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Food Processing Manufacturing, Sales Office and Test Kitchen
Commercial Foodservice Manufacturing, Sales Office and Test Kitchen
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Middleby Commercial Foodservice |
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I N C.
In 1937, Anetsberger Brothers
entered commercial foodservice
with the introduction of its
thermostatically controlled
counter fryer. Since then the
Anets innovation and quality
continues with a full line of fryers,
griddles, and pasta cookers.
Beech Ovens offers a
comprehensive product range
including wood-fired ovens, gasfired ovens, electric stone hearth
ovens, pizza ovens, duck ovens,
tandoors, rotisseries, bread ovens,
specialty chargrills and custommade fireplaces.
Blodgett is a leading
manufacturer of convection
and combi ovens and steam
equipment. Blodgett’s deck
pizza ovens set the worldwide
standard. Operators have trusted
Blodgett for consistency and
quality for more than 160 years.
+1 603.225.6684
+31 7 3397.0277 or +1
+1 802.658.6600
Eswood is a world leader in
commercial under-counter
dishwashers and glasswasher
equipment. Eswood equipment
is known for its durability and
the water savings it provides to
commercial users.
frifri is a leader in oil cooking
systems, including free-standing,
tabletop, and built-in fryers and
pasta cookers.
Bloomfield is a well-known brand
in the beverage industry as a
leading manufacturer of coffee
brewers, tea brewers, hot water
machines, coffee warmers and
beverage dispensing equipment
for nearly 80 years.
Britannia provides a wide range
of ventilation canopies and
ventilated ceilings to solve any
kitchen ventilation problem.
Britannia canopies can go over
one item or the full line up of
+1 314.781.2777
+44 1926 463540
GIGA Grandi Cucine is a
leading global manufacturer
of professional cooking and
catering equipment. Giga
products include ranges, steam
cooking equipment and ovens.
Established in 1911, Goldstein is
a regional leader in commercial
cooking equipment including
ranges, ovens, griddles, fryers
and warming equipment in the
Australian market.
+39 055 721 305.722 331
+61 2 9604 7333
Holman is the toaster solution
choice of foodservice operators
worldwide, offering dozens of
models to meet any toasting
need. Also, Holman manufactures
both conveyor and convection
Nieco is the world’s leading
manufacturer of automatic
broilers. Its patented
BroilVection™ technology
provides better tasting food while
providing huge energy savings.
Many large QRSs count on Nieco
for an outstanding product.
Nu-Vu, the recognized leader
in “On-Premise Baking,”
manufactures a wide variety of
commercial baking equipment.
Products include baking ovens,
oven proofers, proofers, pizza
ovens, and even smokers and
cook-n-hold ovens.
+1 707.284.7100
+1 906.863.4401
Perfect Fry commercial ventless
fryers are outstanding performers
and produce up to 90 pounds per
hour of perfectly cooked fries,
onion rings, chicken, and other
deep fried foods. The efficiency
and ventless operations of
Perfect Fry fryers saves operators
+44 1522 875500
+61 2 9604 7333
Middleby Marshall is the world
leader in conveyor cooking and
is known for its durability and
a perfect bake every time. The
award-winning WOW! Oven
has received recognition and
accolades from all over the world.
+1 847.741.3300
Middleby-Foodservice-Brochure BL-January 2015.indd 2
+1 603.255.6684
+1 314.781.2777
Carter-Hoffmann is the leader in
warming and holding solutions.
From banquet carts to restaurant
warming products, CarterHoffmann makes it possible for
food to retain the same high
quality as when it was first
+1 847.362.5500
HOUNÖ manufactures energyefficient combi and bake-off
ovens, offering over 60 different
oven options. HOUNÖ is the
world leader in visual cooking.
+45 8711 4711
Celfrost is a leading supplier of
cold side products including
professional refrigerators,
coldrooms, ice machines, and
freezers. Acquired in 2013 by
Middleby, Celfrost can address
any cold side needs.
Concordia Beverage Systems
offers a full-range of superautomatic espresso machines
and fully-integrated beverage
systems. Concordia is a world
leader for serving both moderate
and high-volume locations.
+91 124 4308430
+1 425.453.2800
IMC is a manufacturer of state
of the art commercial catering
equipment, modular underbar
systems, back bar refrigeration
equipment and food waste
management stations.
Jade offers quality ovens,
ranges, cooktops, broilers, fryers,
charbroilers and griddles. Top
chefs around the world cook on
Jade ranges.
Lang is a leader in commercial
cooking and marine galley
equipment, including convection
ovens, griddles, ranges, fryers and
+1 714.961.2400
+1 314.781.2777
+44 1978 661155
Pitco is a world leader in fryers,
rethermalizers, and reduced oil
use technology. Pitco technology
delivers great food while saving
owners energy, oil and time
through top product efficiency.
Southbend manufactures
heavy-duty commercial cooking
equipment, including sectionals,
ranges, broilers, convection
ovens, counterlines and steam
Star is a worldwide leader in
countertop commercial cooking
equipment including Panini grills,
griddles, hot plates, finishing
ovens, fryers, charbroilers, and
equipment stands.
+1 603.225.6684
+1 919.762.1000
+1 314.781.2777
Toastmaster, a long-standing
brand recognized in the
commercial kitchen, has a
wide variety of fryers, griddles,
charbroilers, pop-up and
conveyor toasters, sandwich
grills, convection ovens, ranges,
smokers and heater/proofers.
+1 314.781.2777
CookTek is the leading innovator,
developer and manufacturer
of induction equipment for the
foodservice industry, with a focus
on cooking, buffet holding and
hot food delivery.
+1 888.266.5835
Known for the “Casual Dining
Kitchen Revolution,” CTX is the
leading brand in long wave
infrared radiant heat which
produces outstanding quality
and consistency for proteins
while reducing energy and labor
+1 847.741.3300
Lincat offers everything from
convection ovens to display cases
for large commercial kitchens to
specialty restaurants. Known for
its top quality, Lincat is a world
leader in foodservice equipment.
+44 1522 875500
TurboChef speed-cook ovens
fit virtually every cooking
application, offering high-quality
results, superior cook speeds
and are UL®-certified for
ventless operation. From
toasting to waterless steaming,
TurboChef has the oven for
any kitchen need.
The Viking commercial kitchen
offers island suites, ovens, ranges,
broilers, griddles, planchas,
salamanders, cheesemelters
and induction units. Heavy-duty
features include 30,000 BTU
sealed top burners, superior
grade stainless steel and extradurable construction.
+1 214.379.6000
+1 662.455.1200
Desmon Food Service Equipment
Company is a leader in chilling
and freezing technologies.
Desmon manufactures blast
chillers and professional
refrigeration and is recognized
worldwide for advanced
insulation technology and
energy efficiency.
+39 0827 607318
Magikitch’n is known worldwide
for outstanding quality
charbroilers, griddles and
outdoor catering equipment.
Magikitch’n is the leading
charbroiler manufacturer in
North America.
+1 603.225.6684
Wells has been a longtime
trusted name in foodservice for
electric warming and cooking
appliances including fryers,
griddles, convection ovens,
broilers, food warmers, toasters,
hotplates, waffle bakers and
other specialized products.
Established in 1950, Doyon
Equipment Inc. started as a
sales and repairs business of
bakery equipment. Today, Doyon
manufactures bakery equipment,
pizza ovens, rack ovens, dough
mixers and sheeters, proofers,
warmers and bread slicers.
+1 906.863.4401
Market Forge has been a leading
manufacturer of steam cooking
equipment for more than a
century. The innovative product
offerings include countertop
steamers, kettles and braising
pans used by leading restaurants
and foodservice operations.
+1 617.387.4100
Wunder-Bar manufactures
beverage dispensing systems
used by leading restaurant
chains, convenience stores and
foodservice operations.
+1 707.448.5151
+1 314.781.2777
1/29/2015 12:20:05 PM