SDS Max AC Brushless Demo Hammer
Hitachi’s new H45MEY SDS Max AC Brushless
demo hammer is exactly what construction
professionals have been looking for and is
the newest AC Brushless model in the Hitachi
lineup. With the highest demolition performance
in its class, you can complete the most demanding
jobs with ease. The User Vibration Protection (UVP)
technology lets you work more efficiently and reduces
down time from vibration related injury. The AC
Brushless motor works with long extension cords and
also makes the H45MEY maintenance free from carbon
brush changes and commutator bar wear. The internal
inverter circuit lets the tool be used with a generator.
The Aluminum Housing Body (AHB) is durable and the
push button impact selector also serves as a diagnostic
tool to trouble shoot overload or over heating issues.
The H45MEY is loaded with features and benefits to
make your job easier.
Features Include:
• AC Brushless motor is maintenance free and efficient.
This also allows the tool to be used with long extension
• An internal inverter circuit regulates uneven power
supply from standard gasoline engines
Motor Type
AC Brushless
• Quick bit mounting lets you to change bits without
tools to slow you down.
Two-Finger Trigger
• Compatible with multiple SDS Max shank demolition
bits for different applications.
Full-Load Impact Rate
• UVP (User Vibration Protection) with the use of
internal counter weights and springs as well as low
vibration handles that greatly reduces felt vibration and
extends exposure limits for longer time on the job and
less vibration related injuries.
• Push button impact rate selector lets you easily
change the angle of the bit to preform precise work
• Large two-finger trigger switch with lock-on for less
fatigue during long periods of constant use
• Tool angle adjustment collar behind bit holder allows
for 12 different bit positions for different applications
Handle Type
Shock absorbing "D" shaped
side and trigger handle
Full-Load Vibration Level
8.0 m/s²
16.1 lbs
Plastic case
Side Handle
Bull Point Bit
August 26, 2016
Long Life, Maintenance-Free
The AC brushless motor offers a
significantly extended product lifecycle by
eliminating armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear
even in severe work environments. No carbon brush replacement
is required.
Internal Double-Insulation with a Sturdy Aluminum
Die-Cast Body and Plastic Internal Stator Holder
makes the housing
more rigid, significantly
enhancing durability
Aluminum Die-Cast
of the motor unit.
Compact & Lightweight
Push-Button, Constant Speed
Control with Variable Speed
The built-in electronic control circuit
adjusts the impact rate according
to the application, and the four-step
impact rates can be selected by the
impact rate selector switch.
Compatible with Engine Generators
Equipped with
Hitachi's original, compact
high-efficiency inverter circuit,
the H45MEY works with a generator
that doesn't have an on-board inverter.
Display Lamp
Stable Performance during Voltage Drops
The brushless motor runs
cooler and its performance isn't
affected as much by voltage drop from
long extension cords, vastly improving
electrical efficiency.
Full-Load Impact Rate
One-Push Action for
Quick Bit Mounting
Spring-Type Dynamic Vibration Absorber
Hitachi's original, spring-type dynamic vibration absorber with
a weight and two springs move in the opposite direction to the
vibration direction of the main body. This results in reduced
vibration and improved operating efficiency.
A bit can be mounted by simply
inserting it into the tool holder.
Tool Bit Angle Adjustment
The tool bit angle can be easily
adjusted to 12 different angles
every 30 degrees by turning the
Low Vibration Handle (LVH)
Hitachi's original vibration-absorbing
mechanism with rubber dampers and hinge
unit provides a high vibration absorbing effect. This will help
absorb and reduce vibrations to the user, making it more
comfortable for prolonged periods of time.
Large Trigger Switch
Large easy-to-grip trigger
switch for more control.
*See Hitachi Catalog for a full line of accessories.
Hitachi Koki USA Ltd.