Ez Brü - Private Label Coffee K-Cups

Ez Brü
Beverages Your Way
Single Serve Brewer
Fully Compatible with
ALL Single Serve Cups
Perfectly timed avor extraction
Small footprint
Three convenient brewing sizes
Accepts most travel mugs
Brews all single serve cups including
K-Cup portion cups and soft bottom single serve packs
Small footprint reduces counter space
Three convenient brewing sizes
Flavor timed brewing process
Single serve cup brewing system compatible with
all single serve portion packs except vue®
Three brewing sizes
Auto shutoff
Quiet brew
Brewing nish alarm
Removable drip tray
45oz BPA free water reservoir
Front water level gauge
Fits most travel mugs
Perfectly timed avor extractor
Select YOUR favorite coffee or
hot beverage to brew in your
EzBrü single serve brewing
Savor the perfectly extracted
coffee or hot beverage of
your choosing in your EzBrü
single serve cup brewing system.
Model Number: EZ-505K
Made in China
Distributed by: Private Label Coffee, LLC
Visit us at: www.privatelabelcoffee.biz
Brew your favorite coffee
or hot beverage in any of the
Three brewing sizes. Perfectly
timed avor extraction.
EZ-505K Single Serve
Brewing System
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