Room Parent Notes for Coffee & Donuts Thank you for your service! Friday – Keys for Egan Hall and the Coffee & Donut closet need to be picked up from the Parish office. If you need to make other arrangements, please call Mary Wiseman or Sheila at 206-­‐782-­‐2810 or email Sunday – Donuts need to be picked up from the Crown Hill Safeway on 85th & 15th NW between 8:00 and 8:15. Donuts are prepaid. Coffee & Donuts Set Up All supplies are in the closet labeled “Coffee and Donuts” The room should be already set up. If not, please refer to the schematic on the Coffee & Donut closet door, or on the clipboard on the cart. Coffee & Hot Water The time it takes to brew one large pot of coffee is about 7.5 minutes. Make one pot each of regular and decaf for the 8:30 mass and check to see if more is needed to serve the 10:30 mass. To make a pot of coffee: • Turn on the power to the machine • Put two cups of coffee in the basket using a paper filter • Slide the filter basket into the slot of the machine • Select “large brew” • Label the pots Regular and Decaf when placing on the serving table – labels found on cart • Fill two white or black Thermos pitchers with hot water o Tea and hot chocolate are on the cart o Marshmallows may be available, stored in the closet – set out in a bowl with spoon Other Drinks • Water – one pitcher of water, add ice o Ice maker is in the back room to the right of the coffee maker • Crystal Light® – use one packet for one pitcher, add ice • Apple juice – find in the refrigerator or on the closet shelf • Cream – find the cream pitcher on the cart, the cream in the refrigerator Other Supplies • Find all supplies in the closet and place on tables o Tea, non-­‐dairy creamer, sugar, artificial sweeteners, cups, stir sticks – place on the drink table o Napkins on both the drink table and the donut table o Empty basket for goodwill donations on the donut table Trash • If not already out, bring trashcans in from outside the back (south side) doors. Do not put out recycle unless you plan to monitor as one item of trash in the recycle spoils the entire load. Entry Door • Open the front door -­‐ hook it open with the apparatus on the back of the door Between Masses • Check coffee levels and make additional, if necessary • Check cream in the cream pitcher and refill, if necessary • Make more Crystal Light® and water with ice, and put out more apple juice • Empty the hot water thermoses and replace with fresh hot water • Wipe up and make things look fresh • Consolidate donuts -­‐ plastic disposable gloves on back shelf in the Coffee & Donut closet • Ensure the front door is open and hook it open with the apparatus on the back of the door Coffee & Donut Clean up 1. Remove the plastic windows from the donut boxes and discard in trash. Leave the boxes on the small counter by the back (south) doors for custodians to discard. 2. Take any remaining donuts to the mezzanine for the homeless shelter – if the door is locked, leave them outside the door. 3. Wipe down all tables. 4. Clean all pitchers, urns, and dishes used and put back on the cart or in the Coffee & Donut closet. Please don’t leave anything out. 5. Place all donation money and the keys in a baggie, place in basket and put it on the coffee cart in the Coffee & Donut closet. Place something over the basket to cover funds. Make sure you pull the closet door closed before you leave. 6. Close the front door as you leave.