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Commercial Coffee Brewer
Operating Instructions
Order no. 317-2085
CAUTION: Read the instructions before using the appliance.
Operating Instructions Coffee Brewer
Model THERMO 24
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Warnings & Precautions
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Recognizing the Machine and the Packing List
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Normal Operation
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We are really pleased that you have chosen our high quality product of
Automatic Coffee Machine, and we are very sure that you have made a
correct decision. Before your use it, please read the following instructions
Operating Instructions Coffee Brewer
Model THERMO 24
Ⅱ Warnings & Precautions
The following warnings and precautions must be observed.
☆ Never immerse the machine in the water. If the machine has been soaked,
it must be dried and checked by specialist before using it again.
☆ Never pour hot water into the Water Reservoir.
☆ Never pour more than 2 liter of water into the Water Reservoir
☆ When working, the unit has to be placed in a horizontal position.
☆ Unit only suitable for indoor with room temperature around 25 °C to use.
☆ Before installation, you should confirm the rating plate on the machine is
suitable for your electric outlet.
☆ When the machine is in use, some parts of the machine are very hot.
Ensure the line cord does not touch the hot parts. The use should also be
careful not to touch the hot parts.
☆ Remain in the vicinity of the machine while machine is in operation.
☆ Don’t disconnect appliance with wet hands and Don’t pull the supply cord.
☆ If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its
service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
☆ In the following pages, all the important items are marked by
to attract your attention.
Disclaimer: The Manufacturer will accept no liability for any injury or
damage caused by incorrect usage of the machine or by improper
operation contrary to information given in This Instruction Manual.
Operating Instructions
Coffee Brewer Model THERMO 24
Ⅲ Recognizing the Machine
Machine body (Stainless Steel)
Cover of Reservoir
Filter Pan
Decanter, Vacuum pot or Thermos.
ower Switch
"In Use" Indicator Lamp
Operating Instructions
Coffee Brewer Model THERMO 24
Ⅳ Installation (When the Machine is used for first time)
Place the Machine on a firm and horizontal table.
Slide the Filter Pan into position.
Pour of cold water (no more then 2 liter) into the Water Reservoir, wait
for 1 minute for water to force the air out of the Machine.
Place an empty Glass Decanter, Vacuum Pot or Thermos at correct
position under the Filter Pan.
Turn the Switch ON and the "In Use" Indicator lights up.
HOT WATER starts to flow into Thermos.
4~5 minutes later, the "In Use" Indicator will turn off The brewing process
has ended.
You should repeat the above process 2 to 3 times to clean the internal
parts of The Machine before brewing coffee for first time.
During above operation, it is normal to hear some hissing and biilizy
sound of water and to see some water vapor coming out.
Never pour hot water into the Reservoir.
Please check that your Filter Pan is assembled correct:
• Put the spring and Wedge at the bottom of the Filter Pan.
• Place the Filter Paper on the spring in the Filter Pan.
Caution! Hot Surface!
DO NOT Kept the EMPTY decanter on Warming Plate.
Operating Instructions
Coffee Brewer Model THERMO 24
Ⅴ Normal Operation
How to brew coffee? Please follow the following steps:
1. Assembly the Filter Pan, and put appropriate amount (depending on your
taste) of coffee on the Filter Paper. The recommended amount of coffee is
75g~90g for 1.6 liter~1.8 liter of water.
2. Slide the Filter Pan into position.
3. Pour 1600 to 1800 ml of water into the Water Reservoir.
4. Place an empty Thermos at the correct position under Filter Pan.
5. Switch the power ON, the "In Use" Indicator will light up; a process of
coffee brewing has begin.
6. Coffee will start to flow into the Thermos.
7. When the "In Use" Indicator light turns off, the coffee brewing cycle has
completed. (RH Mold)
8. (RHV, RHB, RHK Molds) Turn off the Power Switch, and lock the cap of
Thermos, a pot of coffee can now be served.
9. Although the machine has a overflow pipe for the Reservoir in case the
amount of water in Reservoir exceeds 2.3L. But, we still recommend that
the user should be careful that the maximum water does not exceed 1.8
liter to avoid over flow at the Thermos.
10. Since there will always be some water remaining in the hoses, the boiler
etc. of the Machine. If the Machine will not be used for some time, or if the
Machine should be removed, you should always pour out the remaining
water in the Machine, and clean it for storage.
11. When the Machine is to be used again after a long period, please repeat
steps 1~8 of Ⅳ Installation.
12. If the Machine is not to be used for a short time, please clean the
Machine with fresh water before using again.
Please set the switch OFF, when coffee-brewing process completed.
Operating Instructions Coffee Brewer Model THERMO 24
Ⅵ Maintenance
g Cleaning
It is important for the Machine and its accessories be kept clean after using.
Unplug the coffee maker and allow to cool,
Wipe all external surfaces with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
The filter basket should be washed in warm soapy water than rinse and
dry all parts thoroughly.
No parts are suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.
Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
If you operate in a hard water area or you use the machine daily, we
recommend that your coffee maker is descaled at regular intervals, e.g. once
a week or as required.
If the water filters through more slowly than usual, it is a sign that descaling is
• Add 300 ml fresh lemon juice or condensed lemon juice to 1 liter of warm
water (below 50°C).
• Slide Filter Pan and place an empty Decanter or receptacles at the correct
position under the Filter Pan.
• Pour solution of lemon juice into Water Reservoir and Turn the switch ON.
• Some of hot water will drop into the jug, Until the solution of lemon juice
push out the waters remained in the Machine; when there are some
solution of lemon juice dropped into the jug, than turn the switch OFF.
• Wait for 5~6 minutes to enable the rest of solution to run through with
sediments, than turn the switch ON again.
• When the indicator lights off, set switch OFF and flush the solution away.
• Since some solution will still remain in the Machine, we must run brewing
process several times, until there is no more smell of lemon juice in the hot
water which flow out from the Machine.
• The machine is ready for server again.
Failure to descale will invalidate your guarantee.
Operating Instructions Coffee Brewer Model THERMO 24
In case, if the brew cycle fails to operate
switch the appliance off and unplug from
the power supply. Remove the rear cover
and check to see if you can press the
button down on the side of the boiler.
If the button presses down and clicks, then
descale the unit before next operation. If
problem persists, then contact the Helpline.
Pour out the water which remained inside of the machine before repair.
Contact Information:
If you have any questions; please contact your dealer.