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Adobe Creative Cloud
Creative Cloud gives you all of
the Adobe video tools, along
with industry-leading design,
web, and photography apps.
With frequent updates, training
resources, amazing mobile
apps, powerful collaboration
tools, and access to your
content from almost anywhere,
Creative Cloud puts everything
you need at your finger tips.
Free online tutorials
Get started on Premiere Pro,
After Effects, Audition; Character
Animator, and Adobe Media
A Complete
Post-production Hub
With support for a huge range of
native file formats, integrated
color, effects and audio
workflows, a clean, customizable
interface, and versatile output
options, Premiere Pro provides a
complete post-production hub
that will help you deliver your
best work for any screen.
Creative Cloud gives users the industry’s best, most integrated workflows: an immersive
creative experience that empowers filmmakers, broadcasters, and web content creators to
imagine, craft, and deliver stories that connect with their audiences. With the new features
coming to Creative Cloud video and audio tools, you’ll experience unmatched creative
workflows, easier ways to collaborate with your team, and incredible performance
Collaborate With Ease—Supercharge your production pipeline with new collaborative features that help
you stay on top of projects—whether you’re working with a team or across Creative Cloud applications.
Team Projects, a new hosted service coming to Creative Cloud, lets artists work simultaneously on projects
with ease.
Unmatched Creative Workflows—The Adobe video tools give you more than the industry’s best, most
integrated production workflows. They are an immersive creative experience that empowers the artist to
imagine, craft, and deliver.
Incredible Performance—A variety of performance optimizations removes workflow bottlenecks within and
across applications. From GPU-acceleration to faster Dynamic Link, which eliminates intermediate rendering
between applications, you can move freely from application to application, try out ideas, iterate, and refine
—without interrupting the creative flow.
Team Projects
Share editorial workflows across your production facilities without requiring additional dedicated hardware with
new Team Projects. This service adds deep collaboration features like version control and smart conflict resolution
to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Prelude CC. Post-production professionals can work
simultaneously in shared sequences or compositions within Adobe Creative Cloud applications and access version
control features that significantly reduce project conflicts and make reverting to older project iterations simple.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Expand your audience with captions and subtitles, whether to enliven silent auto-play video previews on Facebook,
generate versions for different languages, or improve accessibility for hearing impaired viewers with closed
captions. The color toolset in Premiere Pro delivers the best color viewing experience for your audience with
support for HDR10 metadata workflows enabling editing of HDR10 and output for new HDR-enabled TVs and
displays. The Lumetri Color toolset now includes a more refined color picker when working with HSL secondaries
allowing content creators to access powerful color correction and Look design tools. The new auto-aware VR
detects whether your media is monoscopic, stereoscopic over/under or stereoscopic left/right and automatically
applies preferences for the correct viewing environment. With the addition of Destination Publishing to Behance,
publish your videos directly to your Behance portfolio, the world’s largest creative community. Live Text Templates
now allows for simple manipulation of text layers while syncing missing Typekit fonts. A new file format allows you
to share templates via Creative Cloud Folders and import them without requiring an After Effects license.
Additional features include expanded file format support and new audio effects. Render sequences faster with new
GPU-accelerated effects and improved support for Apple Metal. Use the new Global FX Mute button in the
Program Monitor to toggle on/off all video effects in a sequence, to improve playback performance, or view the
clips without any effects applied. A new visual keyboard shortcut mapping makes it easy to discover, adjust and
customize shortcuts. Improvements to Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects.
After Effects CC
A new 3D render engine, Cinerender, Maxon’s Cinema 4D’s
rendering technology, provides outstanding performance—
from high-end systems to lower-end laptops—with no GPU
acceleration needed. Utilize the Cinema 4D render engine to
natively create and render elements, including extruded text
and shape layers, inside After Effects. The new video preview
architecture lets you play raw footage in real-time
eliminating the need to cache before previewing footage.
Interactive performance optimizations and new GPUaccelerated effects remove compositing bottlenecks and
makes everyday tasks easier.
Get outstanding 3D performance on your CPU with the standard
renderer from MAXON Cinema 4D.
ther features include automatic syncing of Typekit fonts and the ability to keep track of multiple outputs from the
same file over the life of a project by adding date and time tokens to your file name output template. Marker and
scripting improvements helps users fine-tune compositing details. A 360-degree preset gives users a better
viewing of monoscopic equirectangular video. Optimized time remapping, combined with faster Dynamic Link,
improves overall workflow efficiency, saving more valuable time for users.
Adobe Character Animator CC (Beta)
New features make puppet creation easier and faster. When combining puppet parts created from multiple
Photoshop and Illustrator files, Character Animator will allow you to “mash-up” different body parts to create
multiple puppets fast. Recording options have been streamlined to include grouped keyboard trigger recordings
with more precise editing options. Make changes to your puppets faster with enhanced round-trip functionality
between Photoshop and Illustrator and share files easily via Creative Cloud Folders. New users can learn Character
Animator quickly with a new interactive getting started tutorial.
Adobe Audition CC
Users who are new to Audition will find new guided walkthroughs of common tasks, such as reducing background
noise, mixing audio elements, or producing a simple podcast. The new onboarding experience empowers newcomers
to get started and feel successful from first launch.
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