Mad Catz Product Guide
Mad Catz® Street Fighter® V Arcade FightStick™ Tournament Edition S+
for PlayStation®4 & PlayStation®3
Rise Up to the Challenge!
The official Street Fighter V TES+ delivers the excitement of an authentic arcade experience.
This all-new version now includes new touchpad controls, L3 and R3 buttons, and LED Lightbar
integration while providing a premium arcade stick that keeps you in total command of all your
favorite fighting game characters.
The Street Fighter V TES+ uses the very same parts found in Japanese arcade cabinets. Sanwa
Denshi parts are built to last and can endure the abuse dished out during fierce battles. The
included Sanwa OBSF-30 action buttons respond with pinpoint accuracy. A VEWLIX-style layout
gives you classic ergonomics and full access to an arsenal of moves. The Sanwa JLF ball-top
stick is the benchmark for precision character control.
Product Features
Genuine Arcade Layout: This PS4 FightStick uses extremely accurate and durable Sanwa
Denshi parts. Vewlix-style design with 8 action buttons to drain your enemy’s life bar.
Versatile Gamer: 3-way button enables joystick to emulate a left or right analog stick or
D-Pad to unlock gameplay for other gaming genres.
Touchpad Controls: Press and swipe with full touchpad functionality for PlayStation 4
systems. Play all PS4 touchpad-enhanced fighting games with this PS4 FightStick.
Reliable USB Connectivity: The world’s best fighters prefer the assurance of a lowlatency USB connection. The extensive 9.8ft/3m USB cable on this Street Fighter arcade
stick keeps you at a comfortable distance from your TV.
Product Includes
Street Fighter® V Arcade FightStick™ TES+ with 9.8ft/3m USB Connector Cable
PS3/PS4 Switch
A “PS3/PS4” switch on the control module provides the ability to toggle between using the
FightStick for the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console.
Set "PS3/PS4" Switch to desired location before plugging in USB.
1. PS3 Mode - PS, Start, Select Buttons function for PlayStation 3 console
2. PS4 Mode - PS, Options, Share Buttons function for PlayStation 4 console
LS/DP/RS Button
A 3-way button on the control module enables the joystick to function as the left or right analog
stick or D-Pad, allowing the FightStick to be compatible with a wide variety of game genres.
Press "LS/DP/RS" Button to toggle between Modes:
1. LS Mode - Joystick will emulate Left Analog Stick of a standard controller
2. DP Mode - Joystick will emulate Directional Pad of a standard controller
3. RS Mode - Joystick will emulate Right Analog Stick of a standard controller
In Street Fighter V, Right Analog can be used to cycle through dummy state, guard, recovery,
and counter settings, or for controlling the dummy itself in training mode.
Lock/Unlock Button
A Lock button on the control module provides the ability to disable use of Start/Options,
Select/Share, and other buttons that could be detrimental to gameplay. No more accidental
interruptions or automatic forfeitures in key moments during tournament matches!
Press the LOCK/UNLOCK button to toggle between modes. When in Locked Mode, the “PS,”
“LS/DP/RS,” “TOUCHPAD,” “L3,” “R3,” “Start/Options,” “Select/Share” Buttons are all disabled.
With the PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller now having a dedicated "Share" button, many PS4 titles
have been using the touchpad as a substitute "Select" button to bring up menus or perform
shortcut options that would have normally been done with a "Select" button on a PS3 version
of the game, and for other special options that can be accessed by swiping or touching different
areas of the touchpad. Below are some example usage:
In Street Fighter V, touchpad can be used to display or hide battle info and resetting
character position to middle, left, or right of the stage in training mode.
In Ultra Street Fighter IV, pressing touchpad lets you do button configuration while on
the character select screen and show button inputs for how to do combos while in
challenge modes.
In Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, pressing touchpad resets character position to the center of
stage in practice mode. Holding Left or Right and then pressing the touchpad resets
character position to the left or right side of the stage.
In Mortal Kombat X, touchpad is used to enter chat mode while in an online lobby.
NEW! L3 and R3 Buttons
In addition to the touchpad, some games also use the L3 and R3 buttons for additional
supplemental controls. Below are some example usage:
In Street Fighter V training mode, L3 can be used to reset back to the last applied
training setting. R3 can be used to cycle through dummy status options.
In Ultra Street Fighter IV training mode, R3 can be used to store a memory state, such as
right after landing a special attack. Pressing touchpad lets you quickly restore to this
memory state so you can practice what to do after certain situations.
In Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, L3 is used to switch control and record your training dummy's
actions and R3 is used to play this training dummy action back, allowing you to practice
against recorded sequences.
NEW! LED Lightbar Functionality
In PS3 mode, know exactly which player you are with individual LEDs indicating your number.
In PS4 mode, the LEDs lights up different colors for PS4 Lightbar functionality. Often used to
assign colors (Blue, Red, Green, Purple) for the different player profiles that are signed into the
PS4 console, the Lightbar can change colors depending on status of the game. For example, the
Lightbar can shine Green when in good health, Yellow at okay health, and Red when in critical
health. This feature will be dependent if the game provides such data.
Cable Storage Compartment
The TES+ comes with a 9.8ft/3m USB cable. When not in use, the cable can be stored away in
the storage compartment found on the rear side of the FightStick.
Heavy Metal Base with Durable Foam Padding
This is no cheap plastic toy; the durable metal base increases the FightStick's weight for a solid,
secure feel when draining your foe's life bar. Thick non-slip foam padding coincides with where
the controller rests on your legs during lap-mounted gameplay. When a match's intensity
increases and one final hit determines the victor, the last thing you want to worry about is an
uncomfortable gaming weapon.
The TES+ is compatible with full-size Sanwa JLF, OBSF-30 for action buttons, and OBSF-24 for
Start/Options, Select/Share buttons. Opening through the top panel using a 3mm hex key or
screwdriver tool is required.
TES+ is compatible with Legacy TE FightStick Side Panels.
The control module and the bezel are now one piece on the TES+ for PS4/PS3. Modification to
separate the control module from the bezel piece will be necessary to use Legacy TE FightStick
Bezels. Modification of PCBs voids warranty.
Photoshop template for creating your own custom artwork can be found in link below. We
recommend printing on 11”x17” paper size:
PC Compatibility
Update 3/10/2016: Mad Catz PC Drivers enabling X-Input compatibility for our SFV fighting
game controllers are now available. Download the appropriate installer file for your
controller from our downloads site here:
The product uses similar solution as DUALSHOCK 4 controllers which is recognizable on PC as
DirectInput (D-Input) and will be compatible with any games that support the D-Input interface.
For games that use the X-Input interface, third party emulator/wrapper software that translates
D-Input to X-Input may be necessary. Third party software such as X360CE can be found online.
Search for “directinput to xinput wrapper”.
Street Fighter V for PC will launch starting with support for X-Input controllers. Native support
for D-Input controllers is planned as a post launch update.
Alternatively, keyboard mapping software such as JoyToKey and XPadder that can map the DPad/joystick and buttons to keyboard actions that are already recognizable in-game can be
used. For these, search for “gamepad keyboard emulator”.
For Street Fighter V, the default key mapping for keyboard is as follows:
Light Punch = G
Med Punch = H
Heavy Punch = J
Triple Punch = K
Light Kick = B
Med Kick = N
Heavy Kick = M
Triple Kick = ,
Start = ENTER
Directional controls can be done with either arrow keys or WASD.
For more information regarding controller compatibility with PC version of SFV, visit here:
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the product have a headset port?
A: The product does not feature a headset port. However, there are other means for chatting
online on a PS4 while using the product. Below are a few options:
Chat via Microphones on a PS4 PlayStation Camera
Chat via USB Microphone or Studio Mic
Chat via USB wired headset
Chat via USB wired base station with wireless headset
Chat via Bluetooth wireless headset
Street Fighter V has the ability to authenticate Legacy PS3 USB Controllers for use with
the game. This is done by associating the Legacy PS3 USB Controller with a hosting PS4
controller such as a DUALSHOCK4. An alternative method for achieving PS4 online chat
while using the product is to put the product in PS3 Mode, authenticate it as a Legacy
PS3 USB Controller, and then chat via a headset connected to the headset port on the
hosting DUALSHOCK4.
Q: How much does the product weigh?
A: TES+ FightStick is approx. 6.1 lbs.
Q: How big is the product?
A: TES+ FightStick is roughly 14.5"x10"x2.5" with the joystick protruding another 2.25".
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