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General information
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The influence of the operator on the measuring process is dominant, thus making
him fully responsible for accuracy and safety. While using the Proliner he must
ensure that:
No one is allowed near the cable or the control box while the pen is in use. A
broken cable or dropped pen can cause rapid and unpredictable retraction of
the cable which can severely injure anyone it might contact.
We advise to make control measurements once in a while to ensure accuracy.
The Proliner is a precision measuring machine. Let only trained personnel
work with the Proliner. Do not use the Proliner in areas where there is a lot of
construction work.
Proliner® is a registered brand name of Prodim International BV.
Prodim Quick Manual
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Start up your Proliner® CHAPTER 2
Set up your measurement 5
Start your measurement 6
Downloading your measurement
Maintaining your Proliner® 9
Prodim Quick Manual
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1. Start up your Proliner®
Quickstart Guide
Take the Proliner® out of the box.
Insert a battery in the battery housing with the connector pins on the right side to start using your device.
Press on foldable measuring unit to open the measuring head.
It will fix with a click. Be careful with the measuring head.
Start up the Proliner®
Touch the powerbutton with
your finger for two seconds.
The Proliner will switch on.
Prodim Quick Manual
When ready it will start in the
main menu. Setup your device
and press the OK button.
To enter the measure menu
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2. Set up your measurement
Project and File name
To change the Project name, press New. The keyboard will appear and you are able to fill in a new name.
The File name works exactly the same, now you only need to press in the textbox of the filename. Use at least
3 characters. So 001 instead of 1. This is to avoid problems with double names. Never use comma’s or dots in
the names.
Click on settings to enter your drawing specific information.
Choose a pen.
The scanner is used for a template. For all the other type of measurements you should use the pointer.
The scanner add-ons can simply be screwed onto the measuring pen.
The measuring pen has a round tip with a radius of 2.5 mm. This needs to be compensated for an accurate
measurement. When using none, the drawing won’t be compensated. In this case you can do it afterwards in
your CAD program.
When you are measuring your object and it is
on the right side of your pen you choose Right. Prodim Quick Manual
If you are going in the opposite direction,
you choose Left.
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3. Start your Measurement
You are able to create during your measurement a projection plane, to which all points will be projected. This
can be usefull when not measuring on the same height constantly. In general you can use average all points
for flat templates, first contour all points when measuring countertops, floors, stairs and other related objects.
In that case you start your measurement with a separate contour consisting out of 3 points measured parallel
to your object. Average every layer and first contour every layer are only applicable when working with
different layernames.
Open or Closed. It will either leave a contour open or close it as soon as you end the measurement or when
you are starting a new contour. It will simply draw line from the last point of the contour, to the first point of
the contour.
To start a measurement press
It will ask for a horizontal zero search. Take the measuring arm out
of its holder together with the measuring pen.
Take the arm and pen in one hand and move slowly in front of
the screen from the right to the left and back. Now it will ask for
a vertical zero search. Move from up to down and up again. Both
times the 0-position is confirmed with a beep.
Prodim Quick Manual
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3. Start your Measurement
We are ready to begin a measurement. We can use the 4 buttons from the remote control.
· Point mode
One press is for registering a single point. The Proliner will
automatically draw a line between the measured points. When the
button is kept pressed, it will register a contour.
·· Scan mode
When this button is pressed the Proliner will register a contour until
the button is pressed again. This contour will consist of straight
lines as well as radii depending on the nature of the object to be
··· New contour / layer
With this button you can measure a new contour within the
drawing. When the button is kept pressed, it will start a new contour
with a new layer name.
···· Delete last point / contour
With this button you can delete a single point. When the button is
kept pressed, it will delete the last contour.
When you are ready with your measurement, put back the pen in its holder.
Press Close followed by Save or Edit on the Proliner®.
Now it is either stored or the drawing can be edited on the Proliner.
Prodim Quick Manual
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4. Downloading your measurement
When back in the main menu, the files can be transferred to the usb-stick.
Insert the usb-stick on the frontside of the Proliner® and press transfer in the main menu.
Choose the project/file to be downloaded and press transfer
The files are now saved in the settings of your choise on the usb-stick
Prodim Quick Manual
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5. Maintaining your Proliner®
Clean the wire once a week with a dust free cloth.
Do NOT use any chemicals or lubricants!
Enter a new measurement. One person should walk with the pen away from the device until the alarm starts
beeping. Now you are almost at the end of the wire. An other person should clean the wire with the cloth.
Prodim Quick Manual
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