The Venti-4 TM
The Largest Brew Group in the Industry:
24 oz in a Single Brew Cycle!
Cafection’s Venti-4 is the latest in gourmet coffee for the
C-Store industry, offering a French press quality coffee
available 24/7. It is ideal for the retail environment,
reducing waste and increasing customer loyalty.
The Venti-4 is the only coffee machine in the world
brewing a 24 oz cup in a single brew cycle. It is also
supported by a private cellular connection
and can be controlled remotely through
Cafection’s unique Management Tool PRO.
Now with ICED COFFEE!*
*Ice machine required
Bring your clients in from the pumps
with a quality gourmet coffee experience.
3 cup sizes - 12, 16 and 20 oz (up to 24 oz)
3 brew strengths
NEW iced coffee option (ice machine required)
Equipped with a whipper to froth all your beverages
Environmentally friendly & sustainable brewer
Selection of :
3 Whole Bean
Vanilla Coffee
Vanilla Moka Coffee
Hot Shot Blend
Long Espresso
French Vanilla
Choco Latte
Cafe Latte
Vanilla Moka
Choco Van Latte
Hot Chocolate
Energy Shot Coffee
Hot Water for tea
The Venti-4
Cafection’s Management Tool PRO
Supported by the new cellular connectivity!
Configure, manage and monitor remotely
Save up to 25 % of energy expenses
Email notifications for errors and warnings
Online ordering and backups
Secure and private cellular network
Web-based application
The Venti-4 Interface
• 10.4’’ touchscreen
• Multi level screen and secured access levels
• Intuitive menu featuring a wide array of specialty drinks
• On-screen keyboard for easy programming
The Venti-4 Options
• Integrated printer, with bar code and messaging
• Mess-free built-in cup sensor
• Touchpad compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Base cabinet
• Condiment & cup dispenser
• Vending options: coin mechanism, bill acceptor, credit card reader
Integrated Printer
Base Cabinet
Credit Card
ADA Compliant
Product volume / Yield
Product Type
Hopper 1
Whole Bean
Dark Roast
4 lbs
12 oz
Hopper 2
Whole Bean
2 lbs
58 Cups
Hopper 3
Whole Bean
Light Roast
4 lbs
116 Cups
Canister 1
Hot Chocolate
5.5 lbs
70 Cups
Canister 2
French Vanilla
5.5 lbs
70 Cups
Canister 3
Powder Milk
1.1 lbs
14 Cups
116 Cups
Note: Product volume yields vary depending on gram throw (adjustable option). Above examples refer
to calculation done with 1.3 gram (coffee) and 3 grams (soluble) per ounce for 14 oz cups.
Product Specs
Height : 44’’ | Depth: 28’’ | Width: 19’’ | Weight: 145 lbs
Minimum space requirement: Height: 50’’ | Depth: 29.5’’ | Width: 34.5’’
Electrical requirements: 240 VAC, 20 A, 60 Hz
Filter paper: 1600 cups capacity (approx.) | Cup clearance: 7.5’’
Water services: plumber or bottled | Tank capacity: 0.8 gal
2355 avenue Dalton, Quebec (Quebec) Canada G1P 3S3
T: 800 561-6162 F: 800 463-2739
Printed in Canada / Venti-4 / 08-2015 / FEU2000A
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