Student Self-Evaluation
You must know all of the below before test.
(Without peeking in the book)
1. Write out Opening Procedure Step by step.
2. HOW do you do Closing Procedure- Step by Step?
3. What is mandatory to do if a patient is sitting in the chair and NOT in the bed.
What must the CNA ASK them to do? (Skills Pulse / Respiration / Hand Care /
Feeding / Foot Care )
4. How do you CLEAN any type of plastic equipment – Standard Procedure?
5. How long do you take either the Pulse or Respiration?
6. Respirations – What must YOU NOT DO during respirations?
7. Change Bed Position- Where do you place the 3 pillows?
8. After you put the pillows on the patient what area needs additional support?
9. Name the 3 MAJOR Bed Safety Issues that will fail you if not corrected?
10. When you roll the patient in the bed and are leaving them on their side, what
MUST YOU ASK about comfortable?
11. How many times are you required to WASH YOUR HANDS with Soap and
WATER during the state test.?
12. How long MUST you scrub your hands during hand washing?
13. What is the minimum number of wash cloths you would use if you are using
soap and water?
14. Where does all dirty waste water go ( Water or Urine)?
15. Before you raise the knee and rolling on side in bed… what MUST ASK patient
16. When you roll patient to the side where are the 2 arms placed (Mandatory for
Change Bed Position) ?
17. ROM – How many times must you do each area you are working with?
18. What skills do you use a Bed Bath Blanket on?
19. What skills do you use a Wash Basin On?
20. What skills do you a emesis basin on?
21. How many wash cloths do you use for each of these skills: Peri-Care / Catheter
Care / Upper Bed bath / Hand and Nails / Foot Care/ Bed Pan / Feeding/
22. After you remove the bed pan, where does it go?
23. How many sets of gloves do you use for bed pan?
24. When do you offer a wet wash cloth or handy towel during bed pan.
25. After you wash your hands, what 3 things should you be thinking about?
26. What 4 Skills must you RECORD or you will fail?
27. Communication – Name at least 3 things you must be saying to the patient within
each skill?
28. During ROM- What must you communicate with the patient at least twice for
each different area you are working on with Range of Motion
29. What Linens do you use for ”Make an Occupied Bed”?
30. What 2 things you must NOT do with patient on Make an Occupied bed?
ANSWER SHEET – Don’t Cheat - Without peeking in the book
1. See Page 8 – Opening Procedures – By test day you must be able to repeat Page 8
without thinking about it.
2. See Page 8 – Closing Procedures
3. Scoot back … sit up straight … un cross your legs.
4. Rinse Twice / Spray Disinfect / Paper Towel Dry / Return
5. 1 Minute each skill – Purse or Respiration- Counting done 2 times – 2 RN’s
6. Respirations – YOU MUST NOT give any breathing instructions. Use the term
Taking your Vital Signs
7. Tucked behind back, between Legs supporting the knee and ankles and hugging
between the arms –Pillow under chin.
8. The head pillow needs to be pulled down to support the neck as the patient is left on
their side in the middle of the bed.
9. Bed Safety Issues – 1. Too close to the side of the bed. 2. The Patient must be left
in the CENTER of the bed 3. You must LOWER the bed before you leave Room.
10. How is your shoulder – are you comfortable?
11. Twice - 1st skills - 1 Opening before you touch patient / 2 nd Time – Closing –
before you say “I am done” and leave room.
12. 20 Seconds
13. 2 Wash Cloths – 1 for WASHING with soap- One for Rinsing
14. ALL waste (Water / Urine) goes into the toilet
15. Do you have any knee or ankle issues? If Glasses: May I remove your glasses? May
I have your Assistance Please? Remember, if you do not ask for assistance they will be
dead weight.
16. The X – Arms in a CROSS over chest – MANDATORY for change bed position.
17. 3 times for each area – Be sure to ask about comfort level for each different area.
How does this feel, let me know if I am hurting you.
18. Make an occupy bed / Peri-Care / Catheter Care / Upper Bed Bath/ Bed Pan
19. Hand & Nails / Foot Care / Peri-Care / Catheter Care / Upper Bed Bath/
20. Brushing teeth / Denture Care / Used for the Swish & Spit Oral Care
21. Peri-Care(4) / Catheter Care(4) / Upper Bed bath(3 to 4) / Hand and Nails (2) / Foot
Care(2) / Brushing Teeth(1) Denture Care(1) Feeding 1 / Bed Pan 1 (Note for Feeding
and Bed Pan you may offer a handy-wipe-towel if they have them in the room.
22. Bed Pan: It is taken to the Toilet – Placed on top of 2 paper towels with a paper
towel on top of used bed pan. CHANGE GLOVES and return to re-set bed – Closing
23. 3 sets - 1 set Opening – 2nd set after you return to room and remove bed pan and
3rd set after you remove bed pan and set it on toilet lid – you change gloves for closing
24. When you return to the room to remove the bed pan, for good hygiene you offer a
wet wash cloth or wet handy wipe to wash hands.
25. Do I need Gloves, what linens do I need and what equipment is required.
26. Measure Urine output, Pulse, Respiration and Feeding a Resident. Note: Pulse
and Respiration will be recorded twice – as each RN Will individually ask you to take
and record.
27. Telling the patient what you are doing - Asking the patient about THEIR comfort
level – Do you have any questions or concerns?
28. At Least Twice – ROM Let me know if I am hurting you? or Are you comfortable?
29. Make Bed: Bed Bath Blanket / Top Sheet / Fitted Sheet / Pillow Case /Table Top
Towel to protect linens / Gloves No longer for this skills - allowed
30. You must NOT let the body touch the mattress. Sheets must be under patient at
all times (WATCH FEET & LEGS) / You must watch to make sure patient is in the
CENTER of the bed
Copyright @ Arianna Christiano Lewis 2016
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