Operating Manual / Installation Guide

Operating Manual /
Installation Guide
Low Voltage-Current Transformer
Model Range CTB
Measurement ranges:
Primary current: 50 up to 2500A AC
Secondary current: 1A or 5A
Functional Description
Isolation Characteristics
Current transformers of the CTB model range are inductive,
single-conductor current transformers operating according
to the transformer principle. Due to the applied measuring
principle, current transformers of this type may only be
installed in alternating current (AC) networks.
Maximum voltage for
electrical utilities:
1,2 kV, Ueff
(maximum phase-phase-voltage)
In accordance with IEC 61010-1 under condition of:
Overvoltage category III
Pollution degree 2
Heterogeneous electrical field
Rated power frequency withstand voltage
(Isolation test voltage
primary conductor against
measuring output:
6 kV, Ueff, 50 Hz, 1 min.
UL-housing classification:
In order to avoid personal and material
damage the following assembling steps
must be performed by qualified and
trained personnel only.
If the secondary circuit is operated
without a burden/load (open) high
voltages may appear. These voltage
values are dangerous for persons as
well as for the functional reliability of
the current transformer.
It is forbidden to operate the current
transformer without a secondary
circuit (open)!
Accessory: Quick-fix
Technical Parameters
Before initial operation we ask you to pay full
attention to these assembling instructions in order
to guarantee the reliability and to ensure the
performance of the device.
Please see an updated version of this datasheet on
our homepage www.mbs-ag.com.
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Primary rated current:
Secondary rated current:
Accuracy class:
Over current limiting factor:
(see name plate)
Rated frequency:
Rated thermal
continuous current Id:
Rated thermal
short-time current Ith:
Operating temperature range:
Storage temperature range:
Connection clamps:
Applied standards:
File no. of UL-approval:
50 … 2500 A AC
5A or 1A
FS5 / FS10
50 / 60Hz
Environmental Instruktion
1,2 x In
When the product has reached its “end of life“,
it must be recycled. Please pass it to an
electrical waste disposal. Do not dispose as
unsorted municipal waste!
60 x In, (max. 100 kA), 1 s
-5°C ≤ ϑ ≤ +50°C
(0…95% relative humidity,
non condensing!
-25°C ≤ ϑ ≤ +70°C
WAGO Cage-Clamp
max. 4,0 mm²
DIN EN 60044-1 (12/2003)
VDE 0414-1 (12/2003)
E336996 (2010)
This product was developed and
manufactured in accordance with the
applicable regulations (IEC 61010, IEC
61869) and meets the requirements of
the low voltage guideline 2006/95/EG
Mount the current transformer on the primary conductor by
directing the primary conductor (copper bus bar respectively
round conductor) through the window opening of the current
transformer housing.
The device can be fixed either directly on the primary conductor
or on a ground plate. A mounting kit is part of the delivery. It
contains plastite-screws, red isolation covers and foot angles.
On each side of the housing are swells with threaded holes. The
device can be fixed directly on the bus bars by usage of the
plastite-screws (see photo on the left). If the device is to be
mounted on a ground plate, the foot angles are to be used.
Current transformer types CTB31.35 and CTB 41.35 can also be
mounted on a 35mm-DIN-hat rail by using a snap-on mounting
(accessory, article-no.: 50.2.8095).
Connect the conductors according to the drawings .
Please see the pictograph on the bottom of the next page (CageClamp) for the correct mounting of the secondary terminal