MTE Air Suspension System 3-Year Limited Warranty
Monroe Truck Equipment (MTE) Limited Warranty Coverage
 Structural fabricated components are warranted against defects and failure due to materials and workmanship for 3 years or 36,000 miles.
 Powder-coat paint finish is warranted against cracking, checking, peeling, and delamination for 3 years or 36,000 miles.
 Assembly and installation workmanship for MTE components is warranted for 3 years or 36,000 miles.
 Purchased components (items not manufactured by MTE) are covered by the supplier’s warranty policy. Major components:
Firestone air springs are covered for 2 years or 200,000 miles, whichever comes first
Barksdale leveling valves are covered for 1 year, mileage unlimited.
ArvinMeritor shock absorbers are covered for 1 year or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.
Thomas air compressors are covered for 1 year, mileage unlimited.
Eligibility for Warranty Coverage
 This warranty applies only to air suspension systems specified and installed by MTE or an authorized distributor.
 The vehicle must be operated within the weight ratings for the axles (GAWR front and rear) and the overall chassis (GVWR).
 Warranty period commences from the in-service date for the original owner.
 Original owner must complete and submit the Warranty & Serial Number Registration Card within thirty (30) days of purchase.
 The suspension components must be adjusted, maintained, and serviced according to the guidelines in the supplied owner’s manual.
 The 3-year limited warranty applies only to fabricated suspension components and excludes non-MTE components and accessories, which are
covered by separate and specific warranties.
 Any modifications or additions to the vehicle suspension that change the suspension height, suspension travel, or driveline angle may void the airsuspension warranty.
 Any use or application of the suspension system for off-road driving, racing, or other purposes not specified, intended, or foreseen by MTE will
void the air-suspension warranty.
 Warranty does not apply to any product that has been transferred to another vehicle, altered, overloaded, abused, or misused.
 Warranty does not apply to systems or components sold and used outside the United States and Canada.
 Failure of any components resulting from or related to collisions or accidents is not covered.
 Parts considered wear items and “consumables”, such as filters and light bulbs, are not covered by any part of this warranty.
 This warranty is not transferable.
Warranty Repairs Performed by MTE or Authorized Agents
Warranty repairs shall be performed at an MTE facility or at an authorized distributor or dealer.
MTE may, at its discretion, pick up and return the vehicle to the owner’s location or may request that the owner deliver the vehicle to the repair site.
Warranty Repairs Performed by Non-MTE Entities
MTE may authorize a third party to perform warranty repairs. Any such decision will be based on type of repair, distance to the nearest approved MTE
repair site, and urgency of the repair.
MTE must grant authorization and permission before a non-MTE entity begins repair or replacement of components. Warranty claims for
unauthorized and unsubstantiated work may be denied.
Peripheral, Incidental, and Consequential Damages and Claims
The MTE limited warranty does not apply to damage and failure resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper customer/distributor
installation, lack of maintenance, or natural events. Any modifications by the buyer or any third party, without the prior written consent of MTE, may void
this warranty. Operating conditions, or applications not made known to or contemplated by MTE at the time of delivery to the buyer may also void this
warranty. Damages resulting from any other abnormal operation will not be covered by this warranty.
Normal maintenance, wear, and consumable items are not covered under this warranty.
MTE will not reimburse for lost time, business, or business opportunity, or for any loss of use related to warranty claims. MTE will not provide or pay for
the use of a rental vehicle, equipment, or tools while warranty work is performed. MTE will not reimburse for equipment or tools that are damaged, lost,
or missing in conjunction with a warranty claim. MTE is not responsible for and will not reimburse for mileage, fuel, and wear incurred in the process of
driving the vehicle to a repair site or delivery to the end user location, nor for lost time incurred by an owner delivering and picking up a vehicle.
This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy for defective products manufactured and/or installed by MTE.
MTE Air Suspension System 3-Year Limited Warranty
How to Obtain Warranty Service from Monroe Truck Equipment
Making an Appointment for Warranty Service at an MTE Facility or Authorized Repair Site
1. Obtain the following information:
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Type, model, and serial number of component or product requiring service
Number of original MTE Sales Order if available
Name of dealer that vehicle was purchased from if known
Date of purchase/in-service date if known
Detailed description of the problem
2. Call the MTE location where your truck was built. The build location will be marked on the yellow certification label in or near the driver’s door
Monroe, Wisconsin: 1-608-329-8437 (Warranty Dept.) or 1-800-356-8134 (ask for Warranty Dept.)
Flint, Michigan: 1-877-233-2030 (ask for Warranty Dept.)
De Pere, Wisconsin: 1-800-848-5400 (ask for Service Dept.)
Marshfield, Wisconsin: 1-800-882-1900 (ask for Service Dept.)
Joliet, Illinois: 1-800-892-7052 (ask for Service Dept.)
Louisville, Kentucky: 1-502-426-0990 (ask for Service Dept.)
3. Discuss the problem with the Warranty representative to determine resolution and repair schedule.
Please let the Warranty representative know if your vehicle was sold with an extended or other non-standard warranty policy!
Requesting Authorization to Perform Warranty Work or Payment for Work Performed
1. Obtain the following information:
All of the information requested in item #1 above, plus:
Documented photographs for any physical damage. (paint, dents, etc.)
Inspection notes by MTE personnel or a third party representing MTE if necessary.
2. Call the MTE location where your truck was built. The build location will be marked on the yellow certification label in or near the driver’s door
jamb. See the location list in item #2 above.
3. Discuss the problem with the Warranty representative to determine coverage and repair method.
4. The representative will grant permission to perform repairs if approved.
5. The representative will issue a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number.
6. Defective parts must be returned freight prepaid to MTE within ten days.
7. If the affected component was purchased from a non-MTE supplier, please allow extra time for MTE to contact and work with the supplier.
Monroe Truck Equipment reserves the right to deny any warranty if the procedures detailed above are not followed. Proper documentation,
including photos, must be provided in order for MTE to validate and approve any claim submitted after repairs are done.
Policy revision/effective date: 10/11/12
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