useful tips about contact lenses

The right side out
If the edges of your lens turn
out, it is inside out. To correct
this, apply a few drops of contact lens solution on your lens
and reverse it.
Inserting your lens
• Wash and dry your hands.
• Close nearby drain in sink.
• Pour the right lens and storage
solution from the case into your
(It is a good idea to get in the
habit of always working with
the right lens first to avoid mixups.)
• Make sure your fingers are
clean and dry. (Dry fingers
facilitate the handling since
soft contact lenses tend to stick
to wet fingers.)
• Place the right lens on the tip of your index or middle
finger of your dominant hand.
• Using the middle finger of your other hand, pull and
hold your upper lid firmly open so you cannot blink.
• Pull down your lower eyelid, using the middle finger
of your inserting hand.
• Look up and place the lens gently on the lower white
part of your eye. Or look directly at the lens and place
the lens directly on the cornea.
Removing your lens
• Wash and dry your hands.
• Close nearby drain in sink.
• Make sure your lens is
• Looking up, pull down your
lower eyelid with the middle
finger of your inserting hand.
The use of a rewetting drop
may be helpful in freeing the
lens from the cornea for
• Use the finger to pull the lens down.
• Look down to position the lens correctly.
• Slide the lens down to the lower white part of
your eye.
• Slowly release your eyelid and close your eye for
a moment.
• Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and
index finger and remove it from your eye.
• Blink several times to center the lens on your eye.
• Follow the lens care procedures recommended by
your eye care professional.
• Sometimes, small dust particles trapped behind the
lens during its placement can cause discomfort. To
remove dust, slide the lens off the cornea onto the white
part of your eye and then back onto the cornea. If necessary, adjust the position of the lens on the cornea by
applying gentle pressure to the upper eyelid.
• Remove left lens following same procedure.
• Insert left lens following the same procedure.
• Rinse and dry your lens case after lenses are inserted.
To reduce the risk of infection
• Always wash and dry hands before touching contact
• Never use tap water to rinse or store contact lenses
• Use fresh solution every time you place your lenses in
the case
• Rinse your lens case with solution and let it air dry
• A new lens case should be used with each new bottle
of solution
• Do not swim without protective goggles while wearing
contact lenses.
• Replace disposable contact lenses according to schedule (bi-weekly/ monthly/every 3 months, etc)
• Do not swap contact lenses with other people
We’re here to help you.
Please call us with any
questions you may have.
Common Myths about
contact lenses
Myth 1: Use of contact lenses commonly leads to infection
Some infections or health problems related to
lens do occur but usually only when you have a
poor cleaning routine or are careless about taking care of your lenses. To prevent infections or
any other disease, always follow your doctor’s
directions and keep lenses clean.
Myth 2: Contacts can get lost behind your eye
This statement is 100% wrong as it is physically
impossible for the contacts to get lost behind
your eye.
Myth 3: It is not safe to wear contact lenses during sports
Contact lenses are excellent to wear for sports
because they provide a peripheral and wider
field of vision without any obstruction.
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