Sheet Laminating Machines from Hand Fed

Machines for Packaging and Advertising Materials in Use Worldwide
Sheet – to – Sheet Laminating Machines from Hand Fed
Machine Model 123 to the Fully Automatic Model 14R5678
• production up to 8,000 sheets per hour
• short make ready times (set-up)
• little maintenance requirement
• just a very few wearing parts
• easy machine operation
• high reliability and availability of the machine
• modular system: a simple hand fed machine can be upgraded
to a semi- or a fully auto machine at any time
• reliable sheet mounting, simple registration
• minimum glue application, for producing flat sheets
• simple and fast wash-up of the glue rollers – using tools
• equipped a well proved suction belt feeder for carrier sheets
• fully developed turning and stacking system, non-stop type
• semi-automatic production mode – on an automatic machine –
for just mounting a few samples
• special machine for laminating board to board available
Sheet Laminating Machines
Proven Design and Efficient
Machines are suitable for all (packaging) box makers,
POP-display producers, trade finishers, designed for
single faced corrugated board, single- and double-wall
corrugated board, solid board and other faced substrate
materials with high quality offset (litho) printed sheet,
using a commercial white resin glue. A special machine
for laminating mainly board to board – up to 1,200 gsm –
is available as well.
All rollers are coated and run on ball bearings. The maindrive is adjustable. During breaks in working or other
machine stop periods, the gluing unit, driven by a
separate motor, carriers on running. The frame and
machine sides are of solid construction and the machine
is running trouble free and requires less maintenance.
Central adjustment: 2 hand wheels for adjusting the
rollers to different material thicknesses, therefore short
make-ready times are possible. Automatic sheet feeders
for the substrate and the printed sheets are available.
Adjustable pressure belt with parallel lifting pressure
rollers. If required, available with pre-loading device and
other options. Down-stacker (pile delivery) with non-stop
operation, for accurate sheet stacking. Flip-flop (batch
pile turner) with 3 different modes, dependent on sheet
flatness after the lamination: 1) alternate inverting, when
the sheets are warped; 2) Without inverting, when the
sheets are flat; 3) Always inverting.
Quality of Laminating Materials
Smooth and flat surface square and clean cut, of
an even overall thickness. Although this
requirements are not always fulfilled, our machines
continue to produce the best quality.
Suction-belt feeder for substrate sheets
Options available:
Automatic Laminator
• push lay for printed sheets
• pallet logistics (roller conveyor system)
• pre-loading device for printed sheet feeder
Automatic laminator with down-stacker and pallet logistic
Automatic non-stop down-stacker and flip-flop
Manually printed
sheet feeding
Automatic non-stop flip-flop
Non-stop down-stacker with pallet logistics
Method of Operation
The printed sheets being approx. 5-10 mm larger in
length and width than the substrate sheet is fed to a
front lay. The pre-aligned corrugated sheet is pushed
between the infeed rollers, glued beneath the coating
rollers from above and collects the waiting printed sheet.
After passing through the two pressure rollers, the
sheets pile up on a simple delivery table and are
stacked on a pallet by hand.
Combined pressure-belt-stacker (up-stacker):
For automatic sheet delivery to a pallet with the option
to take-off warped sheet batches contemporary
by hand and flip them over
An additional pressure belt improves the quality of
the finished product as this belt has a variable speed
so the pressure drying time is adjustable. This leads
to savings in adhesive and improves the sheet
flatness. Feeding is not subject to a working cycle,
therefore smaller sheets result in increased output
Printed sheet feeder
Model 6
– with motorized set-up
Model range:
1 = laminating machine
2 = feeding table (manual)
3 = take-off table (manual)
4R = substrate sheet feeder
pressure belt
printed sheet feeder
non-stop down-stacker
flip-flop (batch pile turner)
Technical Data
Working width: 1,250 / 1,500 / 1,650 mm
Max. sheet width: 1,260 / 1,420 / 1,620 mm
Max. sheet length: 1,620 mm
Sheet width & length: 2,050 mm – on request
Production (sheets per hour) for model
- 123,5: up to 1,200 sph – with 3 operators
- 134R,5: up to 2,000 sph – with 2 operators
- 134R56,78: up to 8,000 sph – with 2 operators
• Set-up times for machine model
- 123,5: approx. 3 minutes
- 134R,5: approx. 5 minutes
- 134R56: approx. 10 minutes
• 14R567 / 14R5678: approx. 15 / 20 minutes
laminating tolerances: +/- 1.5 mm
Material Thickness
• Substrate (carrier) materials from 0.6 – 7 mm. Single faced
corrugated can only be fed with flutes in running direction
for the machine (standing flutes). For board from approx.
400 – 500 gsm, an additional stripping needle bar is
required to prevent the Substrate sheets from wrapping
around the glue application roller.
• Cover (top) materials from approx. 150 – 400 gsm. With
the special machine (model SP) up to 1,200 gsm.
• Variations are permitted according to quality.
Glue Application
• Adhesives with a white resin (PVAc) or starch base can
be used. The automatic glue feeding system (P) is
included in the delivery. Glue consumption dependent up
on type of paper (board), content of humidity and
adhesive. Single faced corrugated board up to
25 – 30 gsm; double faced corrugated board and solid
board approx. 40 – 60 gsm.
Our delivery program:
Sheet-to-Sheet Laminating Machines; Reel-to-Sheet Laminating Machines; Inline-Laminating Machines; Gluing Machines; Pattern
(Stencil) Gluing Machines; Spot Labeling Machines (Spot Labelers); Sheet Feeders; Down-Stacker; Pressure Belts; Display
Processing Machines Rotary Sheeter (Knife); Special Machines
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