1. Unscrew the two screws that secure the heating element. Adjust the adjusting
spring back or forth until the solder wire just touches the underside of the
iron tip.
2. When performing continuous soldering: Use a 0.5kg (1.1lb.) or 1.0kg (2.2lb.)
spool of solder wire. For greater convenience, set the spool on the work
bench or hang it from the ceiling.
When performing smaller soldering tasks, attach the optional Spool Holder to
the MG soldering iron and use the 150g (0.33lb.) spool of solder wire.
3. To attach the Spool Holder to the MG soldering iron: Unscrew the two screws
at the back of the iron, insert the spool holder, and secure it to the iron with
the two screws.
4. To insert the Soldering Wire: Pull the trigger upwards and insert
approximately 120mm (4.7 in.) solder wire into the solder inlet. Feed
it through the soldering iron by pulling the trigger.
5. Using a screwdriver, adjust the amount of solder wire that is fed to the tip
with one pull of the trigger by turning the wire feed adjustment screw. Turn
the screw clockwise to decrease the amount of wire and turn it
counterclockwise to increase the amount of wire.
6. To remove the solder wire from the MG soldering iron: Pull the trigger
upwards and draw the wire out from the guide nozzle at the back of the iron.
If the wire is too short to grasp with the fingers, use a pair of wire cutting
7. To replace the heating element: Remove the lid at the rear of the MG
soldering iron, unscrew the connecting screws and the heating element and
tip securing screws and remove the heating element. It is not necessary to
completely disassemble the MG soldering iron to replace the heating element
because the element is not directly connected to any of the other components
inside the iron.
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