Water too hot or not hot enough. Adjust water temp 195-205ºF.
What caused poor coffee
Be sure spray disk and gasket are properly installed. Gasket must be installed in the
inside of the brew head. The disk must be installed with the "ears" pointing up
(embossed "bowl" pointing down).
Use a quality coffee with a consistent roast. Use proper grind and amount of coffee
per brew.
Keep brewer, airpots and servers clean.
Install a taste and odor filter in water supply, and replace cartridges regularly.
Brew chamber dispense hole plugged. Thoroughly clean brew chamber.
Too much coffee or too fine a grind. Adjust coffee amount and grind.
Why does the brew chamber
Too many filter papers or wrong type of filter paper. Use one (1) genuine Bloomfield
filter per brew.
Supply water too soft. Supply brewer with unsoftened water. On E-Max, adjust pulse
brew interval.
Automatic: Timer out of adjustment. Adjust timer.
Automatic: Inlet strainer plugged. Disassemble and clean inlet strainer.
Coffee level too high or low.
Pour-Over: Too much or too little water added. Using a container identical to the
container to be filled with coffee, pour exactly one full container of cold water into
pour-over opening for each container of coffee.
Bloomfield made the switch from metal-bodied to plastic-bodied solenoids during the
2002 production year for Koffee-King, Integrity and Gourmet 1000 brewers. The ultimate configuration involved a black plastic solenoid door and a white nylon solenoid
body. Delays in tooling for the plastic door resulted in an interim configuration that
used a metal solenoid door. Please refer to Service Bulletin 603.004 for specific solenoids and kits.
My standard brewer neede a
new inlet solenoid. Which
solenoid does my brewer use?
To determine which solenoid your brewer needs, look at the back of the brewer:
IF the 1/4" male flare fitting (brass) sticks straight out, and is secured with metal
fittings, this brewer uses a metal-bodied solenoid.
IF the 1/4" male flare fitting (stainless steel) points down at a 45º angle, and is
secured with a large white plastic knob, this brewer uses a plastic-bodied solenoid.
Brewers with plastic solenoid, but with a metal solenoid door, require the complete
replacement kit; brewers with the black plastic door require only the solenoid as a
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