• Aluminium frame with pearl finish and stainless
steel details
• Built-in volumetric motor pump
• Copper boiler with group heat exchangers
• Boiler drain tap
• Brew group with direct pre-infusion chamber
• A total of three steam arms, including two
standard ones and one equipped with a
temperature sensor. The steam arms are heat
insulated and do not get hot when used.
• Boiler low water level warning light
• Heating element low water level auto cut-off
• Automatic back-flush brew group
• 4 different programmable coffee doses per group
• Descaler warning light
• Language selector display
• Maintenance warning light
• Colour light adjustment
• Digital brew time control
• Grind setting adjustment warning light
Electronic control
panel features
• Two automatic hot water taps
• Advertising display
• Dispensed coffees memory setting
• Clock adjustment: current date and time
• Daily machine auto-switch On/Off
• Dispensed “infusions” memory setting
• Digital boiler temperature control and display
• Maximum precision temperature control
using PID technology
• Auto-fill water boiler
• Water pump low water level auto cut-off
u n i q u e p ro p e rti e s
We put together a few hand-picked employees for a joint task – to
create the best the best espresso machine imaginable. They are now
done. The result is a machine with properties and technical solutions
that would make any barista enviable. When the machine was presented for the first time, the name came naturally. It is a Diamond.
Diamant is an exclusive espresso machine that is fully-equipped
with technical innovations and high-class finishing touches. Diamant
is created to draw attention, both for its beautiful design and for its
genuine quality. Optionally, Diamant can be ordered in custom
colours and with the equipment you want.
Group 2 groups
Diamant also comes in a smaller model. It is a variant with
2 brew groups instead of 3 and a somewhat smaller boiler
capacity. Otherwise, the machine uses the same technology
and offers the same functions and equally attractive options
and accessories as the larger model.
Sta n da r d c o l o u r s
c o l o u r SELEC T I ON
You can special order Diamant in exactly the colour you want for the machine.
We adapt Diamant precisely according to your wishes.
Automatic hot water dispenser
The information display
provides valuable data, including
the water level in the steam tank
Steam arm with
temperature sensor
Digital display for
temperature in brew group
Pearl White
• 1 single filter handle
• 2-group machine, 2 double filter handles
• 3-group machine, 3 double filter handles
• 0.5 meter connection hose
• 2 cleaning blind filters
Technical specifications
va r i a n t
Diamant has a large steam boilers and
separate boilers for each brew group.
The machine is equipped with an
advanced PID-sensor system for exact
brewing temperature. These fittings
allow you to adjust the temperature
individually for each brew group. The
result is a perfect espresso that reveals
the unique character of the espresso
• Separate 1.5 litre boiler per brewing group
• Available in Take Away design
• Optional Cappucinatore device
• Filter handles with Teflon coated inner
• Teflon coated steam steam arm
Power supply
4500W/380V 3F+N
4500W/380V 3F+N
4000W/380V 2F+N
6000W/380V 3F+N
4000W/380V 2F+N
6000W/380V 3F+N
Tank (litres) Width mm (A) Depth mm (B)
Height mm (C)
11.5 + 1.5 + 1.5
17.5 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 1.5
With a passion
for coffee
Movie Grinder
Tranquilo Grinder
Marfil Grinder
Expobar 600 Manual
Expobar 600 Grind on Demand
Expobar 30 Grind on Demand
(Also available as double)
Crem International has two very strong
brands – Coffee Queen and Expobar.
Under the brand Coffee Queen, we
have brought together all our machines
for freshly brewed and instant coffee,
water and juice. Under the brand Expobar, we offer our top-quality espresso
machines. All our machines are made
by skilful and experienced staff at our
own factories in Sweden, Spain and
China. With these two brands, we offer
the widest range on the market and
can satisfy all needs and wishes.
A strong brand of Crem International
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