Grand Cru takes the plunge in coffee culture

Press release, autumn 2017
Grand Cru takes the plunge in coffee culture
Coffee culture is booming and is now virtually a modern science. Both at home in the kitchen and at
official championships, baristas compete to claim the best brewing method, but ultimately, it’s probably
a matter of taste whether you’re into filtered coffee, capsules or cafetiere. This autumn, fans of
cafetieres can look forward to a well-brewed cup. This is because Rosendahl is adding an innovative new
coffee plunger to the Grand Cru range which draws on all the aspects of the brewing method and at the
same time keeps the coffee warm for hours with its built-in thermal effect.
Just as there can be big differences in the intensity and flavour of coffee beans, there are big differences in
the way people brew up good coffee. While some people prefer a pot of coffee, others swear by single
servings, but in fact coffee fans often prefer to combine the best of both worlds, depending on the occasion
and the time of day. For many people, the best way to kick-start the day is with a ritual cup of morning
coffee, while an intense espresso is a great way to round off a meal – and in between, there are all those
times when large quantities of coffee are required in a pot, such as in the office or when reading the paper
or having visitors.
Here, the cafetiere has a distinct advantage, as you can brew it and serve generous amounts very quickly,
but the disadvantage may be that the coffee starts to cool down in the pot if it isn’t served straight away.
Rosendahl is now addressing this familiar problem with the new Grand Cru coffee plunger, which is based
on in the familiar, grooved design, producing aromatic coffee by the plunger method, while the cafetiere
draws on Rosendahl’s vast, award-winning experience in the field of thermos jugs to keep the “black gold”
The right daily dose
The cafetiere is often seen as the simplest and most intuitive way to brew coffee, while giving the person
brewing it the best feel for the coffee along the way. If the coffee turns out too strong or weaker than
expected, the taste can be adjusted by adding extra water or beans, and at the same time the cafetiere is a
perfect example of the contemporary trend for slow living. Slowly but surely, you press the plunger home
as your anticipation of the taste of coffee takes hold, giving you an almost mindful satisfaction when,
finally, the coffee is poured into the cup.
The Grand Cru Coffee Plunger is designed around a removable, dishwasher-safe glass jug that can
withstand high temperatures. The large capacity jug has clear markings to indicate the maximum level, and
once the freshly ground beans have been measured in, the water is added and the lid is on, the brewing
process begins. The classic design of the coffee plunger becomes even more practical thanks to the
enveloping black, matt plastic vacuum jug, which gives it a minimalist, almost ascetic touch that is every bit
as authentic as the brewing.
The black plastic Grand Cru Coffee Plunger (1 L) with removable glass jug costs EUR 54.95 (RRP) and will be
in shops from early September.
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