverse Osmosis System from EasyWater
RevitaLife is engineered to remove the excessive hardness minerals that cause lime buildup, but deliver a finished product with the right
amount of minerals and a corrected pH. Using a unique remineralizing cartridge, RevitaLife adds select minerals back to the water prior
to the storage tank, delivering balanced water quality that makes great tasting coffee and protects beverage equipment. The integrated
non-electric permeate pump reduces waste water by up to 80% while long lasting quick-change filters make RevitaLife easy to own and
Booster feed pump: increases production rate (110v power required)
Variable speed delivery pump: 2gpm or 5gpm options for consistent delivery pressure and flow (110v power required)
• Storage Tank: 14 gallon standard (4, 10, 20, 34 or 44 gallon tanks available)
• TDS Monitor: Dual TDS monitor displays quality of RO and remineralized water
• Ultraviolet Disinfection: Pre and/or post UV disinfection available
1. Sediment Filter
Removes dirt and sediment particles down to 1
micron in size
2. Carbon Block Cartridge
Removes chlorine / chloramines, taste, and odor.
3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
50-250 gallon per day membrane removes most
remaining contaminants down to .0001 micron in
size, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and
many more.
4. Remineralizing / Deionization Filter
Add minerals/adjust pH (remineralization) or high
purity water (deionization)
5. Permeate Pump
The water-driven permeate pump boosts pressure
and directs water into the storage tank.
6. Final “Polishing” Filter
Product Sheet
High-quality activated carbon provides a final
filtration step prior to delivery.
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