Makes the hearts of restaurateurs
beat faster
powder system
Wide variety of beverages
without add-on module
8’’ touch di splay
Attractive beverage display
and intuitive user guide
For hot and cold milk foam as if
were made by a barista
Upt ime! descal ing
Simple descaling without any
interruption in operation
F lexi ble
mil k c o o li ng
Side cooling u
niton the right
or left or unde
cooling unit
The Schaerer Coffee Soul unites an athletic yet elegant design with
a number of refined technical features. It stands out with its pronounced
gastronomical look and fits easily into any counter concept with its slim
33 centimetres. One-of-a-kind: The Uptime! descaling ­system developed by
Schaerer – the process can be performed easily by anyone!
Equipment for coffee drinking enjoyment
With a cup capacity of 180 a day, the Coffee
Soul is ideal for use in small restaurants
and bars. Furthermore, it offers an in­
teresting concept for office use. The
Best FoamTM milk system promises
the highest beverage quality and
largest variety of drinks with hot
or cold milk foam as if it were
made by a barista.
Amazing coffee machine technology
The extremely compact Schaerer Coffee
Soul is the pioneer of a new generation
of Schaerer coffee machines. Its 8" touch
display draws all eyes to it. Large writing
and icons as well as an attractive beverage
display make every work step a piece of
cake – thanks to the variable display,
operation can be done by staff or handled
alone by users in self-service areas. The
Schaerer M2M Coffee Link telemetry system
enables real-time evaluation of data as well
as location-independent remote access to
connected coffee machines.
Descaling with the system
A true innovation is the patent-pending
Uptime! descaling system developed by
Schaerer. It prevents scale-related mal­
functions. To use it, simply insert a
cartridge and start the descaling pro­
cess. The coffee machine is ready for
use again within a very short amount
of time – when the descaling pro­
cess is started at night, the
machine is ready for service
first thing in the morning
without interrupting
Cup capacity of up to 180 a day
Perfect for mid-sized restaurants, bars, offices
and vending areas.
Gastronomical look
Attractive, high-quality design highlights the value
of the coffee machine. At 33 centimetres, it is
particularly slim.
New variable user interface
8" touch display with large writing and icons.
Can be set perfectly for operation by staff or for
Patent-pending, innovative Uptime!
descaling system
Prevents scale-related downtime. Simply insert
a cartridge and leave the machine to descale
on its own.
M2M Coffee Link
Telemetry solution for data evaluation in real-time
and for location-independent remote access.