Container for “Co-Mingle” Container for Paper

Recycling Works in Wausau!
Your participation in the City's Recycling Program is important for Wausau. Not only is recycling valuable to the
environment, it is mandated by the state and we receive financial grants based on the amount collected. If the
recycling amount goes down, so does our financial assistance! Residents must use a recycling bin that can be
identified by Veolia Environmental Services, the company contracted by the City to collect trash and recyclables.
The standard green recycling containers are available at Wausau City Hall, 407 Grant Street, for $10 each, and
pull-cart recycling bins with wheels are available for $17 each.
Following is specific information on Wausau’s Recycling Program. Call the Marathon County Solid Waste
Department Recycling and Solid Waste TOLL-FREE INFORMATION LINE at 1-877-270-3989 for answers to all
your solid waste and recycling questions and for fees on items such as appliances, computer equipment and
other electronics, furniture, mattresses, other large items, and construction materials. Veolia also has a
Recyclables Drop-off Center at their facility at 5509 Fuller Street, Village of Weston, where you can take
recyclables. Their hours of operation are 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday-Friday and 8:00 am to Noon on
Container for “Co-Mingle”
#1 - #7 Plastics (look at bottom of container for
Rinse containers. These plastics include milk jugs, pop
bottles, detergent bottles, food & beverage containers, cat
litter containers, ice cream pails, 5-gallon pails,
medicine/pill containers, bakery containers, flower pots or
trays, yogurt or cottage cheese containers, cups & tubs,
clear and rigid “clam shell” packaging, small plastic toys.
Aseptic Containers
Rinse and remove caps and rings. Cartons or boxes used
for juice drinks, milk, soy milk, ice cream, broth, etc.
Rinse and remove cap and metal rings. Any color glass;
only bottles and jars. NO CERAMICS, DISHES OR
Aluminum Cans
Tin/Bi-Metal Cans
Rinse cans, keep lid inside, and pinch top. Labels may stay
on cans.
Container for Paper Products/Fibers
Corrugated Cardboard
Look for the “wavy” middle! Flatten boxes; they DO NOT
need to be tied.
Office Paper, Newspaper, Magazines – Mix Papers
Place in a paper bag and then place next to cardboard.
This includes egg cartons, junk mail, nonmetallic wrapping
paper, pizza boxes (remove food debris), cereal boxes,
soda/beer cartons, newspapers, books, etc. If rain is likely
on your collection day, please save your bagged paper
items for the next pick-up date.
Special Waste-Recycling
Used Motor Oil
Motor oil should be left curbside on your scheduled
recycling day in a plastic container with lid (milk jug with
Lead acid batteries (car, lawnmower, motorcycle, etc.).
Roof Shingle-Recycling
Please call Veolia at 715-359-6637 for containers and
special rates.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Non-Alkaline Batteries, Hazardous or Toxic Material may be taken to the Marathon County
Clean Sweep/Hazardous Waste program by appointment ONLY (call 715-446-3101 ext. 100 to make an appointment). After
making the appointment, bring the items to the Marathon County Landfill on Highway 29, about 12 miles east of Wausau. The
Alderson Street facility is closed. Common hazardous wastes accepted include: lawn and garden chemicals, cleaning
solvents, automotive fluids, solvent-based adhesives, glues, mercury products, degreasers, and lead-based paints. (No latex
or non-lead oil paints accepted.) QUESTIONS? CALL THE TOLL-FREE INFORMATION LINE AT 1-877-270-3989.
Home-Generated Sharps (needles, syringes and lancets only) may only be taken to the Marathon County Landfill Clean
Sweep program (call ahead 715-446-3101 ext. 100) in Sharps containers purchased at pharmacies or in a heavy plastic
laundry detergent bottle, with a screw on lid, marked in big letters with permanent marker “Bio-Hazard” or “Sharps”. Sharps
may not be deposited in garbage containers or recycling bins. QUESTIONS? CALL THE TOLL-FREE INFORMATION LINE
AT 1-877-270-3989.
Appliances will not be accepted. These include microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, dehumidifiers, TVs, etc.
Please call Veolia or another “Garbage Removal” company (see Yellow Pages) to schedule a special pick-up for items
such as appliances, computer equipment, furniture, mattresses, and other large items, or construction material in
excess of 60 pounds. There is a fee for these services.