Things to take with you: flashlight, sleeping bag (and/or sheets if preffered)
How to open the house:
1. First open the padlock with a key labeled as hlavní vchod zámek
2. Then remove the latch and unlock the door with the hlavní vchod key – a correct position must be
3. Get inside and unlock the remaining door with vnitřní dveře key and enter.
Powering up the house – in the tiled hallway, you will see a small metal door on the wall on your left
– this is a fuze box. Open it by rotating the ring on it and open. Inside, you will find a metal handle,
which you are to take and return back in front of the cottage where you will find a primary fuze on
your right covered by larger metal door. Open these door and power up the house (plase state the
electricity reading in the book). Then return to the first iron door and turn on the power there. Now
you can light up.
Getting the water running – in the bathroom, you will see a door to a cellar on your left. Behind this
door, there is a water shut-off valve hidden under a sheet on the ground. First screw in the green
valve to closed position. When closed, use the lever to open the water inlet (push it towards the
bathroom). Try if you successfully got the water running by opening the bathroom tap.
Showering – The bathroom is fitted with a showe and a special water boiler. If you wish to take a
shower, fill the boiled with water (push the level on the wall), close the boiled valve to prevent water
from flowing out. After you fill the boiler, make fire underneath it.
How water for doing the dishes – If you want hot water in the kitchen, turn on the water heater
under the sink by turning the water heater knob.
Heating the stove – the main room is fitted with a tiled stove.
The iron container in the left part of the stove beneath the iron sheet must contain water at all times
(at least to half of the container) in order to avoid damaging the stove.
Please heat up the stove slowly – make small wood chips to start the fire, then close the stove lid to
prevent large amounts of air to get in resulting in swift heating up of the stove to avoid damaging the
stove. Wood is located outside, behind the cottage or in the room opposite to restroom. Please make
the chips in front of the cottage to avoid damage to tiles (the room may heat up up to 2 hours).
Before leaving
Please check if you:
removed ashes from the stove (we use the ashes as base of the road)
emptied the water container in the stove so the water doesn’t freeze
swept the main hall
swept the upper floor
made the beds
swept the bathroom and hallway
swept the vestibule (where the restroom is)
cleaned the hotplates
unplugged and emptied the kettle
cleaned the wall tiling
removed ashes from the fireplace (we use the ashes as base of the road)
took everything you brought (waste, food, etc.)
close all the windows
Before you leave the cottage, everything must be turned/shut off
Turning the water off
First open the bathroom tap and leave the water to flow
Then go into the cellar and push the lever into the original (shut-off) position – watch
whether the flow of water decreases until it stops – in such case, you successfully shut-off
the water.
Now take a glass and put it beneath the blue valve and open it to make the remaining water
flow in the glass. When the glass fills up, empty it into the sink and repeat the process until
the water stops flowing. Leave the blue valve open to avoid damage of the piping!
Draining the water from the boiler
This step is done by using a tube pushed instead of the stump in the boiler’s hole. Please drain
the water into the shower.
1. Turn off hot water (below the sink)
2. Turn off the power inside – fuzes down
3. Turn off the power outside (don’t forget to write down the reading)
4. Use the handle to close the main fuze, take the handle back to the fuzes inside and close the
fuzebox door.
5. Lock the inner doors.
6. Lock the main door and the padlock.