Hohm Dirtbot 2.0 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Hohm Dirtbot 2.0
User Manual
For models: HRV-001, HRV-002, HRV-003, HRV- 004,
HRV-011, HRV-012, HRV-013, HRV-014
Thank you for purchasing the Hohm Dirtbot 2.0. Hope you
enjoy it.
Please feel comfortable in knowing that your Dirtbot 2.0
robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 1 year warranty. If
the Dirtbot comes to you with defects out of the box, then
please contact us or the seller. We will be sure that you
experience 5 star service.
T a b le o f Co n te n t s
1. Safe ty I n s truc t i ons… … … … … … ………………………… 3
2. Pac k i n g C o n t ent s a n d Techni c al Specifications … 4-5
2.1 Packing Contents
2.2 Components & Parts
2.3 Technical Specifications
3. Pr o d u c t U s e … … … … … … … … … … … ……………………5-6
3.1 Battery Charging
3.2 Operating the Dirtbot
3.3 Remote Control
4. C ar e a n d M a i nt e n a n c e… … … … … ………………………6-8
4.1 Cleaning the Surface
4.2 Cleaning the Dustbin
4.3 Replacing the Filter
4.4 Cleaning & Replacing the Side Brushes
4.5 Cleaning the Driving Wheels
4.6 Wiping the Visual Sensors
4.7 Replacing the Battery
5 . Ala rm a n d Pr o mp t Fu n c t i ons… … ………………………9
6. Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g … … … … … … … … ………………………9
7. Othe r Qu e s t i o n s … … … … … … … … ………………………10
1.S a f e t y In s t r uct i ons
Before operating the Dirtbot, please read the following safety instructions
and follow all safety measures. Please read these instructions completely
in an easy
the manual
in an
easy retrievable
1. This product is for indoor use only, do not use outdoors.
2. Only use with the original power adapter included in the packaging, otherwise it will
likely result in product damage.
3. Please do not disassemble the product by yourself.
4. Please remove easily damaged items off the ground (such as glasses, cables, etc.) Brush
and suction may damage them and they may damage the product.
5. In order to prevent tripping, please advise other people in the room when the product
is in use.
6. Please empty dustbin and clean the product after each use.
7. To conserve energy, please power off the product if it is idle.
8. Do not use this product in humid environments such as the bathrooms.
9. Please do not connect adapter power outlet when your hands are wet.
10. Do not operate this product near flammable items.
11. Please do not use this product to clean sharp objects such as pieces of glass, pins,
nails, etc. These objects may block the suction or damage the product.
12. This product may not be able to cross the ridges of more than 5 mm.
13. Operable temperature range is between 4 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, do not use in high temperature
14. Before this product is scrapped, please dismantle the battery from the product. Please
make sure to disconnect the power before demolition of the battery.
15. Please abide to safe recycling standards when disposing of the battery.
2. Packing Contents and Technical Specifications
2.1 Packing Contents
Main Body
Remote Control
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
User Manual
Side Brush (2)
User Manual
2.2 Components & Parts
Light Sensor
Infrared Receiver
Status Indicator Lamp
Charging Input Port
Universal Wheel
Dust Absorption Pore
Side Brush
Surface Cover
Dustbin Lid
Power Switch
Side Brush
Battery Compartment Cover
2.3 Technical Specifications
Main Body
Remote Control
Rated Voltage
DC 12 V
15 W
Rated Power
Battery Rechargeable
Dustbin Capacity
Noise Level
Charge Time
Working Hours
(Charge time 3 ~ 5 H)
0.2 L
≤50 DB
60 min
120 - 150 m 2
1.8 Kg
Maximum Cleaning Area
Operating Voltage
DC 3 V
Control Method
Control Distance
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Humidity Range
IR38 KHz
-10~45 0 C
≤90 RH
101*53*13 mm
Hohm reserves the right to continuously update and improve
product technology and design. Besides, the ultimate power
of interpretation is owned by our company.
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Rated Frequency
About Noise: Data is recorded in company laboratory tests in
accordance with international testing standards:
110-240 V
17 V
50/60 Hz
IEC 60704-1:1997, IEC 60704-2:2001.
3 . Product Us e
3.1 Battery Charging
Be fo re p lu g g in g th e ch a rg in g ca b l e t o t h e Di r t b o t , p l e a s e c h e c k t o ma k e s u r e
th e p o rts a re n o t b lo cke d with a n y d i r t o r d u s t . Co n n e c t t h e c h a r g i n g c a b l e . t h e
L ED in d ica to r will b e g in to fla sh a g r e e n l i g h t wh i c h n o t i f i e s y o u t h a t t h e Di r t b o t
is ch a rg in g .
In o rd e r to g e t b e st p e rfo rma n ce o u t o f y o u r Di r t b o t , p l e a s e c h a r g e a n d d i s c h a r g e
th e b a tte ry fo r a se t o f 3 cycle s. T h i s wi l l a c h i e v e ma x i mu m b a t t e r y l o n g e v i t y .
Ch a rg in g time is a b o u t 1 2 h o u r s .
No te :
Do n o t su b je ct th e Dirtb o t o r b a tt e r y t o e x t r e me h o t o r c o l d t e mp e r a t u r e s ,
It ma y d a ma g e th e b a tte ry, p ro lon g c h a r g i n g t i me s , o r l e a d t o b a t t e r y f a i l u r e .
3.2 Operating the Dirtbot
Pre ss th e p o we r b u tto n o n th e s i d e o f t h e Di r t b o t t o t u r n o n . T o t u r n o f f , p r e s s
the same power button.
No te :
Wh e n th e b a tte ry o f th e Dirtb o t is l o w, t h e L E D i n d i c a t o r wi l l t u r n o n t o n o t i f y
yo u th a t th e Dirtb o t re q u ire s ch a r g i n g . W h e n t h e Di r t b o t i s v a c u u mi n g , a l l o w i t
to va cu u m in a we ll lit ro o m so a s n o t t o t r i p o v e r i t wh i l e i t i s o p e r a t i o n a l .
3.3 Remote Control
Press the power button to turn on the Dirtbot and once again to turn it off.
When the red light is on, this indicates that the Dirtbot is on standby mode.
Press the up arrow button to go forward.
Press the left arrow button to turn left.
Press the right arrow button to turn right.
Press the down arrow button to go back.
Press the play/pause button to stop/standby and to continue.
4. C a r e a n d M a int enanc e
4.1 Cleaning the Surface
Power off the Dirtbot before cleaning.
To clean the surface of the Dirtbot, use a dry or damp cloth.
Do not allow water to drain into the Dirtbot.
Do not use any chemical products to clean the Dirtbot.
4.2 Cleaning the Dustbin
Power off the Dirtbot and
take out the dustbin.
Open the lid of dustbin,
take out the debris from
the filter inside and dispose
of it in the trash.
Re-install the filter and the
lid of the dustbin.
Place the dustbin back into
the Dirtbot.
Note: If there is an excessive amount of dust in the dustbin, you can wash the filter with flowing lukewarm temperature.
Wait before the filter is completely dry before using the Dirtbot again.
4.3 Replacing the Filter
If the filter is overused or damaged, please replace with a new one.
Take out of the dustbin
from the Dirtbot and
remove any debris that
is in it.
Open the support guard of
the cotton filter side.
Lay a new filter cotton on
the filter support guard,
close it slightly.
Re-install the filter components
to the dustbin.
4.4 Cleaning & Replacing the Side Brushes
1. Catch hold of the side brush and pull outward.
2. Clean the side brush and the side brush groove with a dry or damp cloth.
3. Re-install the side brush to the Dirtbot.
Note: Side brushes are easy to wear down, please replace them in time. Regular checking is recommended.
4.5 Cleaning the Driving Wheels
Please keep the wheels clear of debris, dirt, hair, etc.
4.6 Wiping the Visual Sensors
Wipe the Visual Sensor
Visual sensors are in front of the bottom of the Dirtbot, they can sense a height
of less than 5 cm. It's recommended to wipe the visual sensors with a dry cloth
in case dust accumulates and performance goes down.
Power off the Dirtbot and clean the dustbin.
Wipe the visual sensors with a dry cloth carefully.
4.7 Replacing the Battery
1. Power off the Dirtbot and empty the dustbin.
2. Remove the screw at the bottom of the battery cover with a screwdriver.
3. Pull out the connector at the end of the battery cable from the main body.
4. Insert the new battery according to the positive and negative electrodes.
5. Alarm and Prompt Functions
Green light flashes when the Dirtbot is under charging.
Green light remains on when charging is complete.
Indicator light won't be on if charging fails.
Under the following circumstances, the Dirtbot stops working and indicator flashes green light.
1. Dustbin is not well-installed.
2. The wheels hang in the air.
3. The Dirtbot is stuck.
6. Troubleshooting
Faults Codes
Faults Cases
The Dirtbot gets into troubles
When working, the Dirtbot may run into troubles, in which case, it will
try to find a way out on its own. If it fails to do so, please help it.
Possible troubles:
1. Being entwined by wire or/and hair on the floor.
2. Being entwined by fringe of curtain or carpet.
3. Being obstructed by too many barriers.
The Dirtbot fails to sense stair
The Dirtbot can detect a height of 5 cm, but its sensibility may reduce
if the floor is too smooth or reflective. In this case, it's necessary to set
a barrier here lest it should fall down. If the case is not like this, please
check the sensor to see whether there is too much dust on it.
The side brushes don’t rotate
1. Please make sure the Dirtbot is fully charged.
2. Please check the side brushes, they may well be entwined by hair,
wire, etc. If the side brushes are not properly installed, please install
again. If the side brushes are broken, please replace with new ones.
Noise becomes louder
Please power off, empty the dustbin and turn over the Dirtbot, then do
the following steps:
1. Check and clean the dust absorption pore.
2. Check the wheels to make sure they are not entwined.
3. Check and clean the side brushes.
7 . Ot her Q uestion s:
1. How long does the Dirtbot work after fully charged?
A: Working duration depends on the type of floor. For
flat wooden and tile floor, it is about 60 minutes.
2. Is the Dirtbot suitable for unattended operation.
A: Yes, but in order to prevent tripping, please advise
other people in the room when the Dirtbot is in use.
3. What is installed inside of the Dirtbot to help it avoid
stairs and barriers?
A: We installed light sensors inside, which can help it
avoid stairs and barriers.
4. Is the Dirtbot able to clean under furnitures?
A: Yes, the Dirtbot is able to clean under furnitures such
as bed, cabinet, sofa, tea table, etc.
5. What's the cleaning area if the Dirtbot is fully charged?
A: Normally the cleaning area is about 120-150 m2, but
it is subject to the actual situation.
6. What if the Dirtbot meets barriers?
A: Normally the Dirtbot will automatically find a way out
on its own, if not, please help it.
7. Why does the Dirtbot leak garbage when working?
A: First, maybe there is too much garbage in it,
please empty the dustbin. Second, the brushes
may well be entwined, please clean them.
9. Since the main body of the Dirtbot is round, how does it
clean the corner?
A: The Dirtbot can work along the wall, and the side brushes
can round up dust. But because of the technical limitation,
a small piece of area around the corner is beyond the
Dirtbot's reach.
10. Does the Dirtbot affect pet's mood?
A: The Dirtbot won't create harsh noise when working, so
it won't let pet feel uneasy. However, it's also necessary
to observe your pet if the Dirtbot is used for the first time.
11. What if liquid infiltrates into the Dirtbot?
A: 1) Please power off instantaneously, then take dustbin out,
and dry it.
2) Please take filter cutton out, and dry it.
3) Before reuse, please dry all parts at least 12 hours.
12. What if the side brushes get broken frequently?
A: Before use, please clear off wires from the floor. Besides,
please prepare some spare brushes for replacement.
13. What if the battery is running low?
A: When the battery is running low, the Dirtbot will move to a
relatively brighter place so that users can easily find it.
Therefore, please provide a certain amount of light when
the Dirtbot is in use.
14. If the abovementioned answers can not help you, please
contact us or the seller.
8. Why doesn't the Dirtbot charge?
A: First, please properly install the battery and make
sure the screw is not loose, if so, please retighten it.
Second, please check the adapter and plug it in.
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For models: HRV-001, HRV-002, HRV-003, HRV-004,
HRV-011, HRV-012, HRV-013, HRV-014
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