ROPA Keiler 2 P900204GB Prospekt 09

Keiler 2 GB
Fully hydraulic drive
The fully hydraulic drive the speed of all cleaning units to be controlled
automatically. The load-sensing hydraulics ensure that all cleaning units are
supplied with the maximum oil volume from a PTO speed of 650 rpm. In order to
adapt to different harvesting conditions the cleaning elements can be controlled
individually regardless of the engine speed from minimum to maximum speed
- no need to press the accelerator pedal. If the full oil amount is not required,
the PTO as well as the engine speed can be reduced further. The resulting fuel
consumption efficiency is a major advantage compared to traditional drive
concepts. Individually configurable lifting programs that can be saved simplify
manual or automatic adjustment for different harvesting conditions for the
Unique drive concept
■The speed of the sieve conveyors can be adjusted independently of the
speed of the leaf chain
■All cleaning units maintain their optimal speed independently of the
PTO speed
■The speed of the leaf chain can be reduced to 20% of the sieve
conveyor speed
■A continuous pressure monitor prevents overrunning the lifter
■Mechanical slip clutch not necessary – significantly improved power
■Soft start of all belts and cleaning units
■No chains, belts and tensioners – no adjustment, fewer wear parts,
increased operational reliability
■Only one articulated shaft, which means fewer lubrication points
■Significantly reduced noise level, more comfortable working with the
■Save fuel with reduced engine speed
■Many settings can be made directly on the terminal at the sorting
■Fast and convenient adjustment of the machine for variable harvesting
■Fully hydraulic drive of the complete harvester, thus extremely low
vibration and reduced noise
Pickup control - fully automatic ROPA ridge pressure regulation
■ Standard ridge pressure relief and ridge pressure control combined with hydraulic lifting depth adjustment
■ Adjustment while driving - conveniently from the tractor cabin
■ Depth guide and ridge pressure relief adjustable for every row
■ Single row pickup available – particularly useful for lifting through­­­­
■ Optional range of different lifter shares (one-blade, two-blade, centre-blade)
■ Optional different ridge rollers (flat, deep)
■ Optional stone protection for lifter shares
Additional disc coulter (optional)
The additional disc coulter cuts through even large amounts of haulm for harvesting without blockages
Hydraulically driven disc coulter (optional)
The hydraulically driven disc coulter guarantees clean and efficient harvesting without blockages. The speed is controlled
manually or automatically depending on the driving speed - optionally synchronously or leading.
Standard ROPA quick-change system Top efficiency with short setup times
ROPA has designed a practical new quick-change system for switching
between row pickup and swath pickup. The Keiler 2 can be switched from
potato harvesting to onion harvesting in just a few minutes. The reverse is
the same. One person can perform the complete coupling process easily and
without requiring special tools. A practical solution for potato farmers who
also grow onions and red beets who may need to change their pickup system
several times a day.
■ Faster and easier change of pickup
■ The driver can do the change alone without requiring assistance from
other persons
■ Specialized tools or forklift not required
■ Conversion can be done in the field
■ Attachment of the pickup offers the best accessibility for fast and easy
change of sieve conveyors – switch to different pitch
■ Cover belt and sieve conveyor can run synchronously
about 10 minutes
Generously measured cleaning elements,
ideally matched
■ Large sieve conveyors with variably adjustable shaker (standard)
■ Two transfer stages for removal of large amounts of foreign matter
■ Integrated sieve conveyor tensioner with optional cleaning roller
■ Clod breaker for sieve conveyor 1 and 2 (optional)
■Finger comb (UFK) steplessly adjustable in height and speed on both sides
■ Infeed width to the UFK adjustable by moving the deflector rollers
■ Speed ratio of leaf chain to sieve conveyor 2 can be adjusted
■Excellent haulm ejection with 6 rows of haulm retainer springs (7 rows optional),
steplessly adjustable
■Pre-separation with hydraulically driven twin deflector rollers or twin deflector rollers
■ Gentle and efficient cleaning even at high throughput
■All cleaning devices maintain their set speed independently of PTO speed
Leaf chain
Pintle belt 1
Triple deflector roller
Rotating finger comb
Pintle belt 2
Trash conveyer
Dirt discharge conveyor
Picking conveyer
Double deflector roller
Pintle belt 3
Pintle belt 4
Sieve conveyor 2
Trash discharge conveyor
Bunker pad-roll floor
Sieve conveyor 1
All belts and rollers are
hydraulically driven and
therefore speeds can be
steplessly adjusted.
Generously measured cleaning elements, longer cleaning distance
for gentle and efficient separation and cleaning
The ROPA Keiler has large cleaning components with maximum cleaning area for gentle and efficient cleaning. The ROPA Keiler
is particularly efficient for harvesting on heavy soils and/or during bad weather.
Root protection
Adjustments that can be individually and easily changed ensure high
throughput with increased cleaning performance. The ratio of the speed
of the leaf chain can be adjusted steplessly and conveniently from the
driver's seat. The electrically height-adjustable rotating finger comb
(UFK) and numerous additional adjustment options form the basis for
efficient and gentle cleaning of potatoes.
Truck loading
The Keiler 2 has an unloading control system as standard equipment. A hydraulically operated front bunker articulation part and
a tray filler with rubber baffles are optionally available.
Ergonomic working
on the sorting platform
■ Height-adjustable platforms offer greater safety and
comfort for sorters, even over long working days
■ Maximum freedom of movement
■ Generously sized chutes
■ Rounded edges and covers for user safety
Working platform, 300 mm extendable - large working area
allows greater freedom of movement
Unique chassis design with telescoping axle and high-volume
radial tyres
■Standard high-volume radial tyres 850/50 R30.5, sufficient load capacity with less than 2 bar tyre pressure
■Telescopic axle for increased stability
■3-meter transport width on the road
■3.5-meter outside width during harvesting
■Lifting through lanes possible
■Optional hydraulically driven axle
■High steering angle, 21 degrees both sides
■Lifter wheel 650/65 R30.5 in left direction of travel
3.0 m
3.5 m
Drive axle
Comfortable and powerful for extreme harvesting conditions
Movement and maneuvering made easy! The ROPA Keiler 2 can be equipped with an optional
drive axle for increased traction and soil protection even under extremely difficult harvesting
conditions. Even with this optional equipment with high-volume tyres
850/50 R 30.5 the road transport width is just 3.00 meters.
The integrated freewheel of the axle enables a speed of up to 40 km/h when driving on the road.
A maximum torque up to 14,500 Nm can be achieved at the wheel for a thrust of 2 tons. Coupling
and uncoupling while driving is possible at any time. The maximum speed with a coupled drive
axle is up to 14 km/h.
The new and practical automatic operation from tractors with ISOBUS is a convenient and elegant
solution. The drive axle is automatically actuated in the applicable direction of travel during startup and controlled synchronously, then switched off again at a standstill. A significant advantage,
because it is not necessary to switch, stop or switch the drive axle to reverse separately while
moving or starting.
The maximum power consumption in boost operation is 65 kW.
Despite the large-volume 850/50 R30.5 tyres, the steering angle is identical to the original axle
and amounts to +/- 21 degrees.
Large and simple terminal – intuitive operation
lear and simple display with large function keys
p to 6 different lifter settings can be easily saved
■ S imple and very fast adjustment to changing soil and crop conditions at the push of a button
isplay and adjustment of functions also available at the picking table terminal
Greater ease of use means greater harvesting quality and performance
Description of terminal and functions
in the operation manual.
Intuitive operating concept
■ ROPA Terminal is ergonomically and easily integrated into any tractor cabin
■ ISOBUS 8-inch colour terminal with glass touch screen
■ Self-explanatory icon display on screen
■ Freely configurable user interface
■ Ergonomically designed user controls with mini joysticks – orderly and easily
understandable layout
■ Individually configurable lifting programs that can be saved simplify manual or
automatic adjustment for different harvesting conditions for the driver
Fully ISOBUS-compatible
■ Operation with any ISOBUS terminal
■ ISOBUS installation of modern tractors fully supported
■ ISOBUS retrofit set for tractors without ISOBUS functions (optional)
Operating units on the sorting platform - all functions
Quick and easy adjustments
Height and inclination of the separating equipment easily adjustable steplessly, hydraulically and electronically at the press of a button
Special approval not required only 3 meters transport width for road drive
Easy maintenance and
easily accessible design
■ Logical electrical design, with all leads labelled
throughout the complete cable length
■ Integrated diagnostic system
■ Bearings, bolts and components conform to
DIN standard
■ High-quality hydraulic lines
Optional equipment for even more functions
Additional height-adjustable working platform
Stone collecting tank
Sieve conveyor tensioner with integrated cleaning roller
Additional cameras for sieve conveyor, leaf chain, pintle belt, picking table and reversing
Assistance systems and
ISOBUS functions
Harvesting programs can be saved
■ Six programming buttons for fast saving and calling various machine settings
■ Individually configurable and can be saved with names
■ Ideal for repeating harvesting conditions
Sieve conveyor automatic functions (optional)
■ The sieve conveyors and pintle belts 1 and 2 can be actuated depending on the speed of travel
■ Minimum and maximum speeds of sieve conveyor are preset
■ Ratio between sieve conveyor speed and travel speed is adjustable
Automatic overload and turbo clean
■ If a blockage occurs the upstream cleaning units are automatically shut off
■ This prevents overrunning or damage due to overloading the harvester
■ Turbo Clean program can be activated in the menu
Steering and depth guide
■ Stepless depth adjustment of pickup
■ Automatic ridge pressure regulation
■ Automatic ridge centring
Order management (optional)
■ TASK controller for convenient recording and management of yield and order data
Technical data of ROPA Keiler 2:
Equipment with added value – standard with us:
Length: 11,800 mm
Width: 3,000 mm
Height: 3,990 mm
■ Fully hydraulic drive of the complete harvester
Ball joint coupling with 80 mm diameter (countryspecific achievable).
The length of the drawbar is 2,565 mm.
Two high-volume 850/50 R30.5 radial tyres
Telescopic axle:
The stability of the potato harvester is maintained
with a telescopic axle, so that the machine’s outer
track does not exceed 3,000 mm for transportation
and lifting through. For lifting the axle can be
widened up to 3,500 mm.
The drive is 100% hydraulic. All sieve conveyors
and cleaning units can be adjusted steplessly and
independently of the PTO rotational speed. The
driving speed or harvester’s rotational speed remain
constant as long as the tractor PTO shaft provides
min. 650 rpm.
The pickup unit is equipped with a ROPA quickchange system. The row width can be selected
from 750 mm up to 900 mm. The two or four disc
coulters (depending on options) are steplessly
adjustable to the distance between them. The
ridge pickup operates with two ridge rollers, which
can be different designs. Two haulm intake rollers
ensure smooth leaf transport. The outer disc coulter
in the right direction of travel can be optionally
hydraulically driven, an additional disc coulter is
optionally available.
Ridge guide:
As standard the machine is provided with a ridge
centring function. The depth control is hydraulically
operated. Automatic ridge pressure relief or a
hydraulic ridge pressure control is also available.
Sieving channel:
Sieve conveyor 1 width: 1,600 mm
Sieve conveyor 2 width: 1,488 mm
Optionally, V2A stainless steel sheets are available
for the sieving channel, as well as a hydraulically
driven and continuously variable-speed shaker.
Leaf separation:
The leaf separation consists of an electrically
adjustable 1,600 mm wide leaf chain and rubberized
leaf-separators, situated one after another in 7 rows.
Trash separation:
Pintle belt 1 separating unit:
1,450 mm wide studded rubber belt ad triple
deflector roller.
Pintle belt 2 separating unit:
1,160 mm wide studded rubber belt and twin
deflector roller.
Pintle belt 3 separating unit:
700 mm wide studded rubber belt and twin
deflector roller.
Pintle belt 4 separating unit:
1,300 mm wide studded rubber belt and finger
comb (UFK) with four rows of fingers. Speed, height
and angle are steplessly adjustable from the tractor
Trash track:
350 mm wide, switching flap for trash return
Picking table:
Width: 1,100 mm
Length: 1,900 mm
The picking table is designed for 4 persons.
Generously dimensioned chutes guarantee a
blockage-free removal of trash. Two heightadjustable platforms can be adjusted for different
body sizes. Foldaway ladders offer an ergonomic
and save ascent and descent.
Operation at harvester:
All functions of the potato harvester can be
controlled from the sorting platform with the control
unit, including a warning device. Furthermore the
speed of the sorting web can be adjusted stepless
by a separate rotary switch.
The pad-roll bunker holds around 7.5 t. The width
of the bunker is 2,235 mm and the maximum truck
loading height is 4,200 mm. The two-stage drive is
steplessly adjustable. The automatic filling function
ensures optimal bunker filling. The bunker can be
supplied by an articulation unit, so the fall height of
the trailer can be reduced for gentle trailer filling. A
hydraulically foldable tray filler in different outflow
sizes is optionally available.
Control unit:
The standard control unit uses an ISOBUS touch
■ Automatic ridge centring
■ Pickup with quick-change function
■ Hydraulic ridge pressure relief steplessly adjustable from the tractor
■ Hydraulic lifting depth adjustment combined with hydraulic ridge pressure control
■ Sieve conveyors and haulm conveyor are steplessly adjustable from the tractor
■ Shaker is hydraulically driven and speed is steplessly adjustable
■ Electric height adjustment of the three deflector roller units
■ Rotating finger comb (UFK) 4x, 2 rows driven separately, adjustable speed
■ UFK electric height adjustment
■ Trash conveyor driven and steplessly adjustable separately from the picking conveyor
■ Trash return with switching flap
■ Automatic fall height adjustment and bunker feed with bunker filling carriage
■ 7.5 t bunker with pad-roll floor
■ High-volume standard 850/50 R 30.5 tyres, air brake
■ ISOBUS control unit for easy adjustment of functions from the tractor
■ ROPA ISOBUS Touch Terminal
■ K80 ball-head hitch
■ Hydraulic support stand
■ T elescopic axle for 3 m road travel and 3.5 m in the field
ydraulic tilt compensation for axle, automatically controlled
ide-angle universal joint, PTO speed 1,000 rpm
■ Automatic overload and turbo clean program for sieve conveyor, leaf chains and
pintle belts
■ Programming buttons for saving 6 lifter programs
Optional equipment:
■ Tyres
- 850/50 R 30.5 (in travel direction right) and
650/65 R 30.5 (in travel direction left)
■ Chassis
- Drive axle for improved traction automatically
actuated in the applicable travel direction
■ Pickup / sieving channel:
- Ridge pickup with disc coulter and ridge roller
(90 cm)
- Ridge roller, deep model
- Two-blade share wide for ridge distance 90 cm
- Three-blade share
- Stone protection for shares
- Centre share if disc coulter is not used
- Hydraulics ready for hydraulic disc coulter/swath
pickup with lifter shaft and cover belt
- Hydraulically driven disc coulter right
- Disc coulter right also mechanical
- Swath pickup with lifter shaft, hydraulic cover belt
and depth guide wheels
- - Share pickup for special crops (e.g. red beet) with
depth guide wheels
- Stainless steel plates in sieving channel 1
- Sieve conveyor 1 cleaning roller
- Rubber paddle roller on drive shaft
- Clod breaker for sieve conveyor 1 and 2
- Sieve conveyor 1: 32, 36, 40 or 45 mm pitch
available/sieving channel width 1,600 mm
- Sieve conveyor 2: 28, 32, 36 or 40 mm pitch
available/sieving channel width 1,600 mm
■ Leaf separation:
- Wide-mesh leaf chain > 250 mm
■ Separation:
- Tilt adjustment for pintle belt 1 and 2, hydraulic,
with automatic operation
- Tilt adjustment for pintle belt 4, hydraulic
- Pintle belt 1 - 4 pitch 40 mm, 36 mm
- Pintle belt 1 - 3 with H-profile on round rod
instead of V-profile
- Deflector roller package 1-3; bottom roller with
spiral design (e.g. for carrots)
■ Picking table:
- Collection box with discharge conveyor,
hydraulically driven
■ Bunker:
- Bunker articulation can be hydraulically lowered
- Tray filler funnel width 900 mm, hydraulically
- Tray filler funnel width 1,900 mm, hydraulically
■ Comfort:
- Automatic sieve conveyor controlled by driving
- TASK controller for crop management with ROPA
- Basic ISOBUS equipment for tractor without
- ISOBUS multifunction lever with freely assignable
AUX function in addition to the right control
■ Lighting:
- Up to 4 LED working lights on sieving channel,
pintle belt 1 to 2, picking conveyor
- 1 rotating beacon
- Canopy lights
■ Camera and video system:
- Video system consisting of 1 x 7" TFT monitor
with wiring kit for 4 additional camera
- Additional video system consisting of 1 x 7" TFT
monitor with wiring kit for 4 optional camera
- Camera position sieving channel 1 to 2
- Camera position pintle belt 1 to 2
- Camera position wheel in direction of travel right
- Camera position picking conveyor
- Camera position dirt discharge conveyor
- Camera position bunker head
- Rear view camera
■ Protection from sun and weather:
- Canopy I - sunshade for picking table without side
panels, with mounting frame
- Canopy II - weather protection for picking table
with side panels, with mounting frame
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