car magnet care

Car Magnet Care
Your custom car magnet will take you on the road to excellent
corporate branding. Car magnets are long-lasting marketing
tools, and these steps keep your magnet in top shape*.
Prior to
Clean the car magnet and the metal
surface with mild detergent. Allow to
dry. Please note that smooth and flat
metal surfaces maximize magnetic
grip. Do not apply to car roofs or other
horizontal surfaces subject to direct
sunlight and high heat.
Apply one edge of the magnet to the
metal surface first, allowing for more
control over positioning. Ensure the
entire magnet is affixed to the metal
surface without air pockets.
To reposition the magnet, remove the
magnet by peeling from the sides.
Then, reapply. Do not drag or slide the
magnet, as it may stretch.
Clean the magnet and the metal
surface regularly with a mild detergent.
Remove the magnet before a car wash.
When the magnet is not in use, store flat
in a clean, dry place. Avoid creasing or
bending. Do not stack magnets with the
magnetic sides facing each other.
Cold weather can cause magnets to
become stiff. Apply or remove the
magnet in a parking garage or other
sheltered location.
*While car magnets from are durable, these steps help to maintain the condition of your magnet. is not responsible for any losses or damages related to the car magnet product.