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Lubri-Film Plus
CSS Milk Steamer Solution
Low viscosity “food grade” lubricant. FDA
approved. Temperature range: -26C to 98C. Melt
point: 93C
*For brew mechs on automatic machines
Price| 113g 19.95 (LUBEFILM)
Café Services Milk Steamer solution does a professional
job of removing stubborn milk scum and build up from
milk lines, valves and milk jugs. Our chamber bottle
makes it easy to dose.
Price| 1ltr $33 (E27451)
Silicone Grease
CCS Triple Action Descaler (Concentrate)
High viscosity food grade silicone grease for taps.
FDA approved. Temperature range: -23C to 260C
Price| 113g $29.95 (SILGREASE)
Routine de-scaling and cleaning is important for every
machine. Café Services Triple Action Formula lift,
dissolves and removes dirt and scale build in in your
coffee machine. Suitable for all brands including Jura,
Saeco and DeLonghi.
Concentrate formula – 5 Shots per bottle.
Price| 250ml $19 (E27436)
Grinder Cleaner
Cafetto Grinder Cleaner effectively removes coffee
oils, deposits and flavoured coffee odours from
grinder burns and castings.
*Use every 1kg of coffee
Price| 450g $25 (29760)
S15 Espresso machine cleaning tablets
Cleaning tablets formulated to provide targeted
dissolution times & exceptional cleaning for
selected super-automatic espresso machines.
Price| 8 tablets pack $9.95 (25570)
Price| 100 tablets jar $29.95 (29736)
Blind Filter
The 58mm blind filter will suit most commercial
and semi-commercial machines for use in backflushing
Price| 58mm $12.95 (BLIND211)
Blind Filter Rubber Disc
This rubber disc can be used in most porta-filter
handles for back flushing group heads, in lace of
other blind or blank filters. Can also be trimmed to
size to suit odd filter basket sized.
Price| $8.95 (BLINDE217)
Swivel Group Head Brush
Ergonomically designed to assist in cleaning the
group head. With a replaceable brush and cleaner
dosing scoop it is the 1 brush you will need.
Price| $14.95 (BRUSHE24134)
CSS Backflush Powder
Café Services Premium Espresso Machine Powder has
been developed for use with commercial and domestic
espresso machines. It is used in the routine
maintenance of back flushing and removal of coffee oil
residue and scum on group heads, valves, lines and
associated parts. Made in Australia using the latest and
safest cleaning technology.
*Use every 1kg of coffe
Price| 500g $19 (E27430)
Cafessi Milk Frother brush Set
A brush set to clean a broad range of milk frothers. It
includes 3 different size brushes and a steam tip
cleaning wand.
Price| $14.95 (28132)
General use Steel Brush
Plastic Handle brush with stainless steel bristles. Good
for heavy duty cleaning such as inside porta filters.
Price| $9.95 (UB910)
Group Head Brush
Specifically angled to reduce the risk of burning water
from the group head, the group head brush is ideal to
assist in keeping group heads and screens free from old
coffee grounds. (Plastic handle, nylon bristles)
Price| $7.95 (E28732)
Grinder Brush
For proper maintenance it is essential to keep
grinders and equipment free of excess grounds.
Price| $12.95 (31109)
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Incasa Stainless Steel Tamper
Small Domestic Knock Tube
Basic Stainless Steel convex tamper. Dimensions:
Price| 52mm $29 (8628701)
Price| 58mm $29 (8628702)
The Compact Designs small bench tube is a tough, high
quality product available in a variety of colours. Has a
rubber base to help minimize the bang!
Dimensions: 110mm diameter.
Price| $34.95 (TCBHB)
Pro Tamp Flat
At approx. 500g this ProTamp offers a
professionally weighted solid stainless steel flat
base with an anodized aluminum handle.
Price| Various Colours $49.95 (PROTAMP)
Incafe Steel Tamper Flat
Polished Stainless 58mm flat steel base with
anodized handle, great for use in cafes or for the
home professional.
Price| $39.95 (INCAF58)
Pullman Nexus Tamper
Hand crafted in Adelaide, 58.4mm 316LL stainless
steel base. Variety of handles in wood and
adonised aluminum.
Price| Starting from $119 (PULLMAN1)
Pullman Barista Tamper
Hand crafted in Adelaide with the professional
barista in mind. Adjustable handle size, rubber or
silicone finger rest, ergonomic design and multiple
wooden and adonised aluminum handles.
Price| Starting from $159 (PULLMAN2)
Floor Knockout Tube - Black
With a removable top half, you can be sure that
emptying your coffee waste will be quick and simple.
The high density rubber sleeve will ensure a great
durability whilst the rubber base offers great stability.
Dimensions: 850mm x 150mm
Price| $88 (4010002)
Bag Inserts for Waste Tubes
heavy duty bags for lift straight out of the tube and are
easily disposed of without mess.
Price| Pack 25 $9.95 (BB22) Box 250 $70 (BB250)
Barista Bible
The barista bible is the ultimate companion for anyone
who is keen to learn the art and science of preparing
and serving perfect coffee beverages.
Price| $69 (BBIBLE2)
Teaball Infuer (Spring Handle)
Incasa packed tea infuser with spring-loaded handle.
Price| $8.95 (11717)
Small Corner Tamper Mat
High density rubber mat, protects your bench,
portafilter and keeps your area tidy. Dimensions:
1000mm x 150mm.
Price| $29.95 (CMTM)
Large Corner Tamper Mat
The perfect accessory for protecting your work
surfaces. With a built-in group handle seat, it will
also keep your work area neat and tidy.
Dimensions: 210mm x 150mm x50mm
Price| $29.95 (24056)
Large Tamper Mat
This mat would suit commercial environments
looking for good coverage and wear & tear. The
mat protects your bench, portafilters and keeps
your area tidy. Dimensions: 2200mm x 2500mm
Price| $24.95 (CMTMXL)
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Jug Rinser
Rosetta Stamp
Rinsing your milk pitchers after each use is not only
sanitary practice, but also beneficial in the
production of quality textured milk.
Dimensions: 160mm x 145mm
Price| $220 (04010009)
This self-inking rubber stamp in a fancy Rosetta design
is perfect for coffee loyalty cards.
Price| $45 (ROSTAMP)
Large Jug Rinsers
Rinse your Milk Pitchers with this large in-bench or
above bench milk jug rinser with large sink.
Dimensions: 18xm x 40xm
Price| $399 (04010011)
Shot Glass - Square
Shot glass with 20, 30 and 60ml increments. The
square shape allows 2 shot glasses to sit closely
together under a double spout format.
Price| 60ml $10.95 (XSGSHOT)
Shot Glass – Double Spouted
Small Face Milk Thermometer (Short)
Small dial with125mm Probe. Suits small (600ml) milk
frothing jugs.
Price| $9.90 (SMLFACE)
Large Face Professional Milk Thermometer
Short thermometer suits up to 600ml size jugs
Price| $15.95 (CMTHERMS)
Long thermometer suits 960ml size jugs or larger
Price| $15.95 (CMTHERML)
Stick on Milk Thermometer
Dish washable safe
Price| $17.50
New Rattlewear Shot Glass! Includes a handle for
comfortable grip and 2 spouts for drip-free
pouring. Marked in 10ml and 1.2oz increments.
Price| $11.95 (27610SHOT)
Milk Jug (Multiple sizes)
Steam Wand Clip
Cafessi Shaker
The protective seam wand clip allows you to keep
your fingers at a safe distance, whilst be able to
maneuver the hot steam wand.
Price| $8.95 (22853)
Full Stainless Steel cocoa shaker finished with a fine
Stainless Steel mesh. Dimensions: 7x7x10
Price| $11 (8018025)
Stainless steel milk jug.
300ml| $9.95 (MJ300) 600ml| $14.95 (MJ600)
1ltr| $18.95 (MJ1000) 300ml| $22.95 (MJ1500)
Naked Porta Filter
Steam Wand Insulator
The safeguard steam wand insulator protects your
hands from the scorching temperatures the steam
wand can reach, enabling you to adjust and
maneuver the hot steam wand while steaming and
frothing milk.
Price| $8.95 (22857)
Allows you to monitor the flow of coffee to see
whether you’re over/under extracting & also can aid in
getting a more even tamp.
Price| Starting from $79 (NPORTA)
Custom “RO” Reverse Osmosis System
Simply the highest level of water filtration there is.
Provides water that is sweet and virtually free from
every impurity. Reverse Osmosis will provide the
optimum removal of contaminants such as heavy
metals and salts such as sodium chloride or
fluoride from municipal water supplies. (CUSTRO)
Call or email our office for more information.
Everpure “RO” System
Configurable system that delivers reverse osmosis
or blended water for multiple food service
applications. (MRS250BL) Call or email our office
for more information.
“Pura: Tap Style System Aqua Pro
Full mains kit, with chrome faucet improves taste &
odour for drinking and coffee equipment.
Price| $150 (AS3497)
High Flow Coffee Machine Filter
The high flow series from 3M offers the latest
technology for optimal espresso flavor and machine
Price| Filter Only $80 (HF15-MS)
Price| Complete with head $150
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