Everyday cleaning can be done with a cloth with warm water, also methylated spirits can be used to
draw the stain out, If you put straight methylated spirits on the stain and leave for two minutes max
it should draw the stain out, please note that you may need to repeat this procedure a couple of
times before it begins to work.
You should avoid everyday use of abrasive cleaners, although fine grade steel wool is recommended
for occasional removal of dried - on spills.
Cutting on granite bench tops is possible, but continuous cutting in the same spot will create an
unsightly scuffed appearance.
Since Granite is a natural material it is wise to avoid placing very cold or very hot things directly onto
the work surface. Natural expansion and contraction of the stone can lead to some cracking in the
granite bench top.
If you accidentally drop hot oil or fat on the granite bench top, it is better to wipe it off immediately.
Granite is stain resistant but not stain proof so there is a high possibility the granite will absorb oil
and fat. The best way of cleaning these off is to cover the area where the fat was dropped with
methylated spirits, then place a cloth over the fat to absorb it.
Granite is a wonderful product of nature; by promptly wiping up standing spills, (like coffee, oil, red
wine and acidic substances such as orange juice etc.), stains will be avoided. For general
maintenance an impregnating sealer is available.
We recommend sealing the granite once a year. It prevents oil & grease staining the bench tops.
With the right care and maintenance granite will give you many years of attractive service and you
will find putting a granite bench top in your kitchen an investment worth making !
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