The market Portioned coffee, a growing sector The single

The market
Portioned coffee, a growing
The single-dose Italian coffee outlines a competitive scenario in evolution.
Ease of use, no waste, variety of flavors and beverages and a good quality product in the cup are
the main reasons for the great success that pods and capsules collect especially among families
and OCS (Office Coffee Service).
Some reports by Competitive Data witness the production of single-dose coffee in 2011 (including
the import of special pods of foreign operators) amounted to 800 million euros (+ 20.3% in value
over the previous year) equivalent to 30.200 tons, over 30% of which is exported. A market more
than tripled compared to the 225.5 million euros observed in 2006 by Databank.
The market continues to maintain an excellent attractiveness, an increase of 16% in value in 2011,
caused by the strong performance of closed systems and special pods in general, which grow by
29.7% in value.
The industry is going through a very important evolutionary phase that is rapidly changing the
competitive dynamics between companies and the rules of the industry; while the paper pods are
more and more confined to the retail trade, the fap plastic caps, become an open standard, are
going through a period of "commoditization", with a significant growth of the clone of the historical
Lavazza system.
As for the families, the most critical factor of success is the brand image; customer loyalty is also
achieved through the launch of new products periodically, which act as a stimulus to the purchase,
both in terms of mixes, and new machines featuring an innovative design and new features.
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