Ä12664 05/00
Safety instruction for high-pressure cleaners
Before start-up please read these instructions !
Before using the machine please read the
operating instructions for your unit and comply in
particular with these safety instructions.
is away from the water spray area where the
appliance is in use.
The warning and information signs attached to
the unit provide important information for safe
Do not run over, crush or pull the power supply
cable or extension lead, otherwise it may be
damaged. Protect the cable from heat, oil and
sharp edges.
Apart from the information in the operating
instructions comply with the general safety
regulations and regulations for the prevention of
Power supply
The voltage indicated on the rating plate must
correspond to the voltage of the power source.
We recommend that this equipment is only
connected into a socket which is protected by a
circuit-breaker that would be actuated by a 30
mA residual current.
Only use or replace power supply cables for this
unit which correspond to the types indicated by
the manufacturer. See the operating instructions
for the order no. and types.
If the plug is damaged, pay attention to the
following: Plugs and sockets confirming to BS
4243 or BS 196 should be used wherever
practicable. Domestic pattern plugs to BS 546
should not be used. The wiring of the plug should
leave more slack in the earth continuity conductor
than in the other cores, so that it is not the first
core to be pulled out of its terminal should the
cord grip fail. Plugs which have good grips
capable of maintaining a firm hold on the cable
sheath should be selected. In general, additional
means should be provided to relieve stress on
cable terminations in the plug. For example,
additional cable clamps should be fitted or a
substantial chain could be used to tether the
machine to a fixed point. Plugs and sockets
situated near the work site or outdoors should
be to class IP 55 of BS 5490 to provide adequate
protection against ingress of water, etc. and cable
entries require effective sealing. Rubber shrouds
should be provided over cable glands. Drip-proof
(class IP X2 of BS 5490) plugs and sockets to BS
4343 are suitable for use indoors where the plug
Never touch the mains plug with wet hands.
The extension lead must have a cross section in
accordance with the operating instructions and
be protected against splashed water. The
connection must not be in water.
When replacing couplings on the power supply
cable or extension lead the spray water guard
and mechanical stability must remain in tact.
Water supply
Comply with the regulations of your water supply
All connecting hoses must have properly sealed
The high-pressure hose must not be damaged
(danger of bursting). A damaged high-pressure
hose must be replaced immediately. Only use
hoses and connections recommended by the
Safety instruction for high-pressure cleaners
Before start-up please read these instructions !
Before use, check that the unit and operating
equipment are in perfect condition and are safe
to operate. Do not use the unit if it is not in perfect
The operator must use the unit in accordance
with the regulations. He/she must take local
conditions into account and be aware of other
people, especially children, when operating the
Never draw in solvent-containing liquids,
undiluted acids or solvents! This includes petrol,
paint thinners and heating oil. The sprayed vapour
is highly flammable, explosive and toxic; also
acetone, undiluted acids and solvents as these
corrode the materials used on the unit.
The appropriate safety regulations must be
observed when using the unit in dangerous areas
(e.g. petrol stations). It is forbidden to operate
the unit in potentially explosive locations.
The unit must be placed on a solid base.
Only use detergents which have been approved/
recommended by the manufacturer and comply
with the application, disposal and warning
instructions of the detergent manufacturers.
All current-conducting components in the working
area must be protected against splashed water.
The gun trigger must not be jammed in position
during operation.
Suitable protective clothing must be worn if
necessary to protect against splashing from some
Never direct the water jet at people, animals, the
unit or electric components.
Vehicle tyres/tyre valves may only be cleaned
from a minimum distance of 30 cm, otherwise the
vehicle tyre/tyre valve could be damaged by the
high-pressure jet. The first indication of this is a
discoloration of the tyre. Damaged vehicle tyres/
tyre valves can be deadly dangerous.
Materials containing asbestos and other materials
which contain substances which are hazardous
to your health must not be sprayed.
The unit may only be used by persons who have
read and understood the Operating Instructions.
Any queries should be directed to your local
The unit must not be operated by children or
juveniles (danger of accidents due to incorrect
use of the unit).
The unit must never be left unsupervised while
the motor is running.
The water jet from the high-pressure nozzle
produces a recoil on the gun. You should therefore
hold the gun and spray lance firmly.
Switch off the unit prior to all cleaning and
maintenance work and before replacing
components. Pull out the mains plug if the unit is
Repairs may only be carried out by authorized
customer service centres or by specialists in this
field who are familiar with all the relevant safety
Accessories and spare parts
Only use accessories and spare parts which have
been approved by the manufacturer. Original
accessories and spare parts guarantee that the
unit can be operated safely and without any
Kärcher 210 plus
Appliance switch (ON/OFF)
High-pressure outlet
Water connection with filter
5 Detergent suction hose
6 Spray lance with
high-pressure nozzle
7 Spray gun with Dirt Blaster
High-pressure hose
Spray gun with safety ratchet(A)
Connection lead
Carrying handle
-Use the appliance to clean machines, vehicles, buildings, tools etc.
-Clean facades, terrasses, garden equipment etc. without detergent only with the
high-pressure spray.
-Cleaning with the use of a high-pressure cleaner brings an 85% reduction in the
consumption of fresh water.
-Cleaning tasks which produce waste water mixed with oil – e.g. when washing
engines or the undersides of vehicles – should only be carried out at a specific
washing point that is equipped with an oil separator.
• Do not simply discard the
packing materials with the
house-hold waste. Take the
packing materials to the
appropriate collection areas
for recycling.
• Impurities in the intake water
damage the pump. To prevent
this we expressly urge you to
use the Kärcher water filter
(order no. 4.730-059).
• The operation of the highpressure cleaner with a closed
water supply line causes
damage to the cylinder head
unit. Please never operate the
high-pressure cleaner with a
closed water supply tap.
• If you are using an extension
cable, it should always be
completely unwound from the
cable drum and have a
sufficient cross-sectional area
(10m =1,5mm²; 30m =2,5mm²).
Operation with high pressure
• The appliance is equipped with
a pressure-operated switch.
The motor starts only if the
lever of the gun is pulled.
• The safety ratchet does not
lock the
trigger of the gun during
operation but only prevents it
from opening unintentionally.
• To avoid any risk of damage
to the surface beeing cleaned,
when the machine is in use, it
is recommended that a minimum distance of 300 mm be
kept between the surface and
the spray nozzle.
The machine should not be
used to clean surfaces that
are already damaged or worn
e.g. flaking or scratched
paintwork, crumbling brickwork or concrete etc.
Operation with Detergent
• We recommend that you use
detergent sparingly for the
sake of the environment.
Observe the recommended
dosage on the detergent label.
• By offering you an individualised range of cleaning and
preserving agents, Kärcher
guarantees trouble-free
operation of the unit. Request
more information or ask for our
catalogue and/or individual
information brochures on
specific detergents.
Profi RM 555 ASF, .................
................. Universal cleaner
This cleaning agent may be
used undiluted.
Profi RM 555 ULTRA, .............
................... Universal cleaner
Profi RM 565 ULTRA, .............
................ Automotive cleaner
Profi RM 570 ULTRA, .............
... House and garden cleaner
Profi RM 575 ULTRA, .............
......................... Boat cleaner
Before using, these cleaning
agents must be diluted with 9
parts of water (1:9).
We recommend the following
cleaning methods:
Step 1: Loosening dirt
Spray on detergent sparingly
and allow to react for a short
Step 2: Removing dirt
Spray off the loosened dirt
with the high-pressure spray.
Switching OFF / Care and maintenance
• Pull the trigger until there is no
more pressure in the appliance, and secure the trigger
with the safety ratchet against
unintentional opening.
• The appliance should be rinsed
clean after detergent has been
used. To do this, suspend the
detergent suction hose in a container of clean water, and run the
pump for approx. 1 minute.
• Frost will destroy an appliance
which has not been completely
emptied of water. Ideally, the
appliance should be stored in
a frost-free room.
General Information
Safety Equipment
When the spary gun is closed, the overflow
valve switches off the appliance via a pressureoperated switch. The overflow valve is also a
safety device against exceeding the maximum
allowable working pressure.
Spare Parts
A selection of the most common spare parts
numbers is listed at the end of these operating
The terms and conditions of guarantee issued
by a national Kärcher Company are valid in the
relevant country.
If the appliance malfunctions in any way, the
fault will be rectified free of charge within the
period of the guarantee provided the malfunction
is due to faulty material or a manufacturing error
and all the terms and conditions are met.
! Note: Disconnect the appliance from the
power mains before all repair work.
Appliance does not Work
- Check whether the voltage shown on the
rating plate corresponds to that of the power
- Check the connector cable for damage.
Appliance does not reach
Operational Pressure
- Vent the appliance:Allow the pump to
operate without the high-pressure hose until
water appears at the high-pressure outlet
without any more bubbles.Then reattach the
high-pressure hose.
- Clean the strainer in the water connection.
- Check the inlet water flow rate.
- Check all inlet pipes to the pump for leaks or
Strong Pressure Fluctuations
- Clean the high-pressure nozzle.
Remove dirt from the nozzle hole with a
needle and then rinse out with water from the
Pump Leaks
- 10 drops per minute are permissible. In the
case of more serious leakage, you should
contact the authorized customer service.
No Detergent Suction
- Set the double nozzle to low pressure.
- Clean the detergent suction hose with filter,
and check for leaks.
Technical Data
Power connection
Voltage (1~50/60 Hz) ............ 230-240
Connected load .............................. 1,6
Mains fuse (slow) ........................... 13
Protection class ............................... 2
Water connection
Supply temperature (max.) ............. 40
Supply rate (min.) .......................... 600
Supply pressure .......................... 2–12
Supply hose – length (min.) .......... 7,5
– diameter (min.) .......... 1/2
Performance data
Max. permissible pump pressure .. 110
Rated pressure ............................. 100
EWE (equivalent washing
efficiency with dirt blaster) ............. 150
Flow rate ....................................... 360
Detergent intake ............................. 25
Recoil force of spray gun at
operating pressure (max.) .............. 13
Sound pressure level (DIN 45635) . 78
Length ........................................... 418
Width ............................................. 185
Height ............................................ 284
Weight without accessories ............. 5
Circuit Diagram
M1 Motor
Q1 Appliance switch
S1 Pressure-operated switch
Z 1 Suppressor
EU Declaration of Conformity
We hereby declare that the equipment described below conforms to the relevant
fundamental safety and health requirements of the appropriate EU Directives, both in
its basic design and construction as well as in the version marketed by us. This
declaration will cease to be valid if any modifications are made to the machine
without our express approval.
High-pressure cleaner
1.072-xxx, 1.223-xxx
Relevant EU Directives:
EU Low-Voltage Equipment Directive (73/23/EEC) amended by 93/68/EEC.
EU Machinery Directive (98/37/EEC)
EU Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC)
amended by 91/263/EEC, 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC.
Harmonised standards applied:
DIN EN 55014-1:1993
DIN EN 60335-1
DIN EN 55014-2:1997
DIN EN 60335-2-79
DIN EN 61000-3-2:1995
DIN EN 61000-3-3:1995
Appropriate internal measures have been taken to ensure that series-production
units conform at all times to the requirements of current EU Directives and relevant
standards. The signatories are empowered to represent and act on behalf of the
company management.
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Spare Parts
210 A
210 PLUS
232 PLUS