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June 27, 2017
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Coffee with Caleffi™:
Hot Water Recirculation Systems
There is more to designing a domestic hot water (DHW) recirculation system than just
adding another pipe or circulator. John Siegenthaler, P.E., a favorite guest speaker to
the Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar series, describes the objectives and benefits of
recirculating DHW systems including single loop and multi-branch systems on Thursday,
July 20 at 12 noon CDT. He will explain the concept of temperature-based flow control
in recirculation systems and thermal balancing.
A seasoned industry leader and visionary, Siegenthaler shares his over 35 years’
experience in the understanding and proper application of water-based engineering
principles and passion for teaching with our audience. He is a regular contributor to
industry publications Plumbing and Mechanical, PM Engineer and HPAC magazines.
The one-hour educational webinars are free and are intended for contractors, designers
and wholesalers. A Certificate of Attendance is emailed to all attendees following the
event for continuing education audits. Please visit our website at for
schedule details and registration.
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