Agency has no method for
effectively capturing and
maintaining CE Course
 Manually tracking CE
Course approval
requirements is inefficient
and time-consuming
 Agency has limited visibility
on CE activity and
GL Suite tracks and monitors
CE Courses and approval
 Organized, efficient, and intuitive
Course requirement tracking
 Business rules support agency
 Ensure Courses are not approved
until all requirements are completed
 Automates the approval process
 Save money, space and time by
using less paper
GL Suite’s CE Course Approval business process provides
agencies with an effective method to track and monitor information
related to CE Courses and associated approval requirements,
which can be configured to comply with the agency's specific
policies. GL Suite enables agencies to efficiently create new CE
Courses and Providers via one-screens, allowing users to enter all
the relevant data at once. The CE Course Approval application will
automatically be created if required by an agency's policy. All of
the requirements will live “under” the application, providing
agencies with an efficient way to determine a Course’s progress
towards approval.
GL Solutions (passionately) stands for Government Licensing Solutions.
Founded by ex-regulatory administrators, GL Solutions has provided government
agencies with efficient and effective regulatory systems since 1997, delivering
the perfect blend of software, solutions, and support.
GL Suite can be configured to ensure that a CE Course is not approved
until all requirements (fees, verification of registration, etc.) are
completed. If the agency requires that certain requirements be
approved prior to completion, GL Suite can configure business rules
that will assign tasks to specific agency staff based on a set of criteria.
When documents are uploaded, GL Suite will automatically set the
requirement it fulfills to Complete. With GL Suite, your staff will not have
to input and upload all required data and documentation at once.
Instead, they can update records as information is obtained over the
course of a few days or several months.
Agency staff need not fear losing information and having to start
over after all information is received
After all requirements have been completed, GL Suite
automatically updates the status of the CE Course application to
Approved and adds the Course into the system
Key features:
Configure custom data screens to store
Send or email alerts when a CE Course
requirement changes status or requires
follow-up action
Track the progress and status of CE
Course requirements with custom reports
and queries that provide all the data you
need with a single click
Configure custom dashboards to show CE
Configure security so that only authorized
users are able to approve CE Course
and monitor any CE Course information
required by your agency’s process
Course tasks that require follow-up from
agency staff
Business rules support automatic hours
calculations, carry-over hours, and more.
GL Solutions provides GL Suite, the configurable and highly-flexible software
system successfully implemented many times over, to support certification,
licensing, permitting, inspections, investigations, compliance, enforcement, and
case management activities in various regulatory environments.
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