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Power Boost
Power Boost
3 Way Pay
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Cristallo 600
Cristallo 600 is a completely automatic vending machine with high
performance, designed to ensure the best quality espresso and to
reduce maintenance and service.
Technologically advanced and extremely user-friendly, it offers up to
16 different beverages.
It goes perfectly with the snack&food vending machine Corallo 1830
and with the relative kit can be transformed into Master in association
with Corallo 1830 Slave.
• Independent water tank kit
• Timekeeper kit
• Mixer kit for tea spiral replacement with decaffeinated/barley
• Hot water solenoid valve kit
• Validator kit
• Electromechanical pulse counter kit
• Memory key to copy and quickly transfer machine settings
• Eva-Dts kit
• Cristallo 600 Master transformation kit
Main features
• Automatically dispenses cups, sugar and stirrers
• Saeco Brewing Unit with new pre-heating system Saeco Power
Boost: top quality espresso from the first dispensing, easy cleaning
and maintenance
• Tilting main plate to allow direct access to all the internal
components (Saeco Tilting Plate)
• Possibility to install 3 payment systems on the door at the same
time (Saeco 3 Way Pay)
• Accepts the most commonly used parallel and serial MDB,
BDV and Executive (possible Master and Slave configurations)
payment systems
• Easy ordinary maintenance thanks to the 5-button keypad as
• New powder dispensing system Saeco Easy Dry
• Customisable settings
User interface
• Direct access 16-button keypad for beverage selection
• 4 preselection keys: +/-sugar and 2 settable keys (decaffeinated/
barley, no-cup and only-cup options)
• 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display
Structural specifications
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Electrical specifications
Power supply
Power consumption
Water specifications
Boiler material
Water connections
Water connection
Water supply
Independent water tank
Other specifications
Cups (h 70 mm)
Cups type ø
Available stirrers
Coffee bean container
Instant product container
Sugar container
Number of selections
Number of preselections
Brewing unit
Canisters capacity
Coffee beans
Instant coffee
Technical specifications
• Pre-galvanized and painted steel-sheet body
• Containers and tanks in food-contact approved polypropylene
• Pre-heating system for the brewing unit
• Tilting main plate
• Water, coffee and cup-empty signal
• Stirrer dispenser settable on site
• Electronically controlled boiler temperature
• Exhauster to absorb internal moisture and additional steam
exhauster for the dispensing area
Cristallo 600
580 x 1830 x 610 mm
105 kg
230 V/50 Hz - 220 V/60 Hz - 120 V/60 Hz
1250 W
3/4’’ (1–8 bar)
standard: water supply - optional: independent water tank kit
1 or 2 tanks of 15 l
70 or 73 mm
90 – 105 – 115 mm
7 gr or 9 gr
4.2 kg
0.8 kg
2.7 kg
5.4 kg
3.8 kg
0.8 kg
4.0 kg
• Removable cup-releasing device for easy cleaning and checking
• 60 W electromagnetic vibration pump
• Anti-overflow air-break device
• Simplified error reset
• Boiler safety valve
• General safety relay for 24 V components
• Thermal cut-outs on all devices supplied with line voltage
• CE, Demko and CSA approved
Corallo 1830
Cristallo 600
Corallo 1830 Slave
Cristallo 600 Master
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In accordance with its policy of progressive product design Saeco Vending reserves the right to alter specifications.
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