Site Master Compact Handheld Cable &

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Site Master
Compact Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer with
Spectrum Analyzer
S331ES332ES361E S362E
2 MHz to 4 GHz 2 MHz to 4 GHz 2 MHz to 6 GHz 2 MHz to 6 GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer
9 kHz to 4 GHz
9 kHz to 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
From the Leader in Cable and Antenna Analysis
Anritsu Introduces Its 8th Generation Site Master
Although the new Site Master resides in a modern platform
that takes advantage of the latest technologies and is loaded
with features that will enhance productivity, it provides more
value for better productivity without giving up the familiar
look and feel.
The Site Master is a 4 or 6 GHz cable and antenna analyzer
that can be configured to include either a 4 or 6 GHz spectrum
analyzer, 2-port transmission measurement with built-in 32V
bias tee, an interference analyzer with spectrogram displays,
a channel scanner, power meter, high accuracy power meter,
and GPS receiver for time and location stamping. Because of its
multi-functional capabilities, it eliminates the need for you to
carry and learn multiple instruments.
Anritsu builds upon its expertise in portable compact cable and
antenna analyzers and spectrum analyzers. The Site Master
is approved by all major operators and service providers
The wireless communications market continues to evolve at a
rapid pace. Operators and service providers have to maintain
old networks while upgrading to the new 3G and 4G networks
so as to keep up with changing consumer demands. They face
the additional challenge of needing to ensure their networks
are competitive from a reliability, quality, and cost perspective.
As a result of all this, they expect more of the contractors and
technicians who maintain their networks. To stay competitive,
these contractors and technicians must maintain more base
stations than before and complete a wide variety of tasks in
the shortest time possible.
Designed for Field Use
The Site Master is designed specifically for field environments.
It weighs less than 6 lbs and its field replaceable Li-Ion battery
typically lasts for more than 4 hours. A new bright 8.4-inch
color display provides visibility even in broad daylight. With an
operating temperature range from -10 °C to 55 °C, the Site
Master will work in the most extreme weather conditions. The
analyzer is almost impervious to the bumps and bangs typically
encountered by portable field equipment. Its ruggedized
case and splash proof design allow you to depend on high
performance anywhere, anytime.
Anritsu is pleased to introduce its eighth-generation compact
handheld Site Master cable and antenna analyzer series with
integrated spectrum analyzer. The new Site Master analyzers
offer the same ease of use, ruggedness, and familiar menus
as its predecessor S331D and S332D. In addition, Anritsu
has enhanced the Site Master to address all the customer
requirements and suggestions received over the years.
Indeed, for nearly two decades, Anritsu’s Site Master has been
the de facto standard for contractors, installers, and wireless
service providers who need a portable and rugged cable and
antenna analyzer. The Site Master reduces per site maintenance
expense, maximizes system up-time, and breaks away from the
traditional fix-after-failure maintenance mode by finding small
problems before major failures occur. Radio frequency (RF)
engineers and field technicians in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force,
and other global defense programs responsible for installing and
maintaining communication systems use Site Master’s frequency
domain reflectrometry (FDR)-based approach to improve the
quality of their communication systems.
Night time display
Black and White display
Site Master is the Preferred Cable and Antenna Analyzer
of Wireless Service Providers, Contractors and Installers
Configuration Overview
Cable and Antenna Analyzer, 2 MHz to 4/6 GHz
Characterizes cable and antenna systems with return loss, cable loss, VSWR,
distance-to-fault measurements. Also includes 1-port phase and Smith chart
displays. Offers faster than 1 ms/data point sweep speed and a dual display.
Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 4/6 GHz
Locates and identifies various signals over a wide frequency range. Detect
signals as low as -152 dBm with phase noise better than -100 dBc/Hz.
2-port Transmission Measurement (Option 21)
Provides high and low power settings for both TMA gain and antenna-antenna
isolation measurements. Offers better than 80 dB dynamic range.
Bias Tee (Option 10)
Provides built-in adjustable 12 - 32V bias tee that can be turned on as needed,
and which eliminates the need to carry an external supply.
High Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19)
Connects high accuracy 4, 6, 8, 18, and 26 GHz USB power sensors with up to
± 0.16 dB accuracy.
Power Meter (Option 29)
Makes channelized transmitter power measurements.
Interference Analyzer (Option 25)
Includes the popular spectrogram display for monitoring intermittent signals
over time. Pin point the interfering source with on screen interference mapping.
Channel Scanner (Option 27)
Measures the power of multiple transmitted signals.
Coverage Mapping (Option 431)
Outdoor and indoor coverage mapping for RSSI and ACPR measurements.
CW Signal Generator (Option 28)
Includes CW source to test low noise amplifiers, repeaters.
(This requires an external CW generator kit.)
GPS Receiver (Option 31)
Provides location and UTC time information. Also improves the accuracy
of the reference oscillator.
Gated Sweep (Option 90)
Views pulsed or burst signals such as WiMAX, GSM, and TD-SCDMA only
when they are on.
AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509)
Analyzes AM/FM/PM signals and measures FM/PM deviation, AM depth, SINAD,
Total Harmonic Distortion and much more.
Ethernet Connectivity (Option 411)
Provides the ability to operate automated testing from remote PC, or conversely,
to upload data from field test to the PC. Remote access control is also provided
through Master Software Tools.
CPRI RF Measurements (option 751)
Converts the CPRI IQ data into RF measurements.
Designed for the Field
External Trigger
T1 E1 Ref. Freq.
USB Interface Mini-B
Transfer data from Site Master to PC
GPS Connector
External Power
RF Out
USB Interface Type A
Connect USB flash card
All Connectors Are Conveniently Located On The Top Panel, Leaving The Sides Clear For Handheld Use.
GPS Info
Save Icon
Touch Screen
Submenu Keys
Fan Exhaust Port
Fan Inlet Port
Rotary Knob
& Arrow Keys
Bright Display
8.4” daylight viewable
color display
Limit Lines
Create single
& multi-segment
limit lines
Battery Access
Battery Life:
Numeric Keypad
Shift Menu Keys
(1 to 9)
Printed In Blue
> 4 hrs (S331E, S361E)
> 3 hrs (S332E, S362E)
Fan Inlet Port
Touch Screen
Main Menu Keys
On/Off Button
File Management
Saves & Recall > 2000 traces & setups
Convenient Soft Case and Tilt Bail
Tilt Bails Are Integrated Into The Case And Soft Case For Better Screen Viewing
Master Cable & Antenna Analysis, Anywhere, Anytime
The majority of the problems you find at a typical cell site are caused by problematic cables,
pinched cables, corroded connectors, antennas, lightning strikes, rain getting into cables, and
bullet holes. Degraded cable systems and badly positioned antennas affect overall system coverage
and eventually result in dropped calls. Site Master’s FDR-based return loss and DTF measurements
can pinpoint an antenna problem from ground level in a few seconds, enabling Site Master to
identify small problems before they become big problems.
Return Loss / VSWR
Use the Site Master to make return loss and VSWR and verify that the cable and
antenna system conforms to performance specifications.
Cable Loss
Cable Loss metrics measure the level of insertion loss within the cable feedline
system. This measurement can be verified prior to deployment, when you have
access to both ends. Site Master automatically calculates the average cable loss.
Return Loss/VSWR
While the return loss metric is the best measurement to verify the health of
a system, distance-to-fault (DTF) is used to troubleshoot systems and locate
the problem.
The Site Master’s DTF measurement uses the fast Fourier transform to convert
frequency data to the time domain and displays signal anomalies with respect to
distance. Using the standard trace math feature, you can monitor small relative
changes over time.
2-port Transmission Measurements (Option 21)
Cellular/PCS and 3G base stations today use diplexers, duplexers, and
tower-mounted amplifiers to extend the coverage area. Site Master’s 2-port
transmission measurement enables you to make gain, isolation, and insertion
loss measurements as well as verify sector-to-sector isolation.
Bias Tee (Option 10) requires Option 21
The built-in bias tee can be turned on as needed to place +12 to +32V on the
center conductor of the RF in port, eliminating the need for you to carry external
supplies in the field.
2-Port Transmission Measurements
Enhance Productivity with Dual Displays and Instant Calibration
Dual Display
The dual display enables users to view two cable and antenna
measurements on the same display. Because you can control the top and
bottom displays independently, you can set markers and limit lines on each
display. This results in significant time savings as there’s no need to make
two measurements.
Quick Name Matrix
Dual Display
The integrated quick name matrix and keyboard enables you to preset
up to 42 commonly used names. The quick name matrix allows you to
save long file names with cell site ID, sector information, color coding,
measurement type, frequency, and termination in less than five seconds.
Now you can label the traces of the entire site in minutes instead of hours.
InstaCal™ Calibration
Although you need to get the job done as quickly as possible, you still
need to make reliable and accurate measurements. Anritsu’s InstaCal
module enables you to make accurate calibrations at the end of the phase
stable cable without connecting a short/open/load. This calibration method
can cut the calibration time by as much as 50 percent and still deliver
accurate calibrations.
Standard OSL Calibration
Quick Name Matrix
Open-Short-Load (OSL) calibration comes standard with the
Site Master. All errors from source match, directivity, and frequency
response are mathematically removed, allowing you to make accurate
vector-corrected measurements. Directivity is usually the main contributor
to measurement uncertainty, and corrected directivity of 42 dB or better is
common using Anritsu’s precision components.
The Site Master’s FlexCal™ broadband calibration feature is an calibration
method that allows you to perform a broadband calibration and change the
frequency range after calibration without having to recalibrate the instrument.
RF Immunity
Site Master’s unique RF immunity algorithm solution enables you to make
accurate cable and antenna measurements even in the presence of strong
RF activity from co-located cell sites.
Cable and Antenna Analyzer Highlights
-- Return loss, VSWR, cable loss, DTF
-- 2-port transmission measurements with 32V bias tee
-- 1-port phase, Smith chart
-- Quick Name Matrix reduces trace labeling time in the field
-- PIM 3rd, 5th and 7th Order Frequency measurements
-- Dual display mode capabilities
-- Built-in, editable signal standard and cable standard lists
-- Calibration: OSL Cal, FlexCal, InstaCal
-- 137, 275, 551, 1102, 2204 data points
-- < 1 msec per datapoint sweep speed
-- Trace overlay and trace math to monitor changes with
Reference traces
-- Marker table with automatic peak/valley markers
-- GPS tagging
-- Limit lines and alarming for providing reference standards
-- GPS tagging of data to verify location of tests
-- Line Sweep Tools and Master Software Tools for post-analysis
and report generation
Best Performance in its Class
Site Master S332E and the S362E Site Master with integrated spectrum analysis capability provide users with a high-performance,
easy-to-use, feature-rich spectrum analyzer for field environments and applications requiring mobility.
Site Master’s integrated high performance spectrum analyzer makes it ideal for a broad range of activities, including spectrum
monitoring, AM/FM broadcast proofing, interference analysis, field strength measurements, transmitter spectrum analysis,
electro magnetic field strength, signal strength mapping, and overall field analysis of cellular 2G/3G/4G, land mobile radio, Wi-Fi,
and broadcast signals.
High Performance
The dynamic range is better than 95 dB in 10 Hz RBW, enabling
measurement of very small signals in the presence of much larger signals.
The picture demonstrates the dynamic range in the Site Master
Displayed Average Noise Level
Site Master delivers impressive and best-in-class DANL performance. With the
built-in pre-amp, better than -152 dBm DANL can typically be realized in 10
Hz RBW and -162 dBm when normalized to 1 Hz. This low-level performance
capability is essential when looking for low-level interference signals.
Dynamic Range Performance
GPS-Assisted Frequency Accuracy
With GPS Option 0031 the frequency accuracy is < 50 ppb. This additional
accuracy is important when characterizing 3GPP signals using counted
frequency markers. Also all measurements can be GPS tagged for exporting to
Simple But Powerful for Field Use
Convenience is a must in the field. This is why the Site Master is equipped
with features that will enhance productivity in the field.
Low Level Performance
The Site Master is equipped with limit lines for all user levels. You can create
single limit lines and segmented limit lines in one step using the one-button
limit envelope feature.
The Site Master automatically sets the fastest sweep possible while
still ensuring accurate measurements. This allows users to rely on the
instrument to optimize accuracy and consistency.
Auto Attenuation ties the input attenuation to the reference level eliminating
the need for the user to determine how much attenuation is needed.
Six regular and six delta markers can be displayed with a marker table that
can be turned on as needed. The capability to measure noise level in terms
of dBm/Hz or dBµV/Hz is a standard feature of the Site Master.
Limit Envelope
Comprehensive Marker Menu
Master Transmitter Testing
Smart Measurements for Transmitter Systems
Commonly needed transmitter measurements are built in and can be accessed easily. These include field strength, occupied
bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), and emission mask.
Occupied Bandwidth
This measurement determines the amount of spectrum used by a modulated
signal. The Site Master allows you to choose between two different methods
of determining bandwidth: the percent-of-power method or
the “x” dB down method.
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio is a common transmitter measurement. High
ACPR will create interference for neighboring carriers. This measurement can
be used to replace the traditional two-tone Intermodulation Distortion (IMD)
test for system non-linear behavior.
Occupied Bandwidth
Field Strength Measurements
The Site Master can determine the effects of electromagnetic fields caused
by transmitter systems. Specific antenna factors of the connected antenna
are automatically taken into account, and field strength is displayed directly
in dBµV/m. The Site Master also supports a wide range of directional
antennas. If you are using a different antenna, Master Software Tools can
be used to edit the antenna list and upload the custom antenna list to the
instrument to accurately measure the maximum field strength.
Emission Mask
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio
The emission mask is a segmented upper limit line that will display frequency
range, peak power and frequency, relative power and pass/fail status for
each segment of the mask. The emission mask must have at least two
segments. Emission mask adjusts to the peak power value of transmitted
signal level per government emission mask requirements.
Emission Mask
Spectrum Analyzer Highlights
-- Measurements: Occupied bandwidth, channel power, ACPR,
C/I, AM/FM demod, field strength, emission mask
-- Interference analyzer: spectrogram, signal strength, RSSI,
signal ID, Interference Mapping
-- Dynamic range: > 95 dB
-- DANL: -162 dBm typical (normalized to 1 Hz)
-- Phase noise: -100 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset
-- Frequency accuracy: < ± 50 ppb with GPS on
-- Advanced marker functions: noise marker, frequency counter,
fixed, tracking
-- Advanced limit line functions: one-button envelope creation
-- Detection methods: peak, RMS, negative, sample, quasi-peak
-- Save-on-event: automatically saves a sweep when crossing a
limit line
-- Gated sweep: view pulsed or burst signals only when they
are on, or off
Master the Location of Interference
As the wireless industry continues to expand, more diverse uses for the radio spectrum emerge, and the number of signals that
may potentially cause interference is constantly increasing.
Compounding the problem are the many sources that can generate interference, including intentional radiators, unintentional
radiators, and self interference. Interference causes Carrier-to-Interference degradation robbing the network of capacity.
The goal of these measurements is to resolve interference issues as quickly as possible.
Interference Analysis (Option 25)
The interference analyzer option provides you with a spectrogram
display, RSSI, signal strength meter, signal ID, and Interference Mapping
capabilities. Site Master’s integrated spectrum analyzer can detect signals as
low as -152 dBm.
Spectrogram Display
This option provides you with a three-dimensional display of frequency,
power, and time of the spectrum activity to identify intermittent interference
and track signal levels over time. The dual display screen allows for easy
viewing of both the spectrum and 3D display. The Site Master allows you to
save a history of data up to 72 hours.
Spectrogram Display
Signal Strength Meter
The Site Master’s signal strength meter can locate an interfering signal by
using a directional antenna and measuring the signal strength. It displays
power in Watts or dBm, in the graphical analog meter display and by an
audible beep proportional to its strength.
Signal Strength Meter
Signal ID
Site Master’s signal ID feature in the interference analyzer can help you
quickly identify the type of the interfering signal. You can configure this
measurement to identify all signals in the selected band or to simply monitor
one single interfering frequency. The Site Master then displays results that
include center frequency, signal bandwidth, and signal type (FM, GSM/GPRS/
Signal ID
Carrier-To-Interference Measurement
Site Master’s carrier-to-interference measurement capability makes it simple
for you to determine if the level of interference will affect users in the
intended service area.
AM/FM/SSB Demodulation
A built-in demodulator for AM, narrowband FM, wideband FM and single
sideband allows you to easily identify the interfering signal.
Carrier-to-Interference (C/I)
Pin Point Location of Interfering Signal with Interference Mapping
Interference Mapping
The Interference Mapping measurement eliminates the need to use printed
maps and draw lines to triangulate the interfering signal.
Using Map Master™, it is easy to convert maps and make them compatible
with the Site Master. With a valid GPS signal, the instrument identifies
the user location on the map. Using one of the recommended Anritsu
Yagi antennas, you can identify the direction of the interfering signal and
input the angle information with the rotary knob. With two or more lines
from different locations, it is possible to obtain an estimate location of the
interfering signal. The Interference Mapping can be done directly on the
Site Master. Files can also be saved as kml and opened with Google Earth.
Directional Antennas
Interference Mapping with Google Earth™
Anritsu offers several different directional antennas covering a wide range
of common frequency bands including: 822 to 900 MHz, 885 to 975
MHz, 1710 to 1880 MHz, 1850 to 1990 MHz, 2400 to 2500 MHz,
1920 to 2170 MHz, 500 to 3000 MHz, and 600 to 21000 MHz.
GPS Antenna
The 2000-1528-R GPS antenna and option (31) are required for the
interference mapping and coverage mapping measurements.
On Screen Interference Mapping
Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Mapping Solutions (Option 0431)
There is a growing demand for coverage mapping solutions. Anritsu’s Coverage Mapping measurements option provides
wireless service providers, public safety users, land mobile ratio operators, and government officials with indoor and outdoor
mapping capabilities
Outdoor Mapping
With a GPS antenna connected to the instrument and a valid GPS signal,
the instrument monitors RSSI and ACPR levels automatically. Using a map
created with Map Master, the instrument displays maps, the location of the
measurement, and a special color code for the power level. The refresh rate
can be set up in time or distance.
The overall amplitude accuracy coupled with the GPS update rate ensures
accurate and reliable mapping results
Outdoor Mapping
Indoor Mapping
When there is no GPS signal valid, the Site Master uses a start-walkstop approach to record RSSI and ACPR levels. You can set the update
rate, start location, and end location and the interpolated points will be
displayed on the map.
Indoor Mapping
Export KML Files
Save files as KML or JPEG. Open kml files with Google Earth™.
When opening up a pin in Google Earth, center frequency, detection method,
measurement type, and RBW are shown on screen.
Saved KML File
Map Master
The Map Master program creates maps compatible with the Site Master.
Maps are created by typing in the address or by converting existing JPEG,
TIFF, BMP, GIF, and PNG files to MAP files. Utilizing the built-in zoom in and
zoom out features, it is easy to create maps of the desired location and
transfer to the instrument with a USB flash card. Map Master also includes
a GPS editor for inputting latitude and longitude information of maps from
different formats.
Create maps with Map Master
Power Measurements for a Wide Range of Applications
The Anritsu Site Master provides many different power measurements to support a wide range of applications. The high-accuracy
broadband sensor family provides the best accuracy (±0.16 dB) over a wide frequency range. The power meter is ideal for
users looking to making channelized measurements in a few keystrokes with minimal training. Site Master’s channel power
measurement also makes channelized measurements but requires more knowledge and is recommended for more advanced
users. And when you are measuring multiple channels, the channel scanner is your perfect choice.
Channel Power
Use Site Master’s channel power measurement to determine the power and
power density of a transmission channel. Using the built-in signal standard list,
you can measure the channel power of a wide range of signals.
Power Meter (Option 29)
Site Master’s internal power meter provides power measurements without any
additional tools and is ideal for making channelized power measurements. You
can display the results in both dBm and Watts. This option is easy to use and
requires limited setup entries.
High Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19)
Power Meter
Anritsu’s high accuracy power meter option enables you to make high accuracy
RMS measurements. This capability is perfect for measuring both CW and
digitally modulated signals such as CDMA/EV-DO, GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA+,
and P25. You can select from a wide range of USB sensors delivering better than
±0.16 dB accuracy. An additional benefit of using the USB connection is that
a separate DC supply (or battery) is not needed since the necessary power is
supplied by the USB port.
- P
SN50 High Accuracy RF Power Sensor, 50 MHz to 6 GHz,
-30 to +20 dBm, True-RMS
- M
A24105A Inline Peak Power Sensor, 350 MHz to 4 GHz,
+3 to +51.76 dBm (150W), True-RMS
High Accuracy Power Meter
- M
A24106A High Accuracy RF Power Sensor, 50 MHz to 6 GHz,
-40 to +23 dBm, True-RMS
- M
A24108A Microwave USB Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 8 GHz,
-40 to +20 dBm, True-RMS
- M
A24118A, Microwave USB Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 18 GHz,
-40 to +20 dBm, True-RMS
- M
A24126A, Microwave USB Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 26 GHz,
-40 to +20 dBm, True-RMS
PC Power meter
High Accuracy Power Sensors
These power sensors can be used with a PC running Microsoft Windows® via
USB. They come with PowerXpert™ application, a data analysis, and control
software. The application has abundant features, such as data logging, power
versus time graph, big numerical display, and many more, that enable quick and
accurate measurements.
Channel Scanner (Option 27)
The channel scanner option measures the power of multiple transmitted signals,
making it very useful for simultaneously measuring channel power of up to 20
channels in GSM, TDMA, CDMA, W-CDMA, HSDPA, and public safety networks. You
can select the frequencies or the scanned data to be displayed by frequencies or
the channel number. And in the custom setup menu each channel can be custom
built with different frequency bandwidth, or with channels from different signal
standards. With Script Master, scans can be automated for up to 1200 channels.
Channel Scanner
Site Master™ Valuable Options and Features
CPRI RF Measurements (Option 0751)
CPRI RF Measurements
The CPRI RF measurement option allows
the user to make RF based measurements
over a fiber optic CPRI link (fiber
connection between the BBU & RRU).
Measurements include:
• CPRI spectrum
• CPRI spectrogram
• Layer 2 Alarms
• SFP Data
CPRI Spectrum
Tapping into the optical CPRI link allows the user to
monitor either uplink or downlink spectrums
Uplink Interference
One of the biggest issues facing operators
is interference on the uplink which can
drastically affect KPIs. By tapping into the
CPRI fiber link, the uplink spectrum can be
The ultra-fast sweep speed of the CPRI RF
measurements makes it easy to capture
and analyze transient and bursty signals
typical of many types of interference. For
added convenience, the user may tune to
anywhere within the spectrum and zoom in
for more detailed analysis.
Automatic Configuration
CPRI Spectrogram
Identifies transient or intermittent interference signals
on the uplink over time
To improve productivity, preconfigured
radio setups and an Auto Detect function
allow quick and simple configuration of the
CPRI RF measurements.
Layer 2 Alarms
Ability to verify and troubleshoot the CPRI
(optical) connection with CPRI Layer 2
Alarms.The key Layer 2 Alarms are always
visible at the top of the screen. Optical
Power is also available on the Layer 2
Alarm screen.
SFP Data
Layer 2 Alarms
Verify CPRI transport layer
Ability to read the embedded SFP data,
quickly determine wavelength, supported
line rate, manufacturer information and
SFP Data
Easily Determine the type of SFP is installed in the
CPRI Spectrum
Layer 2 Alarms
SFP Data
Site Master™ Valuable Options and Features
GPS Receiver (Option 31)
Site Master’s GPS option can be used to confirm the exact measurement
location (longitude, latitude, altitude) and Universal Time (UT) information.
Each trace can be stamped with location information to ensure you are taking
measurements at the right location.
In addition, the GPS option enhances the frequency accuracy of the internal
reference oscillator. Within three minutes of acquiring the GPS satellite, the
built-in GPS receiver provides a frequency accuracy to better than 50 ppb, for
Spectrum Analyzer measurements.
GPS Receiver
AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509)
The AM/FM/PM analyzer provides analysis and display of analog modulation. Four
measurement displays are provided.
The RF Spectrum display shows the spectrum with carrier power, frequency, and
occupied BW. The Audio Spectrum display shows the demodulated audio spectrum
along with the Rate, RMS deviation, Pk-Pk/2 deviation, SINAD, Total Harmonic
Distortion (THD), and Distortion/Total. Audio Waveform display shows the timedomain demodulated waveform. Finally, there is a Summary Table Display that
includes all the RF and Demod parameters.
AM/FM/PM Analyzer
Built-in Keyboard
The built-in touch screen keyboard gives you access to a fully functional
keyboard, saving valuable time in the field when entering trace names. You
can create shortcuts to customer-configurable user “quick names” to program
frequently used words.
CW Signal Generator (Option 28)
Touch screen keyboard
This option provides a CW signal generator from 2 MHz to 4 or 6 GHz. The signal
at the output port can be set high (approximately 0 dBm) or low (-30 dBm). With
the use of the CW Signal Generator Kit’s attenuator connected to the RF port, the
level can be varied in 1 dB steps, giving you the ability to generate signals as low
as -110 dBm for receiver sensitivity measurements. The included splitter divides
the signal, allowing for a simultaneous power measurement.
Ethernet Connectivity (Option 0411)
By enabling the S331E, S332E, S361E, and S362E to communicate with PCs
via Ethernet, you gain the ability to operate automated testing from your PC, or
conversely, to upload data from field test to the PC. By using the Remote Access
Tool (a utility provided with Anritsu’s Master Software Tools), remote access
control is provided.
Local Language Support
Site Master features eight languages including English, Japanese, Chinese,
Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Korean. One custom user-defined
language can be uploaded into the instrument using Master Software Tools.
Ethernet connectivity
Site Master™ Valuable Options and Features
Line Sweep Tools™, Master Software Tools™ and easyTest Tools™ (for your PC)
Line Sweep Tools
Trace Validation
Marker and Limit Line presets allow quick checks
of traces for limit violations.
Line Sweep Tools increases productivity
for people who deal with dozens of
Cable and Antenna traces, or Passive
Inter-Modulation (PIM) traces, every day.
• User Interface will be familiar
to users of Anritsu’s Hand
Held Software Tools. This will lead
to a short learning curve.
• Marker and Limit Line Presets make
applying markers and a limit line to
similar traces, as well as validating
traces, a quick task.
• Renaming Grid makes changing
file names, trace titles, and trace
subtitles from field values to those
required for a report much quicker
than manual typing and is less
prone to error.
• Report Generator will generate a
professional looking PDF of all open
traces with additional information
such as contractor logos and
contact information.
Report Generation
Create reports with company logo, GPS tagging
information, calibration status, and serial number
of the instrument for complete reporting.
3D Spectrogram
For in-depth analysis with 3-axis rotation viewing,
threshold, reference level, and marker control.
Turn on Signal ID to see the types of signals.
Remote Access Tool
The Remote Access Tool allows supervisor’s to remotely
view and control the instrument over the Internet.
easyTest Tools
easyTest Tools is a PC based program that helps
create, distribute and display work instructions
on Anritsu’s Cable and Antenna Analyzers.
Master Software Tools
Master Software Tools (MST) is a powerful
PC software post-processing tool designed
to enhance the productivity of technicians
in data analysis and testing automation.
Folder Spectrogram – creates a
composite file of up to 15,000 multiple
traces for quick review, also create:
• Peak Power, Total Power, and Peak
Frequency plotted over time
• Histogram – filter data and plot
number of occurrences over time
• Minimum, Maximum, and Average
Power plotted over frequency
• Movie playback – playback data in
the familiar frequency domain view
• 3D Spectrogram – for in-depth analysis
with 3-axis rotation viewing control
Line Sweep Features
7 sets of 6 markers and 1 limit line
Next trace capability
File Types
Input: HHST DAT, VNA Measurements: Return Loss
Report Generator
Logo, title, company name, customer name,
location, date and time, filename, PDF, HTML,
all open traces
Cable Editor
Distance to Fault
Measurement calculator
Signal Standard Editor
Renaming Grid
Serial, Ethernet, USB
Capture Plots to
Screen, Database, DAT files, JPEG, Instrument
Master Software Tools Features
Database Management
Full Trace Retrieval
Trace Catalog
Group Edit
Trace Editor
Data Analysis
Trace Math and Smoothing
Data Converter
Measurement Calculator
Mapping (GPS Required)
Spectrum Analyzer Mode
Mobile WiMAX OTA Option
LTE, both FDD and TDD Options
Folder Spectrogram
Folder Spectrogram – 2D View
Video Folder Spectrogram – 2D View
Folder Spectrogram – 3D View
easyTest Tools
List/Parameter Editors
Anritsu’s easyTest Tools is a PC based
program that can help create, distribute,
and display work instructions on Anritsu’s
Cable and Antenna Analyzers. easyTest can:
•Create – easyTest Tools has a
simple-to-use tool set to help create
an on-instrument procedure, with
setups, pictures, prompts, and easy
methods to save results.
•Distribute – An easyTest procedure
is completely contained in a single
compressed file, making electronic
distribution simple.
•Display – work instructions on
the instrument. Prompts, photos,
and even Power Point slides can be
displayed on your Anritsu handheld
cable and antenna analyzers.
The ability to recall setups and
automatically save results make
using easyTest even easier.
Antennas, Cables, Signal Standards
Product Updates
Firmware Upload
VSG Pattern Converter
Mobile WiMAX
Download measurements and live traces
Upload Lists/Parameters
Firmware Updates
Remote Access Tool over the Internet
easyTest Tools
Create tests
Distribute procedures
Display instructions
Site Master™ Ordering Information
Ordering Information – Options
2 MHz to 4 GHz
2 MHz to 4 GHz
2 MHz to 6 GHz
2 MHz to 6 GHz
9 kHz to 4 GHz
9 kHz to 6 GHz
Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
2-Port Transmission Measurement
Bias-Tee (requires Option 0021 for S331E /S361E)
GPS Receiver (requires Antenna P/N 2000-1528-R)
High-Accuracy Power Meter (requires External Power Sensor)
Power Meter
Interference Analyzer (Option 0031 recommended)
Channel Scanner
Coverage Mapping (requires Option 0031)
Gated Sweep
C/W Signal Generator (requires CW Signal Generator Kit, P/N 69793)
AM/FM/PM Analyzer
CPRI RF Measurements
Ethernet Connectivity
Standard Calibration (ANSI 2540-1-1994)
Premium Calibration to Z540 plus test data
Power Sensors (For complete ordering information see the respective datasheets of each sensor)
Model Number
High Accuracy RF Power Sensor, 50 MHz to 6 GHz, +20 dBm
Inline Peak Power Sensor, 350 MHz to 4 GHz, +51.76 dBm
High Accuracy RF Power Sensor, 50 MHz to 6 GHz, +23 dBm
Microwave USB Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 8 GHz, +20 dBm
Microwave USB Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, +20 dBm
Microwave USB Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 26 GHz, +20 dBm
Manuals (soft copy included on Handheld Instruments Documentation Disc and at
Part Number
Handheld Instruments Documentation Disc
Site Master User Guide (Hard copy included)
Cable and Antenna Analyzer Measurement Guide
2-Port Transmission Measurement
- Bias-Tee
Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide
- I nterference Analyzer, Channel Scanner, Gated Sweep,
CW Signal Generator, AM/FM/PM Analyzer,
Interference Mapping, Coverage Mapping
Power Meter Measurement Guide
- High Accuracy Power Meter
Programming Manual
PIM Master User Guide
Troubleshooting Guides (soft copy at
Part Number
Cable, Antenna and Components
Spectrum Analyzers
Site Master™ Ordering Information
Standard Accessories (included with instrument)
Part Number
Handheld Instruments Documentation Disc
Site Master User Guide
Soft Carrying Case
Master Software Tools (MST) CD Disc
Anritsu Tool Box with Line Sweep Tools (LST) DVD Disc
Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
AC-DC Adapter
Automotive Cigarette Lighter 12 VDC Adapter
USB A/5-pin mini-B Cable, 10 feet/305 cm
Screen Protector Film 8.4 in. (2, one installed)
Site Master™ S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E Technical Data Sheet
Three Year Warranty (Firmware, and software), One Year (Battery)
Certificate of Calibration and Conformance
Optional Accessories
Calibration Components, 50 Ω
Part Number
InstaCal™ Calibration Module, 38 dB, 2 MHz to 6.0 GHz, N(m), 50 Ω
Precision Open/Short/Load, N(m), 42 dB, 6.0 GHz, 50 Ω
Precision Open/Short/Load, N(f), 42 dB, 6.0 GHz, 50 Ω
Precision Open/Short/Load, 7/16 DIN(m), DC to 6.0 GHz 50 Ω
Precision Open/Short/Load, 7/16 DIN(f), DC to 6.0 GHz 50 Ω
Open/Short, N(m), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
Open/Short, N(f), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
Precision Load, N(m), 42 dB, 6.0 GHz, 50 Ω
Precision Load, N(f), 42 dB, 6.0 GHz, 50 Ω
Calibration Components, 75 Ω
Part Number
Open/Short, N(m), DC to 3 GHz, 75 Ω
Open/Short, N(f), DC to 3 GHz, 75 Ω
Precision Termination, N(m), DC to 3 GHz, 75 Ω
Precision Termination, N(f), DC to 3 GHz, 75 Ω
Matching Pad, DC to 3 GHz, 50 Ω to 75 Ω
Phase-Stable Test Port Cables, Armored w/ Reinforced Grip (recommended for cable & antenna line sweep applications)
Part Number
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(f), 50 Ω
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(m), 50 Ω
3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(f), 50 Ω
3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(m), 50 Ω
InterChangeable Adaptor Phase Stable Test Port Cables, Armored w/Reinforced Grip (recommended for cable and antenna line sweep applications.
It uses the same ruggedized grip as the Reinforced grip series cables. Now you can also change the adaptor interface on the grip to four different connector types)
Part Number
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m), N(f), 7/16 DIN(m), 7/16 DIN(f), 50 Ω
3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m), N(f), 7/16 DIN(m), 7/16 DIN(f), 50 Ω
Phase-Stable Test Port Cables, Armored (recommended for use with tightly spaced connectors and other general purpose applications)
Part Number
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to N(m), 50 Ω
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(f), 50 Ω
1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(m), 50 Ω
3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m) to N(m), 50 Ω
Site Master™ Ordering Information
Optional Accessories (continued)
Part Number
SMA(m) to N(m), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
SMA(f) to N(m), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
SMA(m) to N(f), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
SMA(f) to N(f), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
BNC(f) to N(m), DC to 1.3 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(f) to N(m), DC to 7.5 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(f) to N(f), DC to 7.5 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(m) to N(m), DC to 7.5 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(m) to N(f), DC to 7.5 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(m) to 7/16 DIN (m), DC to 7.5 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(f) to 7/16 DIN (f), DC to 7.5 GHz, 50 Ω
7/16 DIN(f) to 7/16 DIN(f), DC to 6 GHz, 50 Ω, w/ Reinforced Grip
N(m) to N(m), DC to 11 GHz, 50 Ω, 90 degrees right angle
Precision Adapters
Part Number
Precision Adapter, N(m) to N(m), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
Precision Adapter, N(f) to N(f), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
Miscellaneous Accessories
Part Number
GPS Antenna, SMA(m) with 15 ft cable
GPS Antenna, SMA(m) with 1 ft cable
CW Signal Generator Kit
USB Flash Drive
External Charger for Li-lon Batteries
Ethernet Cable, 7 ft/213 cm
Cat 5e Crossover Patch Cable, 7 ft/213 cm)
Screen Protector Film 8.4 in.
Phase Noise Measurement Software (requires Ethernet Option 0411)
Map Master CD
Backpack and Transit Case
Part Number
Anritsu Backpack (For Handheld Instrument and PC)
Large Transit Case with Wheels and Handle
Directional Antennas
Part Number
822 MHz to 900 MHz, N(f), 10 dBd, Yagi
885 MHz to 975 MHz, N(f), 10 dBd, Yagi
1710 MHz to 1880 MHz, N(f), 10 dBd. Yagi
1850 MHz to 1990 MHz, N(f), 9.3 dBd, Yagi
2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, N(f), 10 dBd, Yagi
1920 MHz to 2170 MHz, N(f), 10 dBd, Yagi
500 MHz to 3 GHz, log periodic
Site Master™ Ordering Information
Optional Accessories (continued)
Portable Antennas
Part Number
806 MHz to 866 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
870 MHz to 960 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
896 MHz to 941 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
1710 MHz to 1880 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
1710 MHz to 1880 MHz with knuckle elbow (1/2 wave)
1850 MHz to 1990 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
1920 MHz to 1980 MHz and 2110 MHz to 2170 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω (1/2 wave)
2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, 5000 MHz to 6000 MHz, SMA(m), 50 Ω
Antenna Kit (Consists of: 2000-1030-R, 2000-1031-R, 2000-1032-R,
2000-1200-R, 2000-1035-R, 2000-1361-R, and carrying pouch)
Mag Mount Broadband Antenna
Part Number
Cable 1: 698-1200 MHz 2 dBi peak gain, 1700-2700 MHz 5 dBi peak gain,
N(m), 50 Ω, 10 ft
Cable 2: 3000-6000 MHz 5 dBi peak gain, N(m), 50 Ω, 10 ft
Cable 3: GPS 26 db gain, SMA(m), 50 Ω, 10 ft
694-894 MHz 3 dBi peak gain, 1700-2700 MHz 3dBi peak gain,
N(m), 50 Ω, 10 ft
750-1250 MHz 3 dBi peak gain, 1650-2000 MHz 5 dBi peak gain,
2100-2700 MHz 3 dBi peak gain, N(m), 50 Ω, 10 ft
1700-6000 MHz 3 dBi peak gain, N(m), 50 Ω, 10 ft
Part Number
806 MHz to 869 MHz, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
824 MHz to 849 MHz, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
880 MHz to 915 MHz, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
890 MHz to 915 MHz Band, 0.41 dB loss, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
1850 MHz to 1910 MHz, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
1710 MHz to 1790 MHz Band, 0.34 dB loss, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
1910 MHz to 1990 MHz Band, 0.41 dB loss, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
2400 MHz to 2484 MHz, N(m) to SMA(f), 50 Ω
High Pass, 150 MHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
High Pass, 400 MHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
High Pass, 700 MHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
Low Pass, 200 MHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
Low Pass, 550 MHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
2500 MHz to 2700 MHz, N(m) to N(f), 50 Ω
PIM Alert
Anritsu has created a new PIM Alert application that uses the built in Spectrum Analyzer of
Anritsu touchscreen hand-held test equipment to check the Uplink Band of mobile carriers
for the possibility of PIM (Passive Intermodulation).
This application is complimentary to Anritsu’s PIM Master product line which will provide an
accurate measurement and locate the source of PIM problems.
PIM Alert can be downloaded for free of charge from the Anritsu website product page, and
installed into the following Anritsu hand-held instruments, MT8220T, MS2720T, MS271xE,
MT821xE, S332E & S362E.
PIM Alert uses the easyTestTM script capability.
Site Master™ Ordering Information
Optional Accessories (continued)
Part Number
20 dB, 5 W, DC to 12.4 GHz, N(m) to N(f)
20 dB, 5 W, DC to 18 GHz, N(m) to N(f)
30 dB, 50 W, DC to 18 GHz, N(m) to N(f)
30 dB, 50 W, DC to 8.5 GHz, N(m) to N(f)
30 dB, 150 W, DC to 3 GHz, N(m) to N(f)
40 dB, 100 W, DC to 8.5 GHz, N(m) to N(f), Uni-directional
40 dB, 100 W, DC to 18 GHz, N(m) to N(f), Uni-directional
40 dB, 150 W, DC to 3 GHz, N(m) to N(f)
CPRI RF Measurement Accessories
Part Number
Optical Tap; Single Mode/Multi Mode
Optical Tap; Single Mode
SFP (Optical Module), 4.25G, 850nm, 500m
SFP+ (Optical Module), 8G FC/10G SR 850nm
SFP (Optical Module), 2.7G, 1310nm, 15km
SFP+ (Optical Module), 10G LR 1310nm
ESD Box for SFP (Optical Modules)
Fiber Optic Cable, 3m, LC/UPC, Single Mode (SM), Simplex
Fiber Optic Cable, 10m, LC-SC, Multi-Mode (MM), Simplex
Fiber Optic Cable, 3m, LC/UPC, Single Mode (SM), Duplex
Ferrule cleaner, 2.5mm SC
Ferrule cleaner, 1.25mm LC
Fiber ferrule cleaner
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