About Piñon Nuts
The piñon tree is a slow-growing
pine, found in rocky soils at high
elevation (5,500 to 8,000 feet) in
the 4 corners area of Arizona and New Mexico. It takes
about 25 years to bear nuts in its egg-shaped cones,
and about 75 years to produce nuts in commercial
quantities. A healthy piñon will continue to produce for
300 years.
After the first frost, mature cones open and their nuts
begin to fall. Tarps are spread beneath the trees and
the branches are shaken to knock the remaining nuts
loose. The entire harvest comes from wild,
uncultivated trees.
The piñon has a high protein content. The Native
Americans called piñons “starvation nuts”, since the
nuts were used as a staple food when crops were
scarce. True Piñons have always been a southwestern
delicacy. They are popular in pies, breads, pasta
dishes, salads and especially our candy to enhance,
enrich and complement the food flavors.
Piñon Assortment
Two piñon rolls, along with milk and dark chocolate
piñon horny toads, piñon clusters, piñon caramels,
piñon toffee and piñon creams make a perfect variety
of our piñon candy. This assortment is our top seller.
1 pound: $28.50
3 pounds: $85.50
2 pounds: $57.00
5 pounds: $142.50
Piñon Brittle
A buttery crunch spread thin and loaded with piñon
1 pound: $27.50
2 pounds: $55.00
Piñon Rolls
A brown sugar cream dipped in soft caramel then
rolled in piñon nuts.
1 pound: $33.00
2 pounds: $66.00
Assorted Chocolates
A delicious variety of cream centers, nuts, fruits,
honeycomb chips, mouth-watering toffee, and chewy
caramels, all generously covered with rich milk or sweet
dark chocolate. Our creamy centers, made with fresh
whipping cream, include vanilla, chocolate, coconut,
coffee, walnut, almond, raspberry, orange, lemon and
brown sugar. Also included is our own special Tango
1 pound: $20.50
3 pounds: $61.50
2 pounds: $41.00
5 pounds: $102.50
Tango Mints
Smooth chocolate center with a cool mint flavor, covered
in milk or dark chocolate.
1 pound: $20.50
Soft chewy caramel on a bed of New Mexican pecans,
covered in milk or dark chocolate.
2 pounds: $43.00
Piñon Horny Toads
A twist on the traditional favorite. We take piñon nuts
with soft, chewy caramel & cover in milk or dark
1 pound: $28.50
2 pounds: $57.00
Chocolate Covered Nuts
Surrounded in rich milk or dark chocolate, our walnuts,
pecans, almonds and cashews form a fantastic
1 pound: $21.50
Raspberry, mint, peanut butter and molasses chips
along with caramels, nougats, nuts and toffee make
this assortment a favorite.
1 pound: $21.00
2 pounds: $42.00
Our brittles are loaded with butter, then spread thin
for an irresistible crunch.
Peanut Brittle
Pecañero (Pecan)
Cashew Brittle
Pistachio Brittle
Green Chile
Peanut Brittle
1 pound:
1 pound:
1 pound:
1 pound:
1 pound: $17.50
2 pounds: $41.00
Pecan Horny Toads
1 pound: $21.50
Chips, Chews & Nuts
2 pounds: $43.00
Bear Crunch
Our fifty five-year-old recipe of caramel corn covered
with the finest selection of chocolate makes this item
a best seller! Sample all three bears (milk chocolate brown bear; dark chocolate - black bear; white
confectionary coating - polar bear) in the variety
pack. A sure hit for any family.
Variety Pack 1½ pounds: $21.00
Winter 2015
Our founder and patriarch, George Buffett, grew
his candy business with the same values and
integrity that he used to raise his family. Honesty,
fairness and hard work described George and
those values are instilled in his family and in the
business. The Buffett’s are committed to
continuing this tradition and therefore, we will
always make the best candy we can make.
In our constant pursuit of quality, we use the
finest ingredients: dairy fresh butter, real
whipping cream, select nut meats, and pure
chocolate. To allow these exquisite flavors to
come through, no preservatives are added.
We proudly state:
Our Candy is Made to Eat–
Not to Keep!
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Made to Eat - Not to Keep!
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