Outdoor Concession Stand
Volunteer (print name): __________________Sport: ______________
TJ vs ________________________________Date: ______________
1. MONEY & PIZZA CASH BAGS Two money bags will be dropped off by a TJ Game Manager or
someone from the DSA office, They have the key to open and close the stand. There are TWO
SEPARATE POUCHES so please keep money/receipts for Pizza SEPARATE from the other bag.
The cash boxes are located in the condiment/napkin cabinet plus a separate pouch for the pap john’s
pizza/ Use the two boxes when serving high attendance games. Follow the instructions & fill out the form
from the Treasurer to verify bill and coin amounts in the bag.
2. ORDER PIZZA: see instructions on separate sheet (use separate money bag for purchasing
pizza and paying for any delivery tips. The pizzas can be wrapped in foil and stored in the oven
to keep warm or the pizza warming box which requires a sterno.
3. Oven or PIZZA WARMER: if using warmer, light one can of sterno and place in the opening
of the back of the warmer
4. TURN ON OVENS TO “WARM SETTING” (to store pizza, hot dogs & hamburgers after
cooking & wrapping. There are two controls on each oven. One control must be on “BAKE” and
the other on “WARM”.
5. POPCORN: Start making popcorn: heat for 5 minutes. Add 1 cup of oil, 3 cups of popcorn, 1
scant scoop of Flavocal (located in freezer)/ Pop & empty out. Turn off the top 2 buttons on the
machine but leave on “Warmer button” . Box up the popcorn and keep in machine to stay warm
6. COOK HOT DOGS & HAMBURGERS: Use microwave to defrost rolls if frozen. Hot dogs
take approximately 8 minutes & hamburgers take approx. 15 minutes on the grills. Place hot
dogs and hamburgers in buns, wrap in foil sheets and store in the oven to keep warm. Meat can
be cooked from frozen state. NOTE: use empty tin cans for the grease from the hamburger
machine and store in freezer. Do not pour grease down the drain. (GRILLING INSTRUCTION
7. HOT WATER: Heat a pot of water on the stove and transfer to large hot water thermos to
keep warm. This is used for tea, hot chocolate, cider and cup-o-noodle. Plastic spoons/forks
are located below the counter.
8. COFFEE: Make coffee in coffee maker. After brewing, put coffee in a carafe to keep warm.
9. CANDY/GUM Take out boxes of Candy/Gum and place on wire racks. Chocolates are located
in plastic bins in the fridge: non-chocolate candy and other snacks are in the big closet.
10. SALES WINDOW: Display drinks on counter so customers can see the variety; place
napkins & coffee supplies on the counter. Take table outside and place condiments, napkins&
coffee supplies (all stored in cabinet under window).
11. PLAN FOR CROWDS: Continue cooking as needed. Plan for crowds at half time and
between JV & Freshman games, which tend to be the busiest. Continue to stock fridge with
drinks (place the drinks in the back for rotation).
12. SIGNS: Two white board with menu & prices. Adjust any new items or sold out items by
writing on the white board. One hangs inside on the middle post between the two tables and the
other hangs outside between the two windows. There are hooks in place
# Pizza ordered___ Est. #Hot Dogs: ___ Est. #Hamburgers: __
Problems/low inventory text 703-930-0769