Process Oxygen Analysers
Paramagnetic analysers for high purity oxygen
with full percent range capability
Features & Benefits
Paramagnetic sensor with PID
temperature control for best in class
Optional barometric pressure
compensation for purity analysis
Large autoranging LED display
Specific to oxygen
Excellent linearity and accuracy
Auto calibration option
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28045 Madrid
Tel. 915 308 552
Conforms to European Directives:
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Unmatched in High Performance On-Line Oxygen Analysis
Chemical / Petrochemical
Chemical Production
High Purity Gas Production
Hydrocarbon Refining
Natural Gas Transmission
Electron Beam
Solder Powder Production
Semiconductor Furnaces
Gas Quality
Heat Treating / Annealing
Steel Production
Alloys and Powdered Metals
Inert Packaging
Vessel Blanketing
Unmatched Performance
Systech Illinois has long been recognised
worldwide as a leader in oxygen analysis.
Utilising the well proven magneto-dynamic
(dumb-bell) transducer in the PM700 Systech
Illinois offers the best in class of high performance
oxygen analysis. These highly advanced
instruments incorporate user-friendly software to
provide accurate, reliable results.
Whatever your measuring range, the PM700
series has an analyser to suit your needs.
UL and CSA approved
Split architecture version for:
Class I, Groups B, C& D; Class II and Class III
Nema 4/7 rated
Inert Gas Welding
Lamp Manufacturing
Air separation
Controlled Environments
Glove Boxes
Oxygen Deficiency
Operator Interface /Diagnostics
Outputs & Alarm Options
Glass Fibre Optics
Explosion Proof Version
Food Packaging
Contact Lens Manufacturing
The paramagnetic susceptibility of oxygen is
significantly greater than that of other common
gases, and for this reason the molecules of
oxygen are attracted much more strongly by a
magnetic field than the molecules of other
gases. Most other gases are repelled by the
magnetic field.
Three different configurations to match your needs.
NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof
19 in. rack mount
Panel or bench mount
UL and CUL approved Ex-proof
Combustion Analysis
Now you can match sensor to
application for the best possible
reliability and performance.
All Systech Illinois sensors are easily
calibrated to ambient air.
For ISO purposes and in specific
applications, traceable calibration
gases can be used to meet the most
demanding quality assurance
Principle of Operation
Cabinetry & Mounting
User-friendly menu
Read-only mode available
Diagnostic capabilities
Fault alarms
Sensor Selection
For charting, process control, or remote
RS232 / 485
Analogue outputs (three channels)
High / low alarms
Fault alarms
Sampling Systems
Bypass flowmeter
Pressure regulator
Sample pump
Flow alarm
Glass dumbbell
Pole shoe (N)
Pole shoe (S)
Measuring cell
Light source
Photo diodes
Wire loop
The principle of measurement (Faraday’s
method) is based on a sensor in which a
dumbbell comprising two nitrogen-filled
spheres is arranged in rotational symmetry
within a magnetic field. If the sample gas
contains oxygen it is drawn into the magnetic
field. The nitrogen inside the glass spheres
has the opposite magnetic polarization and is
forced out of the field, causing the dumb-bell to
The degree of rotation is directly proportional
to the oxygen concentration. A mirror reflects a
beam of light onto a pair of photocells. When
the dumb-bell starts to rotate, a potential
difference is generated at the photocells. The
resulting current is amplified and conducted
around the dumbbell through windings. The
current flow generates an electromagnetic
counter moment which causes the dumb-bell
to return to its original position.
The current needed to maintain the dumb-bell
in its null position is directly proportional to the
oxygen concentration.
PM700 Process Oxygen Analysers
Bench/Panel Mount
190H x 237W x 410D (mm)
Wall Mount/Weatherproof
460H x 380W x 160D (mm)
Technical Specifications
Rack Mount 4U - 19 inch
Houses 1 or 2 Analysers
178H x 484W x 410D (mm)
10.1kg (single unit)
Measurement range
Autoranging from 0.01 to 100% O2
Display resolution
2 decimal places (0.01 to 99.99%)
Detection limit
0.01% O2
Display type
5 digit High Visibility LED
Response time
90% of reading (T90) less than 6 seconds
Better than ±0.1% O2
Zero point drift
Better than ±0.1% per week
Pressure compensation
Temperature influence at zero
Temperature influence span
Barometric pressure influence on zero
Barometric pressure influence span
Operating Conditions
Better than ±0.03% O2
Automatic compensation option
< ±0.05% O2/°C
< ±0.20% of measured value /°C
No influence
1% air pressure change causes 1% change in reading without
automatic compensation (option)
Sample Gas Pressure
0.1 to 5 BarG
Sample Connections
1/8" OD Compression fittings
Ambient Temperature
-10 to +45°C
Power Requirements
Power Supply
230/115 Vac, 50/60 Hz at 40VA
High/Low Alarms
2 volt free changeover contacts. Rated 240V, 3A
Pressure Compensation
Integrated absolute pressure compensation, 800-1100 mBar
Analogue Outputs
Sample Stream Options
Ex-Proof Sensor Housing
Scaleable 4-20mA (0-20mA), 0-10V, 0-100mV all isolated
Internal sample pump, Flow alarm, Pressure regulator
Use this option for explosive gas mixtures
(e.g. H2,Butane, CO, H2S etc)
Systech Illinois have over 30 years experience of providing analysis solutions for a wide
range of industries. From our manufacturing plants in the UK and U.S we produce gas
analysers for industrial process industries, headspace analysers for monitoring gas flushing
of food products and our range of permeation analysers.
Systech Illinois reserve the right to change specifications without notice. 07/2017
Series 700
Analizadores paramagnéticos para alta pureza de
oxígeno, con capacidad de medir todo el rango de %
Con la serie 700 usted puede .....
Modelo 710 Sobremesa / Panel.
Modelo 720 Pared, intemperie.
Estar seguro de la pureza
Modelo 730 Rack de 19", 4 Uds.
El sensor paramagnético de proporciona una medida fiable, repetitiva, y
precisa de altas purezas, durante mucho mucho tiempo.
Cuando usted necesita una medida fiable
y no muy cara de niveles en porcentage
de oxígeno, la serie 700 de analizadores
paramagnéticos le dara las respuestas
Probar rápidamente - Sensor paramagnético de rápida respuesta
Con un tiempo de respuesta de unos pocos segundos los resultados son
inmediatos, por lo que no hay que tirar gases que están fuera de la especificación.
Adaptar el analizador a sus necesidades
Puede elegir entre monaje en rack, pared, panel o sobremesa.
Forma parte de nuestra gama completa de
analizadores de oxígeno, la serie 700 es el
analizador a elegir para la medida de la
pureza. La serie 700 puede usarse en
corrientes de gas sucias y su sensor no se
gasta. La serie 700 le proporciona un
sistema de medir el oxígeno fiable y
repetitivo, aumentado la eficiencia de su
• Producción de O2 de alta pureza
May ‘04 v1.00
Monitorizar de manera remota
Usando las salidas analógicas o las interfaces RS232/485, puede ver los resultados
en otro lugar como la sala de control, o el panel principal de control.
Olvidarse de cursillos de manejo
Configuración sencilla y facilidad de manejo - no es necesario un entrenamiento
especial para poder usar todas sus avanzadas funciones.
Esperar estabilidad
Con una deriva del cero menor de ± 0.05 % por semana y repetibiliad mejor del
± 0.2 %; usted puede creer en las medidas de la serie 700.
Tener un bajo costo de mantenimiento
El sensor de la serie 700 no se gasta - no hay que reemplazar periodicamente
• Gases corrosivos
el sensor.
• Corrientes de gas contaminadas
• Prueba de botellas
Si quiere calidad, fiablilidad y resultados siempre reproducibles.
• Gases ricos en hidrocarburos
La Serie 700, es la respuesta
Series 710
Sobremesa / Panel
190H x 237A x 410F (mm)
8.5 Kg
Series 720
Pared / Intemperie
Series 730
Rack de 19", altura 4 unidades
Pueden montarse 1 ó 2 analizadores
460H x 380A x 160F (mm)
16.5 Kg
178H x 484A x 410F (mm)
10.1 Kg (solo un analizador)
Rangos de medida:
Resolución de la indicación:
Tipo de indicador:
Tiempo de respuesta:
Deriva del cero:
Compensación de la presión:
Auto-rango de 0.01 % a 100 % O2
2 decimales (0.01 to 99.99 %)
LED de 5 dígitos de alta visibilidad
90 % de la lectura (T90) en menos de 2 segundos
Mejor del +/ - 0.1 % O2
Menor de +/ - 0.05 % por semana
Mejor del +/ - 0.02 % O2
Compensación automática entre 800 y 1100 mBar opcional
Presión de entrada del gas:
Temperatura ambiente:
Conexiones de entrada y salida:
Gases con que no puede usarse:
0.1 a 5 BarG
-10 a +45 °C
Racores de compresión para tubo de 1/8” OD
Mezclas de gases explosivas (por ejemplo H2, Butano, CO, SH2 etc.)
Alimentación eléctrica:
230/115 Vca, 50/60 Hz a 40VA seleccionable en campo
Acero inoxidable
Sobremesa, panel, pared o rack de 19"
Estos analizadores cumplen con las siguientes directivas Europeas
Directiva de compatibilidad electromagéetica 89/336/EEC
Directiva de bajo voltaje 73/23/EEC
IP10 – 710 y 730
IP66 – 720
Alarmas de alta y baja;
Salidas analógicas:
Compensación de presión:
Opciones de toma de muestra:
2 contactos conmutados de libre potencial. Para 240 V, 3A
Escalable 4-20 mA (0-20 mA), 0-10 V, 0-100 mV todas aisladas.
Compensación integral de la presión barométrica, 800-1100 mBar.
Rotámetro de by-pass, bomba interna de toma de muestra, alarma de caudal, regulador de presión...
Paseo Delicias 65 Bis, 1D
28045 Madrid
Tel. 915 308 552