AEM 4160: Strategic Pricing HW2 – Due at the beginning

AEM 4160: Strategic Pricing
HW2 – Due at the beginning of the class Tuesday, February 15.
Work in groups of 3 students. Submit one write-up per group. Write legibly, type when you can. Include a title
page, listing the homework number and the names of your team members. Submit PART I and PART II on
paper (either typed (preferred) or handwritten), and email PART III to your TA (Yiwei Wang;
1. Price Discrimination
1. When pricing automobiles, American car companies typically charge a much higher percentage mark-up
over cost for “luxury operation” items such as leather trim, etc., than for the car itself or for more “basic”
options such as power steering and automatic transmission. Explain why.
2. Sal’s satellite company broadcasts TV to subscribers in Los Angeles and New York. The demand and
marginal revenue are below. The TC of providing Q units of service is given by TC = 1000 + 30Q. What are
the profit maximizing prices and quantities for the New York and Los Angeles markets? What would happen
if people in LA were able to receive Sal’s NY broadcasts and vice versa due to a new improved satellite?
PNY = 150 - 3QNY
PLA = 120 – 3/2QLA
3. Many retail video stores offer two alternative plans for renting films:
• Two-Part Tariff: pay an annual membership fee (e.g. $40) and then pay a small fee per film rented
(e.g. $2 per film per day)
• Straight rental fee: pay no membership fee but pay a higher daily rental fee (e.g. $4 per film).
Why do you think the store might offer the two-part tariff? Why offer customers a choice rather than merely
offering the two-part tariff? Give examples of other businesses/industries that adopt similar pricing
Answer the following questions about the HBS case ”Keurig at Home” by Eric T. Anderson. Be concise and use
your own wording for your analysis. When you can, use the numbers provided in the case (e.g. the size of the
gourmet coffee market, price and cost information – there is considerable amount of data in the case!) to
answer the questions. Qualitative, well reasoned answers will be accepted, but some quantitative answers are
1) Should Keurig use a single K-Cup for all markets or should it launch the Keurig Cup in the at-home
market and continue to the K-cup in the commercial market?
2) What price for a brewer and for the portion pack (K-cup/Keurig-Cup) do you recommend? Under your
pricing strategy, how profitable are coffee sales for Keurig? How do coffee profits affect the brewer
Write a blog post. Blog assignment guidelines:
Potential topics of choice for this HW assignment:
First Degree Price Discrimination
Reverse (Dutch) auction
All the varieties of Second degree price discrimination
Third degree price discrimination
Two-Part Tariff
In case you are unsure if your selected topic fits, email me and we will discuss!
Submit your blog post in a Word file. If your blog story has a link to a video file, your TA will embed it, just
indicate the link. In case there is a link to a website, put a footnote with the web address behind the word that
you want to be hyperlinked. Try not to use media files that cannot be linked to. See the blogging guide for more
details and guidelines.