BKON Installation Checklist V4.indd

Site Information
Machine Information
Serial Numbers
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Phone Number:
Installation Date:
Franke Work Order Number:
1. Equipment Verification
1.1 Tower - not damaged and appears new
1.2 Water Vacuum Supply Center (WVSC) - not damaged and appears new
1.3 Accessories are all present (listed in the Accessory Checklist)
2. Water
2.1 Water filtration system installed, verify water supply to BKON is on filtration system
2.2 Check water pressure (Minimum: 30 psi; Maximum: 90 psi)
2.3 Complete water test kit, per instructions (water test kit sent from Franke)
3. Tower Installation (see Installation Manual)
3.1 Tower base gasket installed
3.2 Tower support bracket bolted and installed
3.3 Drain pan gasket, drain pan filter, drain pan and drain pan cover installed
3.4 Brew handle color clips installed
3.5 Purge valves installed in brew handles
3.6 Brew chamber installed
4. WVSC Installation (see Installation Manual)
4.1 WVSC has proper clearance around it (4 inches on all sides)
4.2 WVSC has proper ventilation (are louvers installed if doors are present)
4.3 CHAD connections installed correctly & 3 drain lines are fastened to the store drain
4.4 Water line filter-sieve installed
4.5 Data Cable installed correctly at Tower and WVSC
5. Test Installation
5.1 Turn on BKON and test for water leaks by examining connections
5.2 Check the Vacuum Calibration-adjust if necessary
5.3 Check the Water Calibration-adjust if necessary
5.2 Insert brew handle with basket and run 3 recipes
5.3 Make sure drink completely purges before the final rinse cycle begins
5.4 Run manual rinse cycle on 3 remaining brew handles
5.5 Run a tea recipe and cancel in mid cycle. Run manual purge to remove drink
5.6 Take picture of UI screen after all testing is completed and send in with invoice
5.7 Take picture of installed unit and send in with invoice
*Must be completed and attached with invoice
=Item present/Complete
X=Item not present/Not
Customer Orientation
6. Introduction to Resource Center
X=Not Complete
10. Shut Down Procedure (explain)
10.1 Run manual rinse twice on
each brew handle
Website: frankeamericas.com/bkon
Customer Username: ops
10.2 Remove brew handle and
basket from unit
Customer Password: opspass
7. Start-up Procedure
10.3 Turn OFF BKON unit
7.1 Poke all purge valves open with
purge valve tool
11. Daily Cleaning Steps (explain)
7.2 Check and clean all debris from
X=Not Complete
10.1 Remove and clean brew
7.3 Power ON unit (no brew handle
or basket)
10.2 Remove and clean purge
7.4 Install all cleaned items
10.3 Remove and clean spash
8. UI Buttons and Functions (explain)
8.1 Category (recipes)
10.4 Clean drip pan cover, drip pan
filter, and drip pan
8.2 Recipe and size selections
10.5 Remove and clean brew
chamber and silicone ring
8.3 Abort (X)
8.4 Wrench-Clean in Place, Set
Time/Date, Update Recipe File,
Descaling, Export Recipe File
10.6 Clean tower and surrounding
12. Maintenance Steps
8.5 Info Screen (i)
11.1 Weekly Clean in Place
8.6 Manual Rinse
8.7 Manual Purge
11.2 Monthly Descaling procedures
9. Basic Operation Procedures (explain)
13. Manuals and Literature Review
9.1 Prep and brew steps for tea
12.1 Trouble Shooting Guide
9.2 Prep and brew steps for coffee
12.2 Software and Menu
Installation Guide
9.3 Not using the drip tray for
dumping drinks
12.3 Startup and Shutdown Guide
9.4 Customer is able to brew tea
Customer Signature
X=Not Complete
12.4 Operation Manual
Installer Signature
For Warranty or Customer Support:
Tel +1-800-537-2653
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