Coffee oil remover tablets
Same as CA6704/60
For 6 uses - Use monthly
Prolong machine lifetime
Brew better tasting coffee
Brew better tasting coffee
Keep brewing machine clean
Enjoy fresh coffee taste and not the taste of residue's ground! With the coffee oil remover
tablets you can remove coffee oil residues and grease from the brewing unit of your
coffee machine and make sure you always have a fresh coffee.
Sensational coffee quality
• Maintains the coffee taste over time
Effective protection of your espresso appliance
• Protects espresso machines against residues clogging
Prolong lifetime
• Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your Espresso Machine
Reliable machine protection
• Only use Philips consumables
Coffee oil remover tablets
Same as CA6704/60 For 6 uses - Use monthly, Prolong machine lifetime, Brew better tasting coffee
Maintain the coffee taste
Regular cleaning
Country of origin
• Made in: Germany
Technical specifications
• Includes: 6x coffee oil remover tablets
Weight and dimensions
• Weight of product: 0.1 kg
• Quantity: 6 tablets of 1.6 g
Regular maintenance ensures the best taste and
aroma from your Philips and Saeco espresso
Protects espresso machines
Our Coffee Oil Remover Tablets remove all coffee
oil residues, while keeping your espresso machine
working efficiently for best results. We recommend
to carry out this cycle at least once per month.
Extend the life of your Espresso Machine to enjoy
the maximum potential of your appliance. To ensure
a perfect performance overtime, clean your
appliance every month or after 500 cups of coffee
Philips Original
Only use Philips consumables to make sure your
machine runs smoothly for longer. Philips
consumables are the only recommended
consumables for Philips and Saeco machines.
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