Sanctuary Church - Social-hour Host Instructions (Updated 4/21/16)

Sanctuary Church - Social-hour Host Instructions
(Updated 4/21/16)
Thanks for volunteering to assist with social hour today!
1 p.m.
Transfer Social-hour Supply Box from Work Room to kitchen.
Note: Try not to use the Sanctuary Church’s equipment unless absolutely necessary.
Check with Carol.
Preparation 
Plug in pot located by door 10 min before use (instructions are on side of pot)
Locate coffee supply bin (in cabinet above the stove)
For the 2 coffee pots located near the sink; plug in.
 Place the mesh basket inside the solid one
 Place filter inside the mesh basket.
 Add 3/4 cup of regular coffee grounds
 Place lid over basket
 Swing arm over lid
 Pour 12 cups of water into the reservoirs (use carafes; be sure lids are on)
Turn on coffee makers
Using the pot located by the door, make a third pot of coffee using decaf coffee
(same amount of grounds). Basket does not have mesh cover.
Fill tea pot (on stove) with water; turn on heat.
When coffee is done and water is boiled, immediately transfer to the pump
thermoses, which are located in the cabinets below the pass-through.
Do not leave coffee in brewing carafes.
 Water pitchers (located in cabinet above the stove):
a. Fill 3 water pitchers and place in refrigerator.
b. Prepare juice, if having, and place in refrigerator (optional).
 Obtain trays from the cabinet above the soda cooler (to the right of the refrigerator)
 On large gray trays, place:
a. One tray of coffee cups
b. One tray of glasses
By water
by door
Place on pass-through counter, from left to right (from kitchen side):
Water pitchers
Tray of glasses
Hot water pump thermos
Tray #1 (metal): Tea selection
Tray #2 (metal): Sugar dispenser, artificial sweeteners, cocoa, cup with
spoons or stir sticks
Box of non-dairy creamers
1 decaf coffee pump thermos
2 regular coffee pump thermoses
Coffee/hot water signs
Tray of coffee cups
Napkin holders
Donation basket
Hand sanitizer
 Place small (TV) table (located in Work Room) by the kitchen door for soiled
 Place waste can by the kitchen door.
If snacks or 
treats are
Plate up snacks, as appropriate
Cover and hold in kitchen until serving.
It is desirable that snacks be ‘finger foods’ that can be served on napkins;
however if this is not possible:
Disposable compostable products:
Plates, if needed
Forks, if needed
Spoons, if needed
Transfer the above to 6’ serving table(s) located on the south wall of the
social hall
When the social-hour set up is complete, you may go to the Worship Hall for the
As service
 Transfer water pitchers from refrigerator to pass-through counter.
 Transfer cream (if using) from refrigerator to pass-through counter.
 Transfer snacks to serving table.
 Monitor coffee usage; make an additional pot, if indicated
 Replenish (or wash) cups and glasses, if needed
 Monitor creamers and refill, as needed
 Refill water pitchers, if needed
~3:45 p.m.
 Before leaving, assure that the Fellowship Hall is as clean as when we arrived.
Place cups, glasses, etc. in the dishwasher; cups on the top rack, glasses on
the bottom (you may need to remove the flatware basket), add detergent
(under the sink) and turn on ‘Smart Cycle.’ You do not need to wait for cycle
to finish.
Return supplies to storage areas:
Cabinet above range:
Left side: Water pitchers, non-dairy creamer box
Right side: Coffee supplies
Cabinet above soda refrigerator:
Left side: Tray(s) with sugar, creamer, spoons, etc.
Right side: Tray(s) with tea, sweeteners, etc.
Hand sanitizer, napkins, $ basket
Wipe off all counters.
Be sure coffee ground have been removed from coffee pots.
Place used towels in laundry bin by refrigerator.
Return trash container to the kitchen.
Return Social-hour Supply Box to Work Room.
Use manual sweeper (in Work Room) or vacuum sweeper (located in Janitor’s
Closet between the bathrooms) to remove crumbs on the floor
Check trash cans and tamp down, if necessary. If greater than half full,
consolidate trash in one bag and take to dumpster (key is in Janitor’s closet)
If supplies of anything are low or if you have questions/comments, please
contact Carol Throckmorton or the Administrator at 337-3443 or
We need to be out of the building by 4:15 on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
and by 4:45 on all other Sundays of the month.
Thank you very much for your service today!