Isis 1:1 iPad Charging Locker
Isis 1:1 iPad Charging Locker
The 8 locker compartments are accessed via individual code based digital
locks. Each user chooses their own 4 digit code, and enters the code twice
to lock the door, then once to re-open. The next user repeats the process,
so each locker compartment can be used by different people throughout
the day. There’s an option for timed access control (useful for rental
applications) using a web based service and master codes for if codes are
forgotten. Also available with key locks.
The 1:1 Charging Locker has a separate
electrical compartment for plugging in
and storing iPad, tablet or other mobile
device power adapters; so there's no
need for users to cart around adapters
and cables — ideal for 1:1 mobile device
scenarios. Or there’s the option of a USB
power & sync module which does away
with all the adapters and is intelligent
enough to supply the right amount of
power to whatever USB device is
connected. Only a short length of power
cable is presented into the locker
The lockers are very compact, stackable
and suitable for iPads, tablets and other
mobile devices in most case designs.
1:1 Charging Locker for 8 iPads & Tablets, power 54h x 43w x 36d
adapter storage and single/multi user code locks (cm)
1:1 Charging Locker for 8 iPads & Tablets, power
adapter storage, programmable timed access
code locks
54h x 43w x 36d
1:1 Charging Locker for 8 iPads & Tablets, USB
power and sync module, single / multi user code
54h x 43w x 36d
1:1 Charging Locker for 8 iPads & Tablets with
power adapter storage and key based locks
54h x 43w x 36d
Shelf dimensions:
The tablet shelf size (cm) is 31d x 21w x 5.2h (to include the power connector plugged into iPads /
Isis 1:1 iPad Charging Locker
Finishes Available:
Colour options for the electrics bay metal cover are green, blue and red.
Melamine-faced MDF carcase, compact laminate shelves and doors.
Requires 1 external mains power socket .
Supports UK mains 3 pin plug sockets for tablet AC adapters, other adapter types by request. If the orientation of your AC adapter plug is reversed
(ie, the power lead exits at the front of the plug by the earth pin) please
inform us when ordering.
(Individual device power adapters are not included)
USB Power and Sync module removes the need for AC power adapters &
requires device specific USB cables (not included).
5 years (2 years for electrics)
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