Philips Walita Daily
Coffee maker
• With glass jug
• Black
Good coffee easily
Holds up to 20 cups, compact design
Reliable and easy to use coffeemaker, which is ideal for people looking for a compact
Compact design
• 0.6 l for up to 20 cups
• Cable storage
Easy to experience
• LED power switch lights up when the coffee maker is switched
• Drip stop
• Swing filter holder for easy filling of coffee
• Translucent water tank
• Dishwasher-proof parts
Coffee maker
With glass jug Black
• Color: Black
• Cord length: 88 cm
• Capacity: 600 ml or 4-7 cups
General specifications
Design specifications
Translucent water tank
Illuminated power switch
Dishwasher proof swing filter and jug
Detachable filter holder
Cord storage
Non slip feet
Technical specifications
Coffee jug type: Glas aroma jug
Power: 590-800 W
Voltage: 110-127 V
Frequency: 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
Brewing time: 9 minute(s)
Cord storage
• Color(s): Black
• Bowl, cover, pusher: Plastic (polypropylene), glass
• Jug: HD7980/70 (white), HD7980/20 (black)
Weight and dimensions
• Packaging dimensions (LxDxH): 203 mm x 242 mm
x 296 mm mm
• Product dimensions (L x D x H): 195 x 195 x
240 mm
• Water tank capacity: 1.2 L
• Packaging weight: 1.62 kg
• Product weight: 1.18 kg
Storing the cable under the coffeemaker will avoid
cable clutter for a clean kitchen work top.
Translucent water tank
Translucent water tank shows the water level in the
Swing filter holder
The filter holder is opened by swinging it to the side,
which makes the filling of coffee easy. The filter
holder is also detachable, for easy cleaning.
Drip stop
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Drip stop to interrupt brewing whenever you want
to poor a cup of coffee