Thank you for participating in the 2018 Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) as we celebrate 25 years of
connecting agricultural companies with farmers to bring them the latest technology and innovation.
Please review this Exhibitor Manual carefully. All required forms can be downloaded from the Online Exhibitor
Kit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 563-5441. During the Show, please call the
Site Office at (519) 539-8337.
2.1 Exhibitor Services
2.2 Tent Rentals
2.3 Electrical
2.4 Telephone/Internet Services
2.5 Financial Services
2.6 Exhibitor Passes
2.7 Advance Shipments
2.8 Shipping/Customs
2.9 Telehandlers
4.1 Move-In/Move-out Dates
4.2 Loading/Unloading and Telehandlers
4.3 Power Washing
4.4 Clean-Up – Shavings/Wood Chips/Mulch/Holes
5.1 Exhibitor Business Services
5.2 Special Events
5.3 Flags
5.4 Security
5.5 Water
5.6 Food Samples
5.7 Propane
3.1 Liability Insurance
5.8 Guidelines for Heating & Cooking Equipment
3.2 COFS/Contractor Agreements
3.3 Site Sharing/Subletting
3.4 Buildings/Structures
6.1 Equipment Rental Contacts
3.5 Outdoor Exhibits
6.2 Hardware Contacts
3.6 Indoor Exhibits
3.7 Care of the Land
3.8 Exhibit Maintenance
7.1 Hotels/Motels/Bed & Breakfasts/Campsites
3.9 Garbage and Recycling
7.2 RV Parking or Staying Overnight
3.10 Permission to Dig
3.11 Safety Procedures
3.12 Fire Protection
3.13 Sound Levels
3.14 Live Entertainment
3.15 Livestock
3.16 Parking
3.17 Smoking Regulations
3.18 Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
3.19 Entry to Show
3.20 Sale of Goods and Services
3.21 Promotions and Souvenirs
3.22 Demonstrations
3.23 Ride & Drive/Demonstration Waiver
3.24 Drones
January 31, 2018
3.25 Signage
Tuesday, September 11, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 12, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, September 13, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
CANADA’S OUTDOOR FARM SHOW, a division of Glacier FarmMedia, 160 Research Lane, Unit 101, Guelph, ON N1G 5B2
Tel: (519) 822-2890
Toll-free: (800) 563-5441
Fax: (519) 829-1777
Street Address for Deliveries: 744906 Oxford Road #17, R.R. # 6, Woodstock, ON N4S 7W1
Tel: (519) 539-8337
Fax: (519) 539-8671
City of Woodstock Lot 3 Concession 11 – Located 1 km west of Oxford Road #59 on Oxford Road #17.
GPS: 43.153836, -80.785189
For your convenience, the Site can be found on Google Maps.
All information and links to forms for ordering exhibitor services prior to the Show are included in the Online Exhibitor Kit.
During the Show, exhibitor services can be ordered through the Site Office or representatives with show services such as
electrical, tents, show furniture and accessories can be contacted from the Site Office.
Various sundry items/services such as post hole digging, private portable toilets, on-site RV pumping service, grass
mowing, fuel, telehandlers and other additional requirements can be ordered in advance of the Show. Please download the
COFS Exhibitor Services order form and email it to After September 10, 2018, the form should
be faxed to Site Office at (519) 539-8671. Download the form here: COFS Exhibitor Services Order Form.
 Advanced Tent Rental is the exclusive tent supplier for tenting requirements at COFS. Other tent suppliers will be
requested to leave the Site.
 Advanced Tent Rental has qualified personnel on-site on a 24-hour basis during the Show. Please contact the Site
Office with any issues.
 Tent rental forms can be downloaded here: Tent Rental Form.
 Tents that are ordered and supplied from Advanced Tent Rental will not require individual building permits as these
rentals are covered by a blanket permit secured by COFS.
 Exhibitors may use their own tent equipment on their exhibit space; however, the City of Woodstock requires a
Building Permit for exhibitors that supply their own tents. The details are as follows:
o For tents over 60 m (646 sq. ft.), the Ontario Building Code indicates that a building permit is required.
o All tent permit applications must include drawings (stamped by an engineer for tents greater than 225 m (2,422
sq. ft.), certification of flame spread for the fabric and a site plan showing location.
o For tents greater than 225 m , the construction shall be reviewed on-site by the designing engineer.
o Applications for tents over 225 m need original hard copy engineered drawings (faxes can not be accepted).
o An “Application for a Permit to Construct” must be completed and submitted to the City of Woodstock.
o This form can be obtained by downloading the form from the City of Woodstock website. Click here to download:
City of Woodstock Building Permit.
o A cheque in the amount of $75.00 made payable to the City of Woodstock is to accompany the completed
building permit application and forwarded to: City of Woodstock, City Engineer’s Office, P.O. Box 1539, 944
James Street, Woodstock, ON N4S 0A7 Attention: Luke Julian, Building Inspector.
o Please allow 10 business days for application processing.
o Note: For those companies who received building permits for Exhibitor-owned tents in prior years, the City of
Woodstock Engineer’s Office now requires hard copy engineered drawings each year as well as the building
permit application every year.
 SHOWTECH Power and Lighting is the exclusive electrical service provider at COFS. All electrical service must be
arranged through SHOWTECH.
 One 1500-watt electrical outlet is included in the rental cost of each exhibit space (unless otherwise stated). Silenced
diesel generators will supply power.
 Electrical service is supplied underground through 60-kV lines. All underground lines will be marked with red flags on
the grass. Please refrain from any underground digging without permission from COFS. Any costs to repair
damages to electrical lines will be charged directly to the Exhibitor. The 110-V secondary service will be supplied above
ground to the back of each exhibit space (unless otherwise stated).
 If temporary electricity is required on Friday, September 7 and/or Saturday, September 8, or for any additional electrical
requirements, please make arrangements directly with SHOWTECH at (905) 283-0550.
 Download the form here: SHOWTECH Order Form
 The COFS site is located within 5 km of the Bell Cellular, Rogers, AT&T and Telus transmission towers.
 High speed internet access can be arranged directly through Execulink Business Solutions at (877) 393-2854. Download
the form here for more information: Execulink High Speed Internet
 ATM machines will be available on-site during the Show at the Site Office and at the FCC Industry Pavilion .
 Visa, MasterCard and Interac can be made available.
 For exhibitors with their own wireless point of sale (POS) devices, the COFS site provides adequate cellular network
connection, but prior testing is recommended.
COFS Management will provide DAILY passes to exhibitors (one pass per person per day) based on the relative size and
cost of each respective exhibit space. There will be NO refunds for lost passes. Passes will be mailed to exhibitors in July.
It is each Exhibitor's responsibility to distribute passes to individuals participating in COFS. ADMISSION IS BY PASS
Additional passes are available to Exhibitors upon request at a discounted rate of $15.00 per pass. Download the form
here: Additional Passes Order Form.
Second-day Wristbands are available for $15 from Info Booths and the Site Office.
A limited amount of pre-Show equipment can be stored on-site after August 25. This must be pre-arranged with Show
Management. During the pre-Show period, security is severely limited and there is no on-site security after Friday
September 14. Therefore, COFS Management assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of goods left on-site pre- or
In order to expedite timing of deliveries and pickups, please provide the exhibiting company’s name and exhibit location on
all trucking/courier manifests for advance shipments.
The services of Beyond Borders Logistics & Consulting Inc. have been engaged to ensure smooth and trouble-free entry of
exhibit materials into Canada. Beyond Borders will offer their Official Customs & Transportation package which has onsite priority and provides the following services: free advance warehousing; post required bonds with Canada Customs;
clear materials through Canada Customs directly on-site; co-ordinate delivery to the facility on the appropriate move-in
hours; provide on-site staff; prepare export documentation; co-ordinate outgoing transportation; and have U.S. Customs
clear your exhibit materials.
 Download the Customers and Transportation Services Order Form from the Online Exhibitor Kit
 For Customs or Transportation quotes and/or information please fax or email your completed forms to:
Rob Parr, (Customs Services) or Tel: 416-771-4065 or Brian Moore, (Transportation Services) Tel: 905-808-1006
Please see note in Section 7 regarding passport requirements for travel to Canada effective June 1, 2009.
Lifts with either telehandlers or tractors (with short or long forks) can be ordered at the Dispatch Office at the main entrance
of the Site. Telehandlers are reserved, dispatched and conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibitors must be at
their exhibit space when the telehandlers arrive or the order will not be completed.
The Exhibitor will be liable for and will indemnify and hold harmless COFS Management from any loss or damages
whatsoever suffered as a result of any person or company including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing
Exhibitor, other Exhibitors, Management, the owner of the property and their respective agents, servants and employees
and members of the public attending the Show, either on the said space or elsewhere if said loss or damages arose or were
in any way connected with the Exhibitor's occupancy of said space.
The Exhibitor shall secure and furnish upon demand, evidence of comprehensive general liability insurance with a limit not
less than $2,000,000 inclusive including coverage for premises and operations, products and completed operations. The
Exhibitor is responsible for the cost and placement of all insurance related to any potential loss or damage resulting from
participating in the Show.
For more information on requirements and additional insured, or to order temporary insurance coverage through Vendor
Insurance Inc., download the Liability Insurance form here: Vendor Insurance
Please send proof of liability insurance by email to or via fax to 519-829-1777 by
August 24, 2018
The Exhibitor agrees to observe all contract conditions between Show Management and the official designated contractors,
employing the services of these contractors only for their allocated functions.
Space contracted by the Exhibitor may not be sublet without the prior written permission of COFS Management.
Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is on a permanent site. All structures and buildings are to be installed on a temporary or
movable basis. Please contact Michael Hargrave at to discuss the
building/structure before proceeding with plans. COFS will discuss complete requirements and property tax implications
with exhibitor. A COFS Building Agreement must be signed before work begins on any building/structure.
Exhibitors must confine their presentation within the contracted space only and within the Show rules and regulations, as
well as maintain staff in the booth during Show hours.
In order to ensure line of sight considerations for neighbouring exhibitors, the following rules must be adhered to:
Exhibited machinery, equipment or other items that are under 4 ft. tall may be displayed up to the front lot line;
Exhibited machinery, equipment or other items that are between 4 ft. and 8 ft. tall must be placed 5 ft. back from
the front lot line; and
Exhibited machinery, equipment, or other items that are over 8 ft. tall must be 10 ft. back from the front lot line.
 Exhibitor must confine his/her presentation within the contracted space only and within the Show rules and regulations,
and maintain a staff in the booth space during Show hours.
 Indoor exhibits shall be placed fully within the confines of the space provided. COFS will supply 3 ft. high drapes
between exhibits and 8 ft. high drapes behind only those exhibits that back onto each other.
 The Exhibitor will be responsible for supplying all other equipment necessary for the exhibit. Unless otherwise stated,
one (1) electrical outlet will be supplied by COFS
 Exhibitors have the option of purchasing exhibit space with flooring, as per description on the supplier form; download
the Advanced Tent Rental form for flooring orders by downloading: Advanced Tent Rental
 For indoor exhibits, the back perimeter wall or drape must not be over 8 ft. high. Any signage, decorations or display
materials must not be over 8 ft. high or hang over the boundaries of the space provided.
 For those Exhibitors who have purchased four (4) or more standard exhibit spaces (i.e. frontage of 40 ft. or more), the
Exhibitor may install drapes, walls, signage or decorations up to a maximum of 12 ft. high on the exhibit spaces fully
contained within, but not adjacent to other Exhibitor areas, in the space provided.
 Display materials must not obstruct sight line of neighbouring exhibitors. The maximum 8 ft. height is allowed only in the
rear half of the booth space. Exhibit materials over 5 ft. tall must be displayed 5 ft. back from the front of the exhibit
It is the sole responsibility of all Exhibitors to provide normal care of all land being used by them in accordance with the City
of Woodstock bylaws and land-use laws governed by the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada. Exhibitors in
contravention of any such laws will be expelled permanently from the Show.
The Exhibitor shall not disturb the exhibit space without obtaining written approval and on-site authorization from COFS
Management. All damages, losses or claims whatsoever arising from disturbing or interfering with the space of other
Exhibitors will be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.
COFS shall govern the importation, purchase, type, spreading and removal of all ground material, such as, but not limited to
bark, gravel, sawdust, wood chips, etc.
COFS will provide daily cleaning of Canada’s Outdoor Park street lanes and malls through a community service club.
Exhibitor booth cleaning will be the responsibility of individual Exhibitors.
RVS Exhibitional Draperies will be offering carpet vac service after each day of COFS. To order this service, download the
form here: RVS Exhibitional Draperies
 Show Management will provide garbage disposal/pick-up. Please place all garbage in tightly secured garbage bags on
the COFS laneways by 5:00 pm daily. If required, contact the Site Office for garbage collection or for extra bags.
 COFS will make every effort to recycle glass bottles, pop cans, plastic water bottles, paper products and cardboard.
 COFS will provide a large bin behind the Site Office for recycling cardboard. Please collapse cardboard boxes before
All Exhibitors wishing to dig a hole or dig post holes at the Show must request permission in writing from Show
Management. A request form must be submitted. Permission to dig will be granted by Show Management after all
regulations are met and necessary precautions have been taken by Exhibitors. COFS Management assumes no liability for
damage caused by faulty digging. It is imperative that Exhibitors contact Show Management before digging.
Permission to Dig forms are available for download here: Permission to Dig Form
 Exhibitors who will demonstrate moving or operating equipment are required to provide every possible precaution for the
safety of Show visitors, their own operators and exhibit personnel. All shaft, belt and chain drive units must be covered;
safety shields or related safety devices must be provided with all equipment where cutting of metal, wood or plastic is
 Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, a division of Glacier FarmMedia LP, makes every effort to follow Ontario’s Occupational
Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulations and insists that Exhibitors at COFS carry out all aspects of the OHSA &
“The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA/90) applies to all workers at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show
(COFS). In addition to the OHSA/90, during show set up and show tear down, all workers at COFS must comply with the
applicable sections of the Construction Projects regulations (O.REG 213/91). Every worker that enters the show grounds
must be aware of and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations. COFS is subject to spot
inspections by Ministry of Labor Inspectors. Any workers failing to abide by the OHSA and regulations are at risk of fines.
For questions regarding Health and Safety at COFS, contact Coral Defayette at”
The City of Woodstock Fire Station requires that all tents over 600 sq. ft. or tents that contain any fire hazards, have a 5 lb.
or greater-rated fire extinguisher located near the exhibit entrance and placed 5 ft. above the ground. Exhibitors are
responsible for supplying a current fire extinguisher for their tent. Failure to comply with fire protection regulations may lead
to the expulsion of offending Exhibitors from the Show site.
Rental of a fire extinguisher can be arranged through Dan Daley Fire Equipment (519) 621-1367 or fax a request to (519)
621-2914. Fire extinguishers will be delivered on Monday, September 10 and picked up on Thursday, September 13,
immediately after the Show closes.
COFS Management reserves the right to request the abatement of any or all noise-creating activities that are deemed to be
destructive to the Show, its Exhibitors or its visitors. Failure to comply with recommendations from Show Management may
lead to the permanent expulsion from the Show site of the offending party.
The Exhibitor must obtain written approval from COFS Management before the showing of live entertainment.
Contact Michael Hargrave at with any livestock-related questions.
 Exhibitors must receive an approval letter from COFS Management in order to bring live animals on-site. Letters will be
granted once Exhibitors have completed a Livestock Tracking Form. Contact Michael Hargrave at or (800) 563-5441 ext. 30 to receive the form.
 This information is being collected for health, safety and biosecurity purposes and will not be shared.
 COFS will provide water to the back of exhibit lots; however, Exhibitors must provide water and feed holding capacities.
 Exhibitors are responsible for providing all feed, veterinary and other necessary requirements for the safe care and
handling of their animals.
 COFS will arrange with Exhibitors to remove manure daily from the Site.
 Access to the COFS site is controlled after show hours, for security. Exhibitor staff with live animals will have access to
the livestock area on a 24-hour basis via a service corridor to the livestock area to care for animals.
 Exhibitors with livestock wishing to stay on-site may do so with permission from COFS Management.
 Exhibitors should leave dogs at home. If dogs are part of your exhibit, please adhere to instructions for livestock.
Vehicles will not be allowed on-site during COFS. Exhibitor parking will be adjacent to the Show site and special shuttle
services will be available to Exhibitors throughout the day. Exhibitors will be allowed to drive to their site, but vehicles must
be removed before 8:00 am daily.
An Exhibitor Parking Pass is required to gain early entry to the site along with the daily admission pass. Parking tags allow
vehicle entry only. Each Exhibitor will require one admission pass per person per day. Passes will be mailed in July.
Effective January 1, 2015, smoking is prohibited at restaurant and bar patios, or any area where food and drink is sold,
offered for sale or offered for consumption. By this definition, fairs, festivals and other public events where food and
beverages are being served are also off limits for smoking, even if they are under the open-air.
Smoking will only be allowed in parking fields, outside of fenced perimeter and in the designated smoking area on the east
side of the Ducks Unlimited Wetland Farm Pond.
 Exhibitors may park RVs on their exhibit space during the Show if it is part of their display and/or for office usage. The
RV must be in place by 8:00 am on Tuesday, September 11, and may not be moved until after the Show closes at 5:00
pm on Thursday, September 13.
 All wastes (solid or liquid) must be self-contained. No liquids may be disposed of on the Show site. This will be regulated
by the County of Oxford Health Department. On-site septic pumping will be provided after Show hours upon Exhibitor
request and at Exhibitor expense
 Please note that on-site offices, including RVs, may not be used for overnight accommodation purposes during
the Show due to security reasons
COFS Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the Show site, or request the expulsion from the Show
site, of any visitor, Exhibitor, or Exhibitor's employees who, in the opinion of Show Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or in
any way creating a disruption. Parking tags allow vehicle entry only. Each Exhibitor will require one admission pass per day.
Exhibitors are encouraged to sell their goods and services at the Show. Small sale items may be carried by the purchaser.
However, Management requests that large sale items (e.g. tractors, field machinery, water pumps) remain on-site until after
the Show closes on Thursday, September 13.
Exhibitors are responsible for arranging pick up of larger items with their customers. COFS is not responsible for these
For ‘cash and carry’ items, COFS will provide assistance to transport purchased goods to attendee vehicles in the parking
areas. Contact the COFS Site Office or the closest Information Booth, to dispatch a utility vehicle to meet the attendee at the
requested on-site location.
 Sales, promotions, competitions and contests conducted by Exhibitors in conjunction with their display must be free of
any obligation on the part of the winner. Prize winners must not be required to place an order before collection of the
prize offered. The schedule of prizes and terms of the competition must be clearly stated on the entry form. All such
competitions must be approved by COFS Show Management at least three (3) weeks before the Show. It is the
responsibility of each Exhibitor to ensure contests comply with all existing government regulations.
 Only participating Exhibitors have the exclusive rights to promote or sell goods and services at the Show. All other
parties who attempt to make any sale solicitations without the written permission of COFS Management will be
permanently removed from the Show site. Exhibitors are asked to report any infractions to the Site Office so that
immediate remedial action may be taken. Distribution of samples, souvenirs, promotional material and solicitation of
business must be confined to the Exhibitor's own booth space. Exhibitors wishing to enter another Exhibitor's area may
do so only if invited.
 COFS is a demonstration-focused agricultural showcase. COFS consults with Exhibitors in the months preceding the
Show, to select different themed demonstrations for each year. Exhibitors are welcome to participate in scheduled field
demonstrations in conjunction with COFS Management. A participation fee is charged to cover signage and site
 COFS encourages demonstrations both in Canada’s Outdoor Park and in the field demonstration area. In many cases,
the equipment or product being demonstrated may require a tractor to operate the machine. The Exhibitor must arrange
with a company at the Show to use a tractor or related piece of equipment from a participating Exhibitor. Tractors or
other related equipment that are not being exhibited at the Show may not be used in any demonstration.
 Numerous manufacturers of farm tractors are participating in the Show. Please arrange to secure a tractor from
dealers/manufacturers that are represented at the Show. Contact COFS Management for information.
 Guidelines have been developed for seed companies, crop input companies and suppliers, including agrochemical and
farm equipment/machinery companies regarding their demonstrations during the Show. A comprehensive set of
regulations has been developed for all field demonstrations and is distributed to participating companies upon request
from COFS Management. To inquire, contact Michael Hargrave at or (800)
563-5441 ext. 30.
COFS encourages Exhibitors to offer qualified attendees with the opportunity to try out the products that an attendee may
wish to purchase. COFS Management requires individual Exhibitors to provide, manage and govern attendees to sign a
liability waiver before participating in any high impact demonstrations. This should remind the attendee that, in addition to
protection and general safety, COFS insists that each person trying out any product is ultimately responsible for his or her
own personal safety. This applies to all Ride & Drives and demonstrations including, but not limited to ATVs, bicycles,
tractors, lawn mowers, passenger vehicles and all other utility vehicles. Sample waiver forms are available from Show
A Special Flight Operational Certificate (SFOC) from Transportation Canada is required to fly a drone at COFS. Once a
SFOC has been obtained, written permission from Show Management must also be provided. COFS is considered a builtup area by Transport Canada and therefore businesses are required to apply for a SFOC permit during commercial events,
as well as receive written permission from land owners (Show Management). Flying a drone at COFS is considered
commercial use. Claiming that flying a drone for personal use at a tradeshow is not defensible in court. An employee using
a personal drone to collect footage that is to benefit a business is considered commercial use.
Signage is only permitted within your exhibit space. Signage around the show site is reserved for sponsors (as per
sponsorship agreement) and for show purposes, unless approval is granted from Show Management. Any unauthorized
signage will be removed and stored at the Site Office for pick-up.
Aug. 20
Self-unloading equipment/materials can be delivered to the Site and stored in a marshalling area. It is the
Exhibitor’s responsibility to pick up the materials; they will not be placed on the Exhibitor’s space.
Sept. 4
Move-in for outdoor exhibits begin. It is recommended that all exhibits be set up by dusk on Sept. 10.
Sept. 4-11
Show site open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Security will be on-site from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am. Exhibits that
require highway trailers to be unloaded at the exhibit space and/or will require more than one hour use of
telehandlers are encouraged to plan their set up for the Tuesday – Thursday the week prior to the show.
Sept. 6
Move-in for indoor exhibits begin.
Sept. 11
COFS site will be open for final move-in at 6:30 am. Exhibits must be set up by 8:00 am.
Vehicles that are not part of the exhibit MUST be removed from the Show site by 8:00 am.
Sept. 11-13
COFS is open to visitors from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Only emergency and service vehicles will be allowed on
the Show site during these hours. Security will be on-site from 4:00 pm to 7:00 am.
Sept. 13
Tear down may begin at 5:00 pm, but NOT BEFORE. Small trucks and trailers will be allowed on-site at
6:00 pm, but NOT BEFORE. This time may vary pending the number of attendees remaining on the site.
Highway trucks/trailers will NOT be allowed on-site until after 6:30 pm, or when it is deemed safe.
Holding locations for trucks will be provided off Oxford Rd. 17 as directed by the signage. The holding area for
trucks arriving Thursday afternoon will be located in West Parking south of the show site on Oxford Road 30. If
approaching the site from for the roundabout on Oxford 59 proceed west on Oxford 17 to Oxford 30 (Oxford 30
is first road on left past show site).
New for 2018: The Traffic Committee will provide direction and printed instructions to assist trucks approaching
the site on location for the holding area. The Traffic Committee with Police assistance will also provide direction
to truck drivers when trucks can safely enter the show site for loading/pick-ups.
Note: To ensure safe loading, COFS operates forklift service until dusk on Thursday evening. Forklift service
resumes at 7:00 am Friday morning.
Sept. 14-21
Site open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. No security on-site after 5:00 pm Sept. 16.
Sept. 21
All materials must be removed from the COFS site by 5:00 pm. This includes all temporary buildings kept in
storage on the site. Materials remaining at the Site after this time will be removed at the Exhibitor’s expense.
COFS Staff will be available at all times during the move-in period to assist you. In the event of heavy rain, COFS Management
reserves the right to restrict access to the site.
 COFS Management will provide telehandler services to assist Exhibitors in the handling of heavy materials.
Telehandlers will be available by contacting the Dispatch Office on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibitors must be
present at their exhibit lots when telehandlers arrive or the order will not be completed.
 COFS Management will provide 3 ft. and 4 ft. loading ramps for trucks. Due to potential turf damage, all highway trailers
will be unloaded or loaded at the loading ramp and marshalling area located off Oxford Road #17. Smaller vehicles can
load and unload at the Exhibitors lot.
 COFS will provide designated parking space for highway trucks and trailers. Ask staff for location before parking trailers.
 Exhibits that require more than one hour use of telehandlers are encouraged to plan their set up for the Tuesday –
Thursday the week prior to the show.
Power washing equipment will be available at the Show site at the Exhibitor's expense. Contact D&T Mobile Wash at (519)
421-7615 or (519) 320-0779. Power washing is also available through Chesney Mobile Wash at (519) 467-5522.
CLEAN-UP – Shavings/Wood Chips/Mulch/Holes
Exhibit space/turf must be left clear of garbage and all landscaping materials. Any holes created must be filled. If extra effort is
required by COFS staff to clean the exhibit space, a charge will be applied to cover the cost. The fee has been set at $150.00
per hour with a $150.00 minimum charge. Only Exhibitors with lots that require final cleanup will be invoiced for this service.
High Speed internet access can be arranged through Execulink Business Solutions at (877) 393-2854 ext. 572.
Exhibitors may reserve the Special Events Tent for functions both during the Show and afterwards. The Special Events Tent
is located off the main lane on the north side of the Ducks Unlimited Wetland Farm Pond. Please contact Show
Management for a list of available times and costs. For safety and security reasons, if you plan to hold a private event
anywhere on the Site after Show hours you must notify Carol Carson at (800) 563-5441 ext. 43 or You will be required to complete the After-Hours Event Application. Guests will be
restricted to a specific location and will not be allowed to wander the Site. Security is required for exhibitors hosting after
hours events with over 75 guests (see below).
COFS will fly the flags of Exhibitors along the road leading up to the Site or install a flagpole and flag on exhibit space. If
you are interested in this service, please download and complete the COFS Exhibitor Services Order Form and forward it
with your flag to the COFS Site Office prior to the Show. There is a $30 fee for this service. Download the form here: COFS
Exhibitor Services Order Form
 It is each Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure protection of his/her valuables on-site, especially small portable items.
 COFS offers multi-level options for security, including overnight lockup facilities on-site. Contact COFS Management for
 A private security company is contracted by COFS to provide overnight protection of the Site.
 The Oxford Community Police Service will provide on-site security during the day and assist COFS with traffic control.
 Exhibitors are welcome and encouraged to hire the security company that COFS uses to provide additional security for
their exhibits. Please notify COFS Management if you plan to have security at your exhibit.
 From Tuesday, September 4 to Monday, September 10, security will be on-site from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am.
 During the Show (Tuesday, September 11 - Thursday, September 13) security will be on-site from 4:00 pm to 7:00 am.
 Security will remain on-site until 5:00 pm on Friday, September 14. Thereafter, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and all
other related parties will not be responsible for any items left at the Site.
 Exhibitors hosting after hours events with over 75 guests will be required to hire COFS security company for their event
COFS will have two sources for water:
 Water for Human Consumption – Cases of bottled water and ice can be ordered from COFS and delivered to your
exhibit space when required. Complete the Exhibitor Services Form included in the Online Exhibitor Kit to place your
 Utility Water – COFS Management will arrange for water service to fill sprayers or other large containers for
demonstration purposes. Utility water will be available throughout the Show site. This water is not suitable for human
Exhibitors may give away free food samples as part of their exhibit experience. Sample portions should be small and should
not compete with menus provided by COFS caterers. The County of Oxford Health Department must approve food samples
no less than one week prior to Show time. Please advise Doug Wagner (800-563-5441 ext. 31) of your plans so that Oxford
County Health can be alerted and times arranged for inspection of the samples. You can also contact Niels Dube of Oxford
County Health directly for food sampling requirements (519-539-9800 ext. 3421).
Exhibitors/caterers are to make their own arrangements for propane or they can contact one of our on-site exhibitors for
filling or exchange of customer-owned tanks. Contact Doug Fines, Huronia Welding, (519) 525-1111 (10th Lane SW).
Propane Installations for Cooking or Demonstrations
 All caterers and Exhibitors using propane or other flammable fuels for cooking or other equipment demonstrations must
meet the standards of the Energy Act of Ontario and the Propane Installation Code that is monitored by the Technical
Standards and Safety Authority.
 Each mobile unit requiring a propane installation must have a certificate of inspection indicating the equipment meets the
Propane Installation Code by a Certified Gas Technician for the current year.
 A Certified Gas Technician must connect any equipment that is to be installed/connected to propane cylinders at the event.
 A representative with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority may be present to do a spot check and the
representative will request both the annual certificate of inspection and proof that propane connections completed at the
Show were completed by a Certified Gas Installer.
 For more information, contact the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Fuel Safety Program at (877) 682-8772.
 See section 5.8 in this Exhibitor Manual for “Guidelines for Heating and Cooking Equipment Use at Public Gatherings”.
Fuel Suppliers:
Where fuel is supplied to a site NOT connected to an appliance by the supplier, the supplier shall ensure that the cylinders
are in good safe condition and are properly stored. Where fuel supplied to a site that IS connected to an appliance by the
supplier, the supplier shall ensure that the cylinder is properly installed and that connections are leak-free, the equipment is
in safe operating condition and the equipment is approved.
Rental Houses:
Where equipment is leased, rented or loaned to a person or organization, the owner shall:
 Provide documentation affirming that the equipment is in safe working condition and approved, and provide adequate
training/explanation to ensure that the lessee is aware of installing/using the equipment.
Equipment Users:
Where a person or organization intends to use propane, natural gas or other hydrocarbon-fueled equipment at a public
event, the person responsible shall:
 Ensure that equipment to be used is in safe working condition and meets the requirements of all applicable legislation
(local and Provincial).
 Ensure the equipment is installed by a Certified Gas Technician.
 Ensure that all persons operating the equipment are trained in its safe use and their duties and emergency procedures.
 Ensure that where equipment is to be used indoors, specific permission for such use is gained from the authority
having jurisdiction; equipment must be approved for use.
 Ensure that special effects equipment which utilizes hydrocarbon fuel shall be properly engineered and approved for
use prior to the event by the authority having jurisdiction; the owner/operator shall provide documentation, which
affirms that the equipment under their control is in safe acceptable working condition.
Special Issue:
Open flame Construction Heaters are not to be used to heat structures utilized for a fair or event. Only Certified
Technicians can install, alter, repair or remove an appliance or equipment. Cylinders must be installed or stored in an
acceptable manner.
Battlefield Equipment Rentals
100 Wilson Street
Woodstock, ON
(519) 421-0501
Canadian Tire
#59 and Hwy. 401
Woodstock, ON
(519) 539-1201
Home Hardware Building Centre
1147 Dundas Street East
Woodstock, ON
(519) 421-0484
Total Equipment Rentals
594729 Hwy 59 South
Woodstock, ON
(519) 421-2200
(877) 421-2204
985434 Perth Oxford Rd
Tavistock, ON
(519) 655-2014
TSC Store
1344 Dundas Street East
Woodstock, ON
(519) 539-6643
Kaufmann Service & Supply
596233 Hwy. 59
Hickson, ON
(519) 462-2234
See Accommodations for a listing of regional accommodations.
In order for COFS to provide Show security during off hours, all Exhibitors are requested to make arrangements to stay in
off-site trailers/camping grounds, area hotels, motels, Bed and Breakfasts or other suitable accommodations. For security
reasons, there is no provision to park RVs on-site for purposes of sleeping overnight. See Accommodations for a listing of
campsites near COFS.
As of June 1, 2009, everyone coming to Canada by land, sea or air is required to have a passport or equivalent travel
documents, such as a NEXUS card or U.S. Passport Card, to enter or re-enter the United States.