RI1388/00 Philips SaladMaker

Philips Walita Viva
200 W
6 disks
Direct to bowl, pot and wok
XL Julienne disc for fries
Fresh homemade salads made easy
Perfect results in any shape and size in seconds
The Philips saladmaker can slice, shred and julienne vegetables, cheese, salami and more
directly into your saladbowl, cooking pot and wok pan. With the XL julienne disk you can
now also cut potatoes for fries. Salads and more in seconds.
Maximum versatility
• 5 inserts for a variety of results in any shape and size
• Full metal XL julienne disc for cutting potatoes for fries
• Adjustable S to XL feeding tube
Perfect results in seconds
• Direct serve to bowl, pot and wok
• Powerful 200 W motor
• Stainless steel disc inserts for perfect cutting results
Effortlessly easy
• Dishwasher proof parts
• Easy cord storage
200 W 6 disks, Direct to bowl, pot and wok, XL Julienne disc for fries
5 stainless steel disk inserts
5 disk inserts allow slicing, grating and Julienne for
endless variation. Simply choose a disc insert and
click it on the disc holder.
200W motor
• Color: Star white, black and red
• Material disk (inserts): Stainless steel
General specifications
XL julienne disc for fries
• Cord storage
• Non-slip feet
• Dishwasher safe accessories
Technical specifications
The Philips saladmaker offers a powerful 200 W
motor allowing you to prepare all your favorite
With the separate XL julienne disc of the Philips
saladmaker you can cut potatoes for fries but also
process other ingredients like carrots, pumpkin,
kohlrabi, courgette, etc. The end result is ideal for
your favourite stir-fried vegetables.
Direct serve
Stainless steel disc inserts
The stainless steel disc inserts of the Philips
saladmaker provide for a perfect cutting results,
thanks to their sharp and durable baldes.
Dishwasher proof
All accessories of your Philips saladmaker can be put
in your dishwasher for easy cleaning.
Cord Storage
You can easily roll the cord of the appliance under
the base unit for easy storage.
Adjustable feeding tube
With the direct serve feature of the Philips
saladmaker you can cut your ingredients directly into
the chosen saladbowl, cooking pot or wok pan. The
high spout allows to use even high containers for
large quantities. This means you will have much less
to clean after your food preparation.
With the adjustable S to XL feeding tube of the
Philips saladmaker you can have optimal control over
the ingredients, which you want to process and get
the desired result. Having an S feeding tube is ideal
for single thin ingredients, such as a carrot. The XL
feeding tube is fit for larger ingredients e.g. potatoes,
etc., minimizing the need for pre-cutting.
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Power: 200 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Cord length: 1.5 m
Safety: Safety lock system
Accessories included
Coarse slicing disk
Fine slicing disk
Coarse shredding disk
Fine shredding disk
Julienne disk
French-fry disk