Beer Hall 1 - The Continental

Beer Hall 1
1. Abbeydale - Dr. Morton’s Safety Beer 4.1% (Sheffield) - Pale
Pale beer brewed with a combination of Australian hops, Galaxy and Vic
Secret. Bursting with grapefruit, pineapple and passion fruit flavours.
2. Abbeydale – Exodus 4.3% (Sheffield) - Blonde
Well balanced with lemon, lime and tropical fruit hop character and a
subtle malty aftertaste.
3. Acorn – Bar Steward 4.5% (Barnsley) - Golden
Light golden coloured beer with a subtle malt base bursting with
fruity/berry aromas.
4. Acorn – Comet IPA 5% (Barnsley) - Golden
Rich golden American single hopped IPA with a spicy aroma and flavours
of citrus and grapefruit on the palate.
5. Anarchy - Cascade 4.1% (Morpeth) – Golden
Quality session IPA from Anarchy. Hoppy, citrus goodness.
6. Arbor – J Bomb 4.7% (Bristol) - Golden
Heavily hopped golden bitter made with a small amount of caramalt and
just one hop variety, in this case a new English hop, 'Jester'. It has distinct
New World flavours and a gentle bitterness.
7. Bartrams – Folk East 3.8% (Bury St Edmonds) - Copper
Based on a 1950's Cobbold recipe, a traditional style copper coloured
bitter using East Anglian malt coupled with Fuggles and Goldings hops.
8. Bartrams – Suffolk and Strong 5% (Bury St Edmonds) - Golden
A light smooth and dangerously potable 5% bitter, well balanced malt and
hops with an easy finish.
9. Big Rabbit – Hop Fodder 5.1% (Devon) – Amber
Full-bodied, full-strength, Light Amber Ale made using pale and amber
West Country malts. The gradual hop additions give a complex hoppy
character with good bitterness and aroma.
10. Brampton – Griffin 4.1% (Derby) - Pale
Pale, slightly sweet summer ale. Oat, wheat and pale crystal malt
combinations provide the backdrop for lots and lots of late-hopping
utilising Motueka from New Zealand, and Chinook and Cascade from the
11. Brampton – Tudor Rose 4.6% (Derby) - Pale
Well-balanced and creamy pale ale with great hop nose and delicious
mouthfeel. Dominated by new-world citrus hops, Tudor Rose is built upon a
clever combination of pale malt varieties.
12. Brass Castle – Hazlenut Mild 4.2% (Malton) - Dark
Luscious 5-malt nut brown mild with a delicate hazelnut aroma. With all the
natural gentle coffee notes from the brown and pale chocolate malts in our
mild, it seemed only appropriate to mix in a touch of hazelnut too.
13. Bridestones – Rye So Serious 4.6% (Hebden Bridge) - Amber
Full flavour American hopped but brewed with large amounts of rye malt for
14. Bridestones – Sandstone 3.9% (Hebden Bridge) - Pale
The delicate hop characteristics dominate this beer; the pale ale has been
triple hopped to give a smooth clean taste.
15. Bridgehouse – Aired Ale 4.1% (Keighley) - Pale
An English Pale Ale, malty biscuit character with mixed fruit aromas and a
lasting dry finish.
16. Bridgehouse – Porter 4.5% (Keighley) - Dark
A balanced porter ale, brewed from an old traditional recipe dating back to
the 1700s. A dark brown coloured porter with hints of toffee and caramel and
some hoppiness.
17. Brown Cow – Scruff Gold 4.2% (Selby) - Golden
Pale gold hoppy bitter.
18. Brown Cow – Session Pale 3.8% (Selby) - Pale
A very pale hoppy session beer, drinks full for its strength. Refreshing
finish with citrus notes in the aftertaste.
19. Burton Bridge – Bramble Stout 5% (Burton upon Trent) - Dark
Strong chocolate aroma with a hint of Blackberry.
20. Burton Bridge – Damson Porter 4.5% (Burton upon Trent) - Dark
Fruity beer with a distinctive bittersweet after palate
21. Buxton – Spa 4.1 % (Buxton) – Pale
A light, refreshing, hoppy pale ale. A showcase for the incredibly aromatic
North American hop – Citra. It has a lovely citrus aroma, with juicy fruit
flavours in the mouth. Medium bitterness.
22. Captain Cook – Botany Bay 4% (Stokesley) - Pale
Light ale with a hint of grapefruit and spruce.
23. Captain Cook – Endeavor 4.3% (Stokesley) - Copper
A mid brown, with initial sweet malt taste leading to a hoppy aftertaste.
24. Clouded Minds – N29 3.7% (London) – Golden
A rye citrus session ale. Light-medium bodied beer brewed with a small
percentage of rye malt.
25. Daleside – New Dawn 4.6% (Harrogate) - Ruby
Ruby-red ale with spiced orange and citrus fruit aromas, leading to a
medium-bodied character and a subtle caramel-malt finish.
26. Daleside – Square Rigger 4.5% (Harrogate) - Amber
A light amber coloured ale. Brewed with 3 different English hops, the late
hops being traditionally floral.
27. Doncaster – First Aviation 5% (Doncaster) - Golden
A mild citrus aroma with a spicy bitter flavour.
28. Doncaster – Lady Doncaster 3.8% (Doncaster) - Pale
Made with lager and wheat malt and hopped only with Saaz hops this is
refreshing 3.8% blonde ale, a very easy drinking session beer.
29. Dukeries – De Lovetot 4.2% (Worksop) - Golden
Golden pale ale with citrus fruit and hop aroma, leading to a smooth
hoppy finish.
30. Dukeries – IPA 4.9% (Worksop) - Golden
Easy drinking hoppy IPA.
31. Elland – Nettle Thrasher 4.4% (Leeds) - Copper
Copper-coloured traditional strong ale, brewed using six different malts
and robust flavours from the combined use of English hop varieties.
32. Elland – White Prussian 3.9% (Leeds) - Pale
Dry and aromatic bitter made with Maris Otter malt and using hops from
England and America. Strong on aroma with a bitter finish.
33. Empire – Crystal In The Rye 4.3% (Huddersfield) - Ruby
Red Rye IPA. Columbus and Centennial hops to fall for.
34. Empire – Jonah 4.3% (Huddersfield) - Pale
A variation on the classic pale ale thanks to a whole load of citra hops
35. Fernandes – American Red Rye Ale 4.2% (Wakefield) - Red
A ruby red American-style rye ale. Five malt varieties combine to give a
robust flavour, while generous additions of Chinook hops, both in the
copper and as dry hop, impart intense citrus fruit aromas.
36. Fernandes – Wheat And Juniper 4.2% (Wakefield) – Wheat beer
Cloudy wheat beer with hints of juniper – Yum.
37. Firebrand – Big Hop, Little Beer 3.6% (Cornwall) – Pale
A golden malt body provides the base for this low abv explosion of hop
flavour. Columbus, Nugget and Amarillo combine for a fruit-filled aroma
and flavour, with a moderate lingering refreshing finish.
First Chop Brewery - Cha 5% (Manchester) - Pale
US style hopped pale ale. Traditional amber pale ale colour and using
classic American IPA hops. Dry, full flavour.
First Chop Brewery - Extra Love 4% (Manchester) - Pale
US style Pale Ale with mangos. First Chop teamed up with reggae-dub
ten-piece Extra Love, to create a beer that tastes like the tropics. Extra
Love Pale Mango Ale is a uniquely crafted beer with real mangoes. The
result is a warming, US-style pale ale that will have you swooning.
First Chop Brewery - TOC 4.2% (Manchester) - Pale
Pale Ale. Produced for Salford’s Sounds for the Other City music festival
2014 and been flying out ever since. Pale golden amber, easy drinking but
packed with flavour.
41. Great Heck – Chopper 3.8% (Great Heck) - Pale
Pale session beer dry hopped with Chinook for that extra hop hit!
42. Great Heck – Treasure 4.8% (Great Heck)- Golden
GOLD Premium Bitters – SIBA North East Region 2013. This golden IPA
has low to moderate bitterness and very distinctive tropical fruit notes
from the premium American hops used in its production. Smooth, hoppy
43. Great Heck – Patrick 4.8% (Great Heck) - Dark
An Irish Stout from the Great Heck group. Malty and biscuit, a good stout
done right.
44. Great Newsome – Ambhas 3.6% (Hull) - Brown
Tawny coloured brown ale with a robust malt background and a
welcoming nuttiness. Aromas of resinous hop lead to a sensibly bittered,
well balanced session ale.
45. Great Newsome – Frothingham Beast 4.3% (Hull) - Amber
Dark amber robust best bitter. Aroma of raisin fruit & hazelnut
moderately bittered with resin hop and peach fruit tones through to a
sweet finish.
46. Half Moon – Fool Moon 4.1% (York) - Blonde
A blonde ale, generously hopped with Yorkshire Sovereign Hops.
47. Half Moon – Lunar 5% (York) - Golden
A refreshing Golden bitter, with a fine malt flavour and hints of
caramel followed by a floral hop aftertaste.
48. Hand Drawn Monkey – Session IPA 4.2% (Huddersfield) - Pale
A pale golden malt base with a touch of biscuit sits at the back of this big
boy in disguise. A real celebration of all things hops featuring classic
flavours of Cascade, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin and Centennial. Small in ABV,
big in flavour.
49. Hand Drawn Monkey – Southern IPA 5% (Huddersfield) - Pale
Southern hemisphere cousin of their core range extra pale IPA with Ella
and Topaz hops.
50. Hawkshead - Bitter 3.7% (Kendal)
A pale, hoppy and bitter ale: a slight elderflower aroma from Slovenian
"Celeia" hops, followed by long bitterness. The hikers' favourite - the
perfect thirst quencher after a day on the Fells.
51. Hawkshead - Cumbrian 5 Hop 5% (Kendal) - Golden
Well hopped golden ale made using, as the name suggests, 5 different hop
varieties; Goldings, Bramling Cross, Fuggles, Citra and Amarillo. Flavours
of tropical fruit, orange marmalade and herbal hop aromas are balanced
by a juicy malt character.
52. Hawkshead - Iti 3.5% (Kendal) - Pale
Named after the Maori word for ‘little’ this is NZPA’s little brother.
Brewed with low colour Maris Otter pale malt and several NZ hops
including Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Green Bullet.
53. Hawkshead - Sundown 4.5%(Kendal) - Red
The colour of sunset. The flavour of big fruity hops from the American
West - Cascade, Citra, Simcoe. The sweetness of juicy speciality malts. A
bitter-sweet orange red ale.
54. Hawkshead - Windermere Pale 3.5% (Kendal) - Pale
A highly refreshing, very pale ale, bursting with hop character and a fine
fruity aroma. Brewed with soft Lakeland water, Maris Otter malted barley
and full flower hops - blending three traditional English hops and the
modern American hop, Citra
55. Ilkley – Rosa Ostara 4.6% (Ilkley) - Pale
Brewed with real Rose petals, this pale ale will be floral, fragrant and
crisp. Brewed to celebrate the Spring Equinox, known as Ostara.
56. Imperial – Breaking Bad 4% (Mexborough) - Golden
Brand new golden ale with crystal rye, brewed with Summit and Citra
57. Left Hand Giant – Porter 5%(Bristol) - Dark
Aromas of chocolate and coffee, sweet malt with flavours of dark fruits
and a slight nuttiness drying up with a roasted finish and a citrus hop
58. Marble – Spring 4.6% (Manchester) – Golden
A clean drinking pale beer, with an underlying small fruity sweetness and
only a small bitterness. Very pleasant on the palate.
59. Marble – Ginger 5.1% (Manchester) - Copper
This full bodied copper coloured beer displays a delicate blend of cloves,
coriander and heaps of fiery ginger. You will find a generous depth of flavour
which reveals more with every sip.
Cider list – Beer Hall 1
Ben Crossman - Home orchard 7% (dry)
Definitely an exquisite tipple and one you must try if you like your ciders
more on the rough side. You can nearly feel like you’re drinking this
straight from the barrel.
61. Ben Crossman - Special Medium blended Farmhouse
6% (medium)
This traditional farmhouse medium dry cider has a fruity start and
slightly dry finish. Its naturally fermented, unfiltered and smooth tasting.
Big Rabbit - Jasper 4.8% (medium)
The medium cider in big rabbits range, not too strong, not too dry, not too
sweet. This is a great cider to get you going.
Big Rabbit - Jumping Jack 4.7% (dry)
A traditional English dry cider with a percentage won’t take too much of a
toll on you.
Big Rabbit - Roosters 6% (sweet)
This sweet cider will have you hopping with a tilt and is sure to alert your
cider buds.
Black Rat Perry 7.5% (sweet)
Traditional Somerset Perry, with a true pear aroma. Starts with a medium
sweet taste and is followed by a dry finish.
Broadoak - Bristol Port 6% (medium)
A Fruity plum coloured medium cider with an apple aroma.
Broadoak – Moonshine 7.5% (sweet)
The Original Cider Company has been producing cider and perry in
Somerset for over 25 years. Now one of the country’s largest independent
producers. Broadoak Moonshine is a crisp and clear cider with a very
fruity flavour.
Broad oak - Premium Perry 7.5% (sweet)
A CAMRA gold award winner in 2009. Made just from pears, this is a
smooth delicately sweet drink.
Burnards - Monty’s Double 6% (medium)
A slightly pinkish cider with an appley, vanilla aroma and a semi dry
apple flavour.
Double Vision - Sweet Kentish 7.4% (dry)
A quality award winning cider, fermented in Kent. This fine white cider is
famed for its crispness and clarity, and renowned for its fruity flavour and
taste. Traditionally made using only Kent's finest eating apples this fine
cider is a must-try.
Gwatkin - Game Cock 4.5% (sweet)
The Game Cock cider, like the bird is hardy and dauntless in character and
won’t take long to ruffle your feathers. Light-brown in colour with rich
fresh apple aromas. Sweet-tasting with mild tannins appearing in the
Gwatkin - Foxwelp 7.5% (dry)
The Foxwhelp apple is one of the oldest recorded varieties of cider apple,
dating back over 300 years and thought to have originated on the
Herefordshire Gloucestershire borders. A good strong cider to get your
mitts on and chops around.
Gwynt y Ddraig - Happy Daze 4.5% (medium)
Filled with a fruity, apply aroma with a well balanced finish. A light and
very easy to drink medium cider.
Fruit Ciders from La Cantina
Amerena Perry 5% (Sweet)
A sweet Cherry flavored Perry.
Brown Sugar
4.5% (Medium/Sweet)
A medium cider with a combination of mango and passion fruit
Platinum Blonde6% (Sweet)
Elderflower tastes to this strong cider.
Private Number 4.5% (Sweet)
A sweet passion fruit flavored cider.
Route 66
5% (Medium Sweet)
This medium cider comes with a mixture of almonds and the sweet taste
of apricot.
Ruby Tuesday
5% (Sweet)
A Medium bodied cider with a soft fruity aroma.
Strawberry Fields
5% (sweet)
Gold award winner of Bourne 2013. A sweet strawberry cider.
Sunset Boulevard
4% (Sweet)
Sweet and simple blackberry cider.
5% (sweet)
Peach flavours fill this sweet cider.
Sweet Inspiration
4% (sweet)
A sweet raspberry flavoured cider.
Tutti Frutti
4.5% (sweet)
An interesting combination of grapefruit and bergamot flavoured
Beer hall 2 – Outdoor marquee
85. Milton Brewery – Justinian 3.9% (Cambridge) - Copper
Crisp pale bronze coloured bitter. Attractive bitter orange flavours persist
into a satisfying lasting finish.
86. Milton Brewery – Minerva 4.6% (Cambridge) - Golden
Golden ale. Brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop
punch and satisfying bitterness.
87. Nook – Oat Stout 5.2% (Holmfirth) - Dark
A full-flavoured well-bodied stout brewed with oatmeal for depth of body
and flavour which includes roasted malt and liquorice overtones.
88. Nook – SIPA 3.8% (Holmfirth) - Pale
A beer that is full of the joys of Spring. A fresh and easy drinking ale with
spring floral aromas from Herkules and Celeia hops.
89. North Riding – Comet 4.5% (Scarborough) - Golden
A great hoppy EPA with bags of fruit on the nose.
90. North Riding - Fat Lad’s Mild 4.5% (Scarborough) - Dark
Traditional Dark Mild, the flavour is bitter and roasted with a sweet,
hoppy undercurrent.
91. Oakham Ales – Inferno 4% (Peterborough) - Pale
An excellent light ale that is dry and fruity with a bitter finish.
92. Ossett Brewery - Mill End Mild 3.6% (Ossett) - Dark
Brewed from a blend of five malts, this is a traditional dark mild with
chocolate and roasted malt flavours. Rich, full bodied and with very low
bitterness, the delicate spicy hop aroma comes from the new Flyer variety
grown at Mill End Farm in Herefordshire.
93. Partners – Red Mist 4.3% (Dewsbury) - Red
Red Mist is a red ale with malty flavours and a distinctive red hue giving
way to hints of Apricots and Peaches.
94. Pig and Porter – Neither Nor 5% (Tunbridge Wells) – Blonde
Neither a pale ale, nor a lager, a delightful hybrid that's exceedingly
95. Rammys Craft - Garage Brew 4.9% (Ramsbottom) - Red
Citrussy hopped and dry finishing fresh red rye IPA.
96. Rammy Craft - Choc Porter 4.2% (Ramsbottom) - Dark
A brown Porter with cocoa steep which give this Porter strong Mocha
97. Rat Brewery – Mutant Rat 5% (Huddersfield) - Pale
Mutated White Rat. Pale brewed with 3 American hops.
98. Rat Brewery – Ratful Doger 3.5% (Huddersfield) - Golden
Brand new golden mild.
99. Raw – Baby Ghost 3.9% (Chesterfield) - Pale
Lower strength version of American hopped Grey Ghost IPA.
RCH – Double Header 5.3% (Somerset) - Golden
Golden brew made with only pale malt and goldings hops giving a well
balanced hoppy flavour.
RCH – East Street Cream 5% (Somerset) - Chestnut
Premium chestnut ale. Malty hoppy fruity bitter with a slight sweetness.
Revolutions – Clash Porter 4.5% (Castleford) - Dark
Dark ale made with five dark malts, hopped with US hops for a smooth
rounded finish.
Riverhead Brewery – Black Moss Stout 4.3% (Wakefield) - Dark
A heavy, full bodied jet black stout with roasted malt flavours, delicately
hopped with English Classics- Challenger & Fuggles.
Riverhead Brewery – Sherbert Lemon 4% (Wakefield) - Golden
Light and refreshing lager; colour clear, wheat beer flavoured with lemon
grass & Lime leaves. Hopped with plenty of citrus hops to provide a thirst
quenching pint.
Salopian – Disintegration 5.1% (Hardnall) - Pale
A charismatic pale strong beer that belies its gravity, exceedingly clean,
with an aching kiss of earthy pine, tropical fruit and stone fruit notes. This
finish is how the end always is, packed full of flavour and freshness.
Saltaire – Raspberry Blonde 4% (Bradford) - Pale
Well known and well loved. Refreshingly blonde ale delicately infused
with raspberry flavours.
Saltaire – Triple Chocoholic 4.8% (Bradford) - Dark
Gold winner in Speciality Beer category at Great British Beer Festival 2014.
Chocolate malts, cocoa, and chocolate essence combine to provide a strong
chocolate bouquet and a rich chocolate flavour.
Seven Brothers – IPA 5% (Manchester) - Pale
A classic American Style India Pale Ale that is bittery rather than sweet.
Massive amounts of hops are added to this beer, giving it a rich and
flavoursome base. Grapefruit and floral undertones are released as you
enjoy, and the generosity in hop addition results in a full aroma bursting
with citrus.
Seven Brothers – Stout 5.2% (Manchester) - Dark
A dark and silky beer made with malts that deliver a huge hit of roasted
coffee and chocolate. Combined with fruity undertones from the careful
addition of hops, this beer is delicious. Star anise is added to give a
distinctive but subtle liquorice character, which gives this age old classic
style beer a modern edge. Bold and daring.
Seven brothers EPA 4.8% (Manchester) - Pale
A classic English Pale Ale with a toasted malt base. The clever
combination of English hops marry together grapefruit flavours with pine,
floral and green tea undertones, whilst delivering a slight spicy and zingy
finish to your palate. A perfectly balanced beer fit for any occasion.
Slightly Foxed – Flying Fox 4.5% (Sowerby Bridge) - Pale
Pale hoppy bitter with a touch of apricot for a refreshing flavour of
sunshine. Award winning (SIBA North East Beer Competion 2014, Gold in
class, Silver overall)
Titanic – Cappucino 4.5% (Stoke on Trent) - Dark
The combination of the brewer's and the barista's talents, this fabulous
beer combines the original dry Titanic Stout with the flavours of warm,
enveloping smooth cappuccino. Relax and enjoy, with or without
chocolate sprinkles.
Titanic – Chocolate And Vanilla 4.5% (Stoke on Trent) - Dark
Brewed using roast barley and Maris Otter pale malt which give a huge
amount of rich body to the beer and a generous amount of English
Northdown hops to create a bitter edge. The sweetness comes from the
addition of chocolate and Madagascan vanilla. It is so rich and opulent
that it seems like a pint and a half in one glass!
Titanic – Plum Porter 4.9% (Stoke on Trent) - Dark
This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund
beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and
natural plum flavouring.
Waen – Rudi-mental 4.5% (Llanidloes, Wales) - Golden
Golden, full bodied and hoppy.
Waen – Western Special 4.5% (Llanidloes, Wales) - Pale
SKA Series - West Coast pale ale, packed with US hops with a clean
bitter finish.
Walls Brewery – Gun Dog 3.8% (Northallerton) - Golden
Hoppy citrus aroma. Flavours are more complex with hints of citrus,
blackcurrant and some notes of tobacco and roast. Dry and crisp finish.
Walls Brewery – Uncle Sams 4.8% (Northallerton) – Dark
Damn tasty Black IPA.
Welbeck – Henrietta 3.6% (Welbeck) - Golden
A delicate Golden Ale packed full of wonderful hop character. Challenger
hops provide the bitter note and balance perfectly with the citrus and
fresh grassy nose of the Cascade and Hallertaur Brewers Gold varieties.
Wharfedale Brewery – Best 4% (Ilkley) - Pale
Traditional Yorkshire Bitter.
Wharfedale Brewery – Blonde 3.9% (Ilkley) - Pale
Refreshing floral session ale.
White Rose Brewery – Fade To Gecko 4.2% (Sheffield) - Golden
A decent golden ale, earthy to start with bitter finish.
White Rose Brewery – Serial Blonde 4% (Sheffield) - Pale
Pale beer, brewed using wheat, barley and oats with a good bitter hoppy
Wold Top Brewery – Wold Bitter 3.7% (Driffield) - Pale
A light amber coloured, crisp clean aromatic session bitter
Wold Top Brewery – Wold Gold 4.8% (Driffield) - Pale
A blonde continental style beer, with a soft, fruity flavour with a hint of
Yorkshire Brewery – Raspberry Tipple 4.8% (Hull) - Golden
Traditional style Belgian wheat beer infused with raspberries.
Yorkshire Brewery – Strawberry Blonde 4.8% (Hull) - Golden
Traditional style Belgian wheat beer infused with strawberries.
XT Brewery – Animal Buzz 4.6% (Long Crendon) - Pale
Spring ale - fruity fresh English hops with clean pale Maris Otter malts.
XT Brewery – Stout 4.2% (Long Crendon) - Dark
Full bodied black, heart-warming stout, brewed with rich roasted malts
and fresh English grown hops.
Cider bar – Beer Hall 2 - Outdoor Marquee
130. Gwynt y Ddraig - Farmhouse Scrumpy 5.3%
A golden medium cider with a refreshing apple aroma. This cider has a
smooth balanced flavour with a fresh and crisp sharpness.
Hallets - Blindfolds 6% (medium)
This is our medium cider which has an intense fruit flavour with a
citrus sharp finish.
Hallets - Rum cask 6% (medium)
Aged in rum casks and blended. Hallets cider is a traditional craft
cider carefully crafted in South Wales.
133. Hecks - Port wine of Glastonberry 6.5% (medium)
True to its name, this cider has in origins in orchards below
Glastonbury Tor. Easy on the palate, a true session cider with light
effervescence and lemony tones.
134. Pernard Cider - Dry organic cider 6.5% (dry)
Based in Somerset, Pernard provide a bold dry cider that stands for
itself and asks you ‘Are you enjoying this beer festival?’
135. Pernard Cider - Medium cider 6.5% (medium)
The medium cider from Pernard with an agreeable percentage for the
seasoned cider drinkers. Have one. Have two? Have three?
136. Millwhites - Rum cask 7.5% (medium)
An award winning medium tipple which is full of fruit flavour with a
subtle rum finish. ‘Drink it careful mind or t’will ave your legs away!’
137. Millwhites - Rioja cask 6.7% (sweet)
This cider conjures up thoughts of long lazy days in the heat of the
Spanish sun. Aged in Rioja casks, this cider is one of the driest
offerings, full of fruit flavour, with a warm glow of red wine and hints
of wood tannin.
138. Newton Court - Dry blended Hereford cider 6% (dry)
Not your average pear cider. These rare Perry pears are grown and
pressed on the farm and make for a uniquely light, sweet and complex
taste with a smooth texture.
139. Newton Court - Sweet blended 6% (sweet)
Proper craft cider made from English fruit. An organic cider and a
delicious First Press.
140. Sanford Orchards - Devon Red 4.5% (sweet)
Bags of fruit and a truly satisfying cider bite delivered in a genuinely
quaffable and light balanced cider.
141. Sanford Orchards - Devon Scrumpy 6% (medium)
A still, medium cider. Slightly cloudy and full flavoured. A traditional
cider, full apple flavours, with a pleasant bite and finish. Fermented
straight from fresh apple juice with wild yeasts this is proper cider.
142. West Croft – Janet’s Jungle Juice 6% (medium)
The legendary Janet's Jungle Juice - full bodied tasty medium dry cider.
143. West Croft - Westcroft Dry 6.5% (dry)
West Croft Cider is a traditional cider farm established by John Harris that has gone
on to win numerous awards. Flavour is sweet with notes of apples, leading to a dry
and tart finish.
144. Whitehead - Cirrus Minor 5% (medium)
A light summer cider made from a varying blend of apples with lower
sugar content, including Royal Gala, Braeburn, Spartan and Lord
145. Whitehead - Equinox 4.5% (medium)
At 4.5% this medium, carbonated cider is sure to keep you merry
through all phases.
146. Whitehead - Midnight special perry 5% (dry)
Midnight Special Perry uses a unique blend of fresh dessert and perry
pears, and contains no added sugar, preservatives or flavouring.
147. Whitehead - Newtons Discovery 3.8% (medium)
A revival of a historical light and dry cider made for quaffing whilst you work
the fields! Made from many varieties of apple including Discovery. The pulp is
soaked before a second pressing to extract the remaining juice.
Fruit Ciders from La Cantina
Amerena Perry 5% (Sweet)
A sweet Cherry flavored Perry.
Brown Sugar
4.5% (Medium/Sweet)
A medium cider with a combination of mango and passion fruit
Platinum Blonde6% (Sweet)_
Elderflower tastes to this strong cider.
Private Number 4.5% (Sweet)
A sweet passion fruit flavored cider.
Route 66
5% (Medium Sweet)
This medium cider comes with a mixture of almonds and the sweet taste of
Ruby Tuesday
5% (Sweet)
A Medium bodied cider with a soft fruity aroma.
Strawberry Fields
5% (sweet)
Gold award winner of Bourne 2013. A sweet strawberry cider.
Sunset Boulevard
4% (Sweet)
Sweet and simple blackberry cider.
5% (sweet)
Peach flavors fill this sweet cider.
Sweet Inspiration
4% (sweet)
A sweet raspberry flavored cider.
Tutti Frutti
4.5% (sweet)
An interesting combination of grapefruit and bergamot flavored cider.
Strong – These are £1.70/£3.40
and require a green
cider/strong ale token. Cash and yellow tokens cannot be
Acorn – Gorlovka 6% (Barnsley) - Dark
A deep malt and hoppy aroma with liquorice throughout. Roast
malts, fruit.
Arbor – Smoke Screen 5.5% (Bristol) - Dark
A Robust smoked porter. A bold mashup of traditional British
and German beer styles. Loaded with dark chocolate and
smoky bacon notes. Impressively decadent and characterful
for a session beer.
Black Jack – Chinook Plus 6% (Manchester) - Golden
Single hopped and strong from Blackjack. Doesn’t disappoint – it’s
a big, hoppy grapefruit beastie.
Brass Castle – Eclipse 5.7% (Malton) – Black IPA
Bit of a treat this one. A deep roasted malty body with excellent
sharp hops. Very well put together and superbly drinkable
Clouded Minds – Elisir 5.5% (London) - Amber
An Amber ale with caramel and biscuit taste from the malts is
balanced by a generous amount of Centennial, Simcoe, Chinook and
Cascade hops. Very fruity.
Dancing Duck – Abduction 5.5% (Derby) - Pale
A myriad of tropical fruit flavours in harmonious balance with an
enjoyable level of hoppy bitterness, a good malt character and a very
clean finish.
Hopcraft – Midnight in Antartica 5% (South Wales) – White Porter
A "white porter" with Ferrari's coffee, vanilla and coconut to
give a very unusual but complex and fascinating beer.
Ilkley – Lotus IPA 5.6% (Ilkley) - Pale
Lotus is a classic golden IPA - strong in alcohol and highly-hopped, with
aromas and flavours of mango and grapefruit. Warming, smooth, and full
of flavour with a powerful dry bitter finish.
Imperial – Honey Stout 5.6% (Mexborough) - Dark
Brewed with 8 different malts, this stout has notes of chocolate, liquorice and
coffee with a floral honey finish.
Partners – Tabatha 6% (Dewsbury) - Pale
Tabatha is a very pale Belgian style triple beer with a strong, fruity, hoppy
character and a subtle hint of coriander.
Rammy Craft - Otto Bitter 5.9% (Ramsbottom) - Pale
Thoroughly Germanic pale ale. All German hops & malt. Hints of toast &
gentle red fruit.
Raw – Euro IPA 5.6% (Chesterfield) - Pale
5 European hops and Bohemian pilsner malt make this hoppy IPA.
Revolutions – Amnesiac 6% (Castleford) - Golden
Pale golden ale with soft fruit and light citrus English hops
Roosters – Londinium 5.5% (Knaresborough) - Dark
A dark beer with a hint of coffee on the finish, brewed using four malts,
English hops and the addition of Taylors of Harrogate After Dark coffee.
Londinium is a nod to the beer of yesteryear and, in particular, the style made
popular by the street and river porters of London in the 18th century.
Tiny Rebel – Urban IPA 5.5% (Newport) - Pale
A carefully-crafted intercontinental blend of hops helps Tiny Rebel take
traditional IPAs to the next level with Urban IPA. If you're bored with soulless
IPAs drunk by farmers in wellies, it's time to go URBAN.
Arbor – Monsoon Saison 6.4% (Bristol) – Saison £3.70/£1.65
A refreshing saison made with cardomom for an unusual spiced twist to
the beer.
Manchester Expo Collaboration 5.5% (Manchester) - APA £3.60/£1.90
On the 18th of April, 9 Manchester breweries got together and
brewed a collaboration beer – a full flavoured American Pale Ale,
made with new season American hops, and a hybrid US/UK malt
bill. Expect lots of juicy hops in a very drinkable beer.
Buxton – Jawgate 5.6% (Buxton) – Pale £4.20/£2.10
An American Pale Ale. Brewed to commemorate a recent
Clouded Minds - Black Pike 6.1% (London) – Black IPA – Strong
Beer/Cider Token
A fruity Black IPA. Medium bodied. Highly hopped with Simcoe,
Galena, Nugget and Columbus.
163. Fyne Ales – Superior IPA 7.1% (Argyl) – Golden/Amber £4.00/£2.00
Deep amber colours with aromas of apricot and peach. Flavours of
tropical and stone fruits with a smooth balanced hoppiness leading to a
long bittersweet finish.
Salopian – Aphelion 5.5% (Hadnall) – Pale - – Strong Beer/Cider
A beautifully balanced Black IPA with hints of mocha, dark fruits and ripe
berries and an aroma of fresh pine that delves into a grassy citrus
bitterness and lovely fruit cocktail finish.
Waen – Snowball 7% (Llanidloes, Wales) – Dark £4.00/£2.00
A Chocolate, vanilla and coconut black stout. Cocoa nibs, vanilla pods
and toasted coconut are used in the brewing process of this interesting
Wild Beer – Fresh 5.5% (Somerset) – Pale - – Strong Beer/Cider
Created with a passion for flavour and a lust for hops — this is a
frisky, fragrant pale ale. Every six months Wild Beer source some of the most
interesting hops from the northern and southern hemispheres, which means
two hop harvests and two excitingly different hop profiles. Guaranteeing a
punchy hop character alongside an appetising bitterness and a crisp dry
Allendale – NelsonPilsner 5% (Northumberland)
Brewed with NZ Nelson Sauvin hops giving aromas of crushed gooseberry
and white grape for a modern take on a classic Pilsner.
Arbor/Black Jack – Live long and Prosper 6.1%
(Brisol/Manchester) £4.20/£2.10
A seriously hoppy strong pale ale of delight, a collaboration beer of the
Arbor and Black Jack variety dedicated to the memory of the late and
great Leonard Nimoy.
Black Jack – Mandarelma 5.6% (Manchester)
£4.20/£2.10 A new pale made with predominantly Mandarina Bavaria hops but with a
wee bit of Belma in the mix, hence the name.
Black Jack - Devilfish Saison 5% (Manchester) £3.80/
Tasty orange and Amarillo saison of new and excitingness. Named in
homage to the recently deceased Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliot, as with all Black
Jack beers it is fish free therefore suitable for Vegans!
Brew By Numbers – IPA Citra and Simcoe 06/05 7.3%
Big, beautifully balanced IPA, warm hazy orange in colour and a tropical
fruit explosion in the mouth.
Burning Sky – Vatted Porter 6% (East Sussex) £4.60/££2.30
A lovely nuanced Porter. Flavours of mellow dark malts, modest dark chocolate
and light barrel induced vanilla comes together in to a crisp finish. Luscious.
Celt Experince - Goddess of the spring 6% (Wales) £4.80/£2.40
A rich pink, strawberry, loganberry and raspberry Farmhouse Saison.
Sour mashed and aged for weeks with fresh fruit for a crisp and dry finish.
Damara, sacred goddess of vitality and growth, inspired new fruit in May.
Redchurch – Tartlette 4.5% £4.50/£2.75
A beautiful balanced and tart sour beer, brand new from the fantastic
Red Church. Zesty fruit and lemon thirst quencher, perfect for the
Salopian – Automaton 7% £4.60/£2.30
Swathes of pine, lime and citrus leap across the palate of this bold IPA,
topped with a crisp white head this refreshing golden beer delves into a
long clean finish with flavours lasting long into the memory.
Siren Craft Brewery – White Tips 4.7% £4.40/£2.20
Another of Siren's delicious seasonal IPAs, White Tips is a Belgian Wit
(Wheat) IPA. Light, easy yet flavoursome drinking.
Weird Beard – Single Hop Centennial 9% £6.00/£3.00
A beasty single hopped IPA made with delicious Centennial goodness
Wild Beer Co. – Rod Nam Sang 4.7% £4.20/£2.10
Dry hopped pale ale with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime and a hint of