Changes in Customer Contact Centres &

Changes in Customer Contact Centres &
Strategies to help you sustain excellence
8 out of 10
Increasing complexity
of calls require
multi-skilled and
efficient agents
Consumers in
surveyed countries prefer speaking to a customer
service representative for a complex customer service issue – and the most important
ingredient for a successful call is efficiency – the agent’s ability to answer questions or
handle transactions quickly.
Tailored task-specific guidance eliminates the time your agents waste switching between
different applications or searching through web pages and documents to find a response.
Agent guidance also enables greater cross-training of staff to improve the overall
competence and speed of your team.
89% of companies surveyed by Gartner expect to compete mostly on the basis
Shifting business
imperatives makes
customer experience
a new KPI
Changing regulations
necessitate stringent
of customer experience – yet fewer than half of companies see their current customer
experience capabilities as superior to their peers.
Expectations are increasing and an organisation’s ability to satisfy a customer and win
their loyalty depends on your agents’ ability to provide quick and accurate service –
first time, every time. Replace long, mechanical scripts with simple guidance so your team
has what they need to provide a deeply personalised customer experience – and spend the
time they have with the customer identifying valuable sales and service opportunities.
1/2 of all surveyed contact centre staff at Australian banks would help a
caller access someone else's financial records.
Step-by-step guidance through each task gives you tighter control, ensuring your
agents adhere to industry standards and government regulations. This reduces
your organisation’s exposure to the large penalties – and the reputational risk
that stems from inadvertent breaches.
75% of the world's population has access to a mobile phone – and for
Meeting the
needs of
increasingly global businesses, customers are calling-in from any part of the world.
Agents at the new Emirates Airlines contact centre manage calls in nine languages.
An intuitive and easy to use knowledge repository, which is the single source of truth
for all your agents, ensures your team provides accurate region-specific information
to your customers - in any language. Changes can be easily made and all updates are
reflected in real-time, across your operations.
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How are contact centre teams using SupportPoint™
to meet business and customer demands?
Health Alliance Medical Plans
Health insurer with two contact centres employing a total of
100 customer service representatives and serving 270,000
members achieved:
• 12% decrease in average call handle time
• Reduced five full time and two part time positions
• 132% increase in calls answered within 30 seconds
Large National Bank
A call centre with 800 customer service representatives
taking over 240,000 calls a month achieved:
• 83% of identified compliance breaches avoided
• Shorter call handle time, from 8 minutes 23 seconds to 0
minutes 58 seconds
• Decreased number of clicks to information, from 45 to 5
Bupa Health and Wellbeing
International healthcare company with five call centres
serving customers in over 190 countries achieved:
• 30 second reduction in Average Handle Time
• Minimised training requirements; focus shifted to agent’s
soft skills to improve quality of customer experience
• 26% decrease in agent attrition
“SupportPoint has increased the level of confidence
that representatives have when they give an
answer…So the health plan member feels, ‘yes I
got the answer, the representative knew what they
were talking about, I don’t feel the need to call
back and see if I get a different answer’.”
Angela Beitelman,
Director of Customer Service and Audit
Health Alliance Medical Plan
“Quick, accurate and consistent answers are
the hallmarks of operational excellence and
exceptional customer service. With SupportPoint,
we saw an opportunity to achieve this across all
of our brands and branches.”
Vice President
Large National Bank
“Now whenever we find information that is generic
across several areas, we make one document and
release it in SupportPoint. The departments still
have ownership of the information, but we develop
and maintain it centrally and make it available to
everyone whose role permits them access.”
Gillian Doolan,
Implementation and Change Manager
Bupa Health and Wellbeing
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