The centerpiece of a comprehensive anaesthesia

The centerpiece
of a comprehensive
anaesthesia workstation
IntelliSave AX700 anaesthesia machine
A slim design with rich functionality
The IntelliSave AX700 is a comprehensive anaesthesia machine from Dameca.
With an impressive number of highend features and advanced ventilation
capabilities, the IntelliSave AX700 can
support all patient populations and
acuity levels. Its slim, ergonomic, modern design, and small footprint allow
it to fit in areas where space is limited.
A range of additional features and
options mean you can easily adapt the
IntelliSave AX700 to the needs of your
anaesthesia practice, today and in the
Key advantages
• A platform ready to grow with your personal needs and
advances in anaesthesia practice
• A compact, vertically-oriented integrated breathing system
(IBS) that is easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning
• Space-saving design and ergonomic layout
• Touch screen user interface for intuitive and easy operation
• Electronic gas mixer for precise control and display of gas
• Optional Multigas Module to monitor O2, N2O, CO2, RR,
and anaesthetic agents (with automatic agent identification)
• A high standard of built-in features
IntelliSave AX700
Critical functionality
The IntelliSave AX700 is designed with
critical functionality in mind.
The built-in battery backup utilises separate batteries for the user interface,
gas mixer, and ventilator. This optimises battery use and provides up to 90
minutes of backup power in the event
of an extended power outage.
Even if the batteries are empty, you can
continue to manually anaesthetise and
ventilate your patient in virtually any
situation as the emergency fresh gas
flow and vaporiser remain operational.
The electronic gas mixer, with a fresh
gas flow of up to 20 liters per minute,
has electronic flow meters presenting
the flows of O2 and air or O2 and N2O.
Other features include
• Adjustable, emergency fresh gas
flow in addition to the fresh gas
flow from the electronic gas mixer
if desired: immediately add up to
15 L/min of O2 to the electronic
fresh gas mixture.
• A switch redirects the fresh gas flow
to the auxiliary fresh gas outlet for
rapid switching between the IBS
and an external breathing system
• Quick access to supplementary oxygen through an external auxiliary
oxygen flow meter
• Fast, semi-automatic self-test at
• In case of an emergency, the selftest can be easily bypassed
Caring for your smallest patients
The optional Neonatal software combined with PRVT* can achieve tidal volumes down to 10 mL and allows you to
control these tiny volumes in increments
of 1 mL.
Ventilation capabilities
A wide variety of ventilation modes
allows you to match the ventilation
requirements of patients from neonatal to the elderly. This includes PRVT*
(Pressure Regulated Volume Target), a
lung-protective ventilation mode that
combines the advantages of Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV) and
Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV).
PRVT* continuously adjusts the inspiratory pressure based on the compliance
and resistance of the patient’s lungs
and airways, to maintain pressure at
the lowest possible level while providing the preset tidal volume.
This provides optimum gas exchange
and subsequent oxygenation during
Ventilation modes
* Option
Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV)
Volume Supported Ventilation (VSV)
Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV)
Pressure Supported Ventilation (PSV)
Pressure Regulated Volume Target (PRVT*)
IntelliSave AX700
Convenience by design
Applying our extensive knowledge of
anaesthesia workflow and the ergonomics of the anaesthesia workspace,
we have grouped the controls and
indicators for intuitive and fast access.
Similarly, the 15” colour touch screen’s
structure is easy to understand and
navigate. The screen also displays measurements from the optional Multigas
The ease of use starts well before you
turn the machine on.
The IntelliSave AX700 is compact in
size and easy to maneuver – helping
it fit even in operating rooms where
space is limited. It also helps you stay
organised with two large drawers, and
a tabletop with an extendable work
surface. It has an adjustable LED light
to illuminate the work surface without
distracting the surgeon.
Despite its slim design, the IntelliSave
AX700 includes several key features
as standard – such as an anaesthetic
gas scavenging system (AGSS) for gas
evacuation, and a patient suction device. These remove the need to have
separate devices beside or behind the
The anaesthesia machine can be
delivered with a manifold/back bar
for various vaporisers. It has mounting interfaces for patient monitors
and a second display (for the patient
monitor or an anaesthesia information
management system) to add flexibility
without adding unnecessary bulk.
Getting to work
Setup is simple too. Focus your time
on your patient, rather than on
connecting multiple tubes between
the anaesthesia machine, breathing
system, and patient. Our vertically
integrated breathing system (IBS) combines an ascending bellows, breathing
system, and CO2 absorber in one
compact unit. That means no tubing
between the IBS and the machine.
• Moisture-tolerant integrated
breathing system
The vertical design of the IBS, together with the construction of the
absorber canister, allow excess moisture to condense and flow down
into the bottom of the container.
• Workflow-oriented CO2 absorber
The i-SORB CO2 absorber canister
can be easily replaced during a
procedure without causing disruption to anaesthesia delivery. The
absorber is available in reusable or
disposable versions.
• A close watch over your patient
The IntelliSave AX700 gives you the
opportunity to choose where to
measure the flow. The flow sensor
can be placed either at the expiratory cone or close to the patient for
near measurements.
IntelliSave AX700
Once turned on, the ventilator
automatically compensates the tidal
volume for the impact of the fresh gas
flow and system compliance. The vertical yellow inspiratory and expiratory
valves provide visual indicators to help
you confirm correct function.
In addition, the Adjustable Pressure
Limiting (APL) valve is conveniently
located for easy access.
Easy to maintain
Smooth surfaces on the IntelliSave
AX700 support easy cleaning and are
designed to help you get ready for the
next patient. The integrated breathing
system (IBS) can be taken apart for
cleaning in less than 60 seconds.
The unambiguous design also avoids
reassembly errors.
The ease of maintenance is further
enhanced by long intervals between
preventive maintenance (once a year).
* Option
IntelliSave AX700
Working together to make a difference
The IntelliSave AX700 anaesthesia
machine supports a wide range of
anaesthesia-specific patient monitors
with anaesthesia-specific features
and configurations, and measurement
parameters relevant for anaesthesia –
such as EEG, Bispectral Index and neuromuscular transmission (NMT). You
can mount these monitors on the left
of the IntelliSave AX700 to keep cables
short, and to provide easy viewing
when attending to the patient.
There are also alternatives for mounting a second display on the right.
This could be a second monitoring
display – or it could be an anaesthesia
information management system for
documentation and decision support.
IntelliSave AX700
A data communication interface (available through the optional SmartLog
communication port) lets you include
data from the anaesthesia machine
with other relevant patient information on the patient monitor display, or
to communicate data to other hospital
IT systems.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (H × W × D)
1550 × 810 × 790 mm
150 kg
Fresh gas flow
Electronic flow meters and flow control
Total flow range: 0.2–20 L/min
Manifold/back bar for two Selectatec or other
vaporisers with interlock safety mechanism
Integrated breathing system (IBS)
Combines the ascending bag-in-bottle, breathing system, and CO2 absorber in one vertical arrangement
Fresh gas enters after the inspiratory valve
Absorber capacity
Volume 1420 mL
Capacity of approximately 880 g soda lime
Tidal volume
10 to 1500 mL (PRVT* and Neonatal software)
20 to 1500 mL (VCV)
Respiration rate
4 to 80 bpm
I:E ratio
3:1 to 1:9.9
4 to 20 hPa / cmH2O / mbar
Inspiratory pressure
PCV mode: 4 to 67 hPa / cmH2O / mbar
PSV mode: 4 to 50 hPa / cmH2O / mbar
AGS System
30 to 40 L/min
Ventilation measurements
Peak, Plateau, and mean pressure, PEEP, patient
compliance, tidal and minute volume, spirometry
loop including pressure and flow waveforms
Integrated Multigas Module
Up to two anesthetic agents (with automatic agent
identification), CO2, O2, N2O, respiration rate
* Option
IntelliSave AX700
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